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Banks Call In The Plumbers October 7, 2008

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ANY good tradesman will tell you the importance of the bits of a house that you cannot see. Never mind the new kitchen: what about the rafters, the wiring and the pipes? So it is with financial markets. The stockmarkets are the most visible: as they soar or swoon, the headline-writers get to work. The money markets, however, are the plumbing of the system. Normally, they function efficiently and unseen, allowing investment institutions, companies and banks to lend and borrow trillions of dollars for up to a year at a time. They are only noticed when they go wrong. And, like plumbing, when they do get blocked, they make an almighty stink.

So it is safe to say that, until the money markets behave more normally, the financial crisis will not be over. And until the financial crisis is over, the global economy may not recover. So today the Fed moved to guarantee Commercial Paper and European Finance Ministers met in Emergency session to free up the plumbing. Click on the Economist link for a clear explanation of  the plumbing of the  Financial world.

Blockages in the money markets | Blocked pipes | The Economist


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