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Documentary Storm – Watch Free Documentaries Online December 29, 2012

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We believe that documentaries are meant to be shared and debated. The formula for a great documentary is: half Hollywood blockbuster and half Ivy League Education.  A documentary is the love child of both.

We are dedicated to finding you free, full-length documentaries lovingly chosen from around the web. The main goal of this website is to share knowledge, spread ideas, and have fun. We invite you to stroll through DocumentaryStorm: click around. Get lost. Pause. Learn. Speak. Listen.

Knowledge is power.

DocumentaryStorm adds a new documentary EACH and EVERY DAY!

Documentary Storm – Watch Free Documentaries Online.

Explore A Virtual Human Body With Stunning Graphics December 6, 2012

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bdhumanIn the old days, learning about the components of the human body meant poring over a copy of Grey’s Anatomy. Or, if you were studying medicine, you could take a scalpel to a real cadavre of course.

Now, thanks to a fabulous web site at www.biodigitalhuman.com, you can learn about the makings of the human body without having to resort to boring textbooks or a lab.

With nothing more than a web browser and a decent internet connection you can browse the virtual skeleton.  You can choose between male and female, zoom and rotate the skeleton, and turn on/off the display of specific bodily systems such as reproductive, cardiovascular and so on. You can also view the location and symptoms of hundreds of common diseases.

via Explore A Virtual Human Body With Stunning Graphics.

We Didn’t Start the Fire August 25, 2010

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Whether you are a Billy  Joel fan or not, you probably remember his great song, ‘We Didn’t Start  the Fire..’
Here it is, set to pictures… . It’s a neat flashback  through the past half century. I never did know all the words. Turn up  volume, sit back and enjoy a review of 50 years of history in  less  than 3 minutes! Thanks to Billy Joel and some guy from the   University of  Chicago  with a lot of spare  time and  Google. Top left gives you full screen….top right lets you pause.   Bottom left shows the year.  The  older you are, the more  pictures you will recognize.  Anyone over age 65 should remember over  90% of what they see. But it’s great at any age.

click  below:

Click here: We Didn’t Start The Fire

Akinator, the Web Mind Reader August 3, 2010

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Akinator, the Web Genius.

Click on the link and find a great new time-waster. The Genie, with a few clues, can guess what you are thinking of.

Who Is Behind SNOPES? April 5, 2010

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David and Barbara Mikkelson are among those trying to clean the cesspool. The unassuming California couple run Snopes, one of the most popular fact-checking destinations on the Web. After 14 years, they seem to have concluded that people are rather cavalier about the facts. “Rumors are a great source of comfort for people,” Mrs. Mikkelson said.

The enduring articles are the ones about everyday fears: computer viruses, scams, missing children. Some e-mail chain letters, like the one offering users $245 for forwarding the message, never fade away.

“People keep falling for the same kind of things over and over again,” Mr. Mikkelson said. Some readers always seem to think, for instance, that the government is trying to poison them: Mrs. Mikkelson said rumors about AIDS have been recycled into rumors about swine flu vaccines.

For the Mikkelsons, the site affirms what cultural critics have bemoaned for years: the rejection of nuance and facts that run contrary to one’s point of view. “Especially in politics, most everything has infinite shades of gray to it, but people just want things to be true or false,” Mr. Mikkelson said. “In the larger sense, it’s people wanting confirmation of their world view.”

In a given week, Snopes tries to set the record straight on everything from political smears to old wives’ tales. No, Kenya did not erect a sign welcoming people to the “birthplace of Barack Obama.” No, Wal-Mart did not authorize illegal immigration raids at its stores. No, the Olive Garden restaurant chain did not hand out $500 gift cards to online fans.

via At Snopes, a Quest to Debunk Misinformation Online – NYTimes.com. (more…)

Live Wildlife Web Cams January 10, 2010

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Streaming video from around the world. The most recent addition is in the den of a hibernating bear about to give birth.

WildEarth.TV … it’s in your nature. – wildearth.tv.

See The Earth’s Weather At A Glance August 2, 2009

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sat_worldm_640x320_12Click on this image to see a video composite of all of the cloud movements for the last 24 hours (in 3 hour increments) in relation to the Earth below.

SnagFilms Offers Free Instant Streaming And Viral Sharing Of Hundreds Of Documentary Films July 5, 2009

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Viewers who go to the SnagFilms website can find, view, “snag”, share, and support one of the hundreds of films available for free, advertising-supported viewing.

via SnagFilms Offers Free Instant Streaming And Viral Sharing Of Hundreds Of Documentary Films – SnagFilms.

The Ultimate Debt Clock May 25, 2009

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Thanks to Sander van Stijn

Thanks to Sander van Stijn

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time. Click for Real Time

See The Worlds Newspapers Front Pages March 12, 2009

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Newseum | Today’s Front Pages | Map View.

The Newseum displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form. Slide your mouse over the orange dot on the map, which you can chose or move to, for the front page from there. Click on it, to expand the view in a new page – Very cool

Best Of The Web On One Page February 4, 2009

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Save time searching –  web pages are sorted by categories-  all on one mega-page. Thanks to Jeff Ullian for forwarding it to us.

2 million photos from LIFE magazine November 19, 2008

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LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
comancheClick on the link above to search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.

