Yosemite is Burning Again

While it hasn’t made the news, they are letting this fire go ahead and burn.

My grandson works at the Park and sent this picture this morning.

The Sacarmento bee reports

The Pika Fire, started by lightning on June 29, had burned 50 acres near North Dome as of Thursday, July 13, the National Park Service said. Yosemite National Park is warning of smoky conditions. Early Friday, July 14, the Air Quality Index at Yosemite Village exceeded 300, considered hazardous, because of high levels of particulate matter.

The Origin of Shrek

The creator of the popular cartoon Shrek, William Steig, drew his character from the professional wrestler Maurice Tiye.
The real prototype knew 14 languages, played chess brilliantly, and despite his frightening face and great strength at first glance, he was a very modest and friendly man.
He was born in 1903 in Russia, in the Urals, into a French family, which in 1917 returned to France in connection with the revolution.

World’s Tallest Palm Trees

Wax PalmsColombia’s lush Cocora Valley, part of Los Nevados National Park, is the principal home for the country’s national tree, the palma de cera, or wax palm. The lanky tree is the world’s tallest palm tree, reaching up to 200 feet tall. Photograph by Alex Treadway

via Cocora Valley, Colombia — Travel 365 — National Geographic.

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