How the Mayan Calendar Works: Scientists Finally Cracked the Code

By Tovar, Juan de, circa 1546-circa 1626 –, Public Domain,

Scholars show how multiple planet movements tie into the 819-day Mayan calendar.

The 819 days of the calendar must be viewed across a 45-year time period to fully understand.

The movements of all major planets visible to the ancient Mayans fit into this extended calendar.

How the Mayan Calendar Works: Scientists Finally Cracked the Code

How paper mache P-51 drop tanks changed WWII – We Are The Mighty

By December 1944, the momentum of World War II was clearly in the Allies’ favor. The new front in Europe, opened on D-Day, was costly. But Germany was losing on all three fronts. Still, it reportedly took the appearance of P-51s with paper mache drop tanks to drive home the point to German leaders.

Italy was essentially lost, with German troops holding a small sliver of the northernmost territory. Russia was roaring back across the oil fields of eastern Europe, cutting Germany off from vital fuel sources. And American, Canadian and British forces were pushing for the German border.

But Hitler and the Third Reich refused to accept the reality. Germany built up massive forces for Operation Watch on the Rhine, the counteroffensive that would be the Battle of the Bulge. Hitler still played with his maps and predicted Germany victory.

And even other senior German leaders seemed to believe it. The head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Göring, reportedly accepted reality at one key moment: the first time he saw a P-51 Mustang over Berlin.

“Wings of War” tells the history of the visionaries and the obstacles from corrupt Generals that had to be overcome to build this revolutionary aircraft.

How Germs changed History

Plague of Athens

Germs and pestilence—and not merely the people who bore them—have shaped inflection point after inflection point in our species’ timeline, from our first major successful foray out of Africa to the rise of Christianity, to even the United States’ bloody bid for independence.

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