Ultimate NASA Web-site July 28, 2008

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NASA Images

After 5 years of development, here is an awesome searchable database from 50 years of NASA images and videos. When complete, this database will contain twenty-one collections, featuring millions of images and thousands of hours of video footage.Click on thye link or the image to go there.

Kaleidoscope Painter May 4, 2008

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Kaleidoscope Painter
Click on the link above to a new web page. Wait until the applet loads, then click the applet’s canvas. Move the mouse around the canvas while the mouse button is pressed (this is called “dragging” the mouse). Hint: drag slowly to create smoother drawing.
(Please note: applet requires a Java™ enabled browser.)

Clear Button… Clears the canvas.

Auto Button… Lets the program draw by itself.

DynaBrush Button… Causes brush size to change dynamically.

Brush Size Panel… Click the left-arrow to shrink brush.
Click the right-arrow to enlarge brush.

Google Sky March 14, 2008

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Google Sky

It’s like having your own Hubble telescope. Zoom in and out of the visible universe from your web browser.

Free Music On Demand January 24, 2008

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Last.fm – The Social Music Revolution

Last FM now lets you play any song on-demand 3 times for free. All the other Streaming Music services charge a subscription fee before you can choose, which tune that you want to listen to.

Find Music from TV, Ads, etc. January 21, 2008

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Adtunes.com > Find Music from TV Commercials, Film Trailer Music, TV Show Soundtracks, Video Game Music, Film Soundtracks and more.

Ever wonder who is singing on the Honda Accord ad (it’s ELO) or at the end an episode of Gray’s Anatomy (may have been the Teddy Bears)? This site has it all and links to the songs.

Kayak & SideStep Merge Reservation Systems January 17, 2008

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Cheap Flights, Cheap Airfare, Airline Tickets, Travel Deals – SideStep

The best on-line flight reservation systems just merged, as pointed out by intrepid traveler Jeff Ullian. Not too long ago, two companies – Kayak.com and SideStep.com – independently hit upon a new way to shop for travel. Both Kayak and SideStep allow you to search multiple travel sites at once, compare the results, and then buy from whatever travel site you choose. The idea of a “travel search engine” was quickly embraced. Kayak and SideStep have now become the preferred tools of savvy travelers.

Recently Kayak and SideStep decided to merge! We’re combining our strengths and resources – which means a better travel search product for you. Take a look at our new sites at www.sidestep.com or Kayak.com.Now that Kayak and Sidestep have merged, you will notice some new features, such as flight fare history charts or map and photo views of hotels.

Financial Calculators January 2, 2008

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Financial Calculators from Dinkytown.net
300 on-line financial calculators to figure out Taxes, Net Worth, what you need to retire, save for college, mortgage or any other kind-of loan or savings.

Let’s Say Thanks December 4, 2007

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Let’s Say Thanks

If you go to this web site, www.LetsSayThanks.com you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. Thanks to Marcia Ullian for passing this on.

The ultimate guide to Live TV webcasts. November 26, 2007

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wwiTV.com – The ultimate guide to Live TV webcasts.

Links to over 2500 TV stations from around the world.

All The Internet Radio Stations – US & Canada November 24, 2007

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US Radio Stations – The Stream Center – Searchable list of America’s streaming radio stations.
The Stream Center has a list of American & Canadian Radio stations broadcasting on the internet. Here you will find the back door links to stream the stations direct on your player, avoiding the pop-up players used by many of the stations. You can search for a station by name or call-sign. The stations can also be sorted by Location, State and Format by clicking on the heading of the column.

7 Incredible Natural Phenomena you’ve never seen November 18, 2007

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7 Incredible Natural Phenomena you’ve never seen [w/ pics and vids]

Fun site full of the world’s oddities, such as this almost permanent storm, which occurs over the marshlands where the Catatumbo River feeds into Lake Maracaibo and it is considered the greatest single generator of ozone in the planet. The area sees an estimated 1,176,000 electrical discharges per year, with an intensity of up to 400,000 amperes, and visible up to 400 km away. This is the reason why the storm is also known as the Maracaibo Beacon as light has been used for navigation by ships for ages.

Failed Predictions October 29, 2007

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Failed predictions – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Television won’t last. It’s a flash in the pan.” – Mary Somerville, pioneer of radio educational broadcasts, 1948

“The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys.” – Sir William Preece, Chief Engineer, British Post Office, 1878.

“Self-operating [vacuum] cleaners powered by nuclear energy will probably be a reality a decade from now.” – Alex Lewyt, president of vacuum cleaner company Lewyt Corp., in the New York Times in 1955

This is a list of failed predictions. Psychics and would-be prophets often give exact details of what is about to happen and when the day passes, their followers conveniently forgot they ever said anything of the kind, remembering mainly those that happened to come true.

Science fiction is often set in the future, but is very rarely intended to be an actual prediction of events to come; a timeline of fictional future events is listed elsewhere.

The History of Unfulfilled Prophecy by Christians deals specifically with failed predictions by prophets or leaders within the Christian church, though not any contained within the Bible itself.

Birds on the Brain Blogs September 25, 2007

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The Wall Street Journal has published their list of Bird Blogs. There are the mainstream bird sites, such as



They recommended these lesser-known sites

BirdWatchersDigest.com/ blog/blogger.html


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