Map of World’s Grain Trade

The Global Grain Trade: The Haves and Have-nots –
North America helps feed the world, supplying about half of global grain exports. People in developing countries spend up to 80 percent of their money on food. So when food prices rise sharply, partially a result of supply changes in North America and other grain-producing countries, the world’s poor feel it most – and right in the gut. Click on picture to enlarge

What Really Just Happened in Lebanon?

Michael Young’s columns: Something radically new after Doha
Reports of a breakthrough on the Syrian-Israeli track, the Iraqi Army’s entry into Sadr City, certainly with an Iranian green light, and signs that a truce may soon be agreed in Gaza, suggest a regional package deal may have oiled the Lebanese deal. Continue reading “What Really Just Happened in Lebanon?”

Huge Solar Rain Storm Video

A little perspective « Watts Up With That?

“This is prominence finery at its best,” says photographer Pete Lawrence of Selsey, UK. “Small bright points within the prominence that were seen on the capture screen have been recorded as blurs due to the rapid motion of material in just a few seconds!” Prominences are clouds of hydrogen held above the surface of the sun by magnetic fields. Click to the image to enlarge the view.

A ‘can-do’ country with a ‘do-nothing’ political process

The Rise of Non-Americanism –
In final third of The Post-American World, which focuses on us rather than on “the rest,” is the strongest. Zakaria argues that America’s world-beating economic vibrancy co-exists with a dysfunctional political system. “A ‘can-do’ country is now saddled with a ‘do-nothing’ political process, designed for partisan battle rather than problem solving,” he writes. In this video clip, Newt Ginrich gives 2 examples our dysfunctional government. while the 1st is a rather spurious, but amusing example, the 2nd is a all too true.

The Next Empire

The Next Empire
The future trajectory of the world could change if American policy in the Western hemisphere changed. If the U.S. straightened things out with Venezuela, if Brazilian oil reserves proved to be as robust as they are predicted to be, and if Canadian oil came onstream efficiently and cost-effectively, the U.S. would actually be sitting pretty. For all of its mistakes in failing to fully comprehend or take advantage of globalization, the U.S. doesn’t need to significantly improve its interests in the rest of the world — if it gets its own hemisphere right. I believe that Latin America will emerge as the solution to the problem of the United States’ future competitiveness. The answer doesn’t lie in worrying about China or expanding influence in the Middle East or restoring transatlantic ties. The answer lies in our own backyard. Literally. Continue reading “The Next Empire”

Our Gas Pays For Our This $4.8M Mercedes

:sk: Diamond Covered Mercedes :sk: – Yahoo Booters And Yahoo Tools

Click on the underlined link above to see more pictures of our Petro-dollars recycled into the $4.8 million dollar Mercedes decorated in Diamonds for Saudi Prince Alwaleed. He charges you $1k just to touch it. Thanks to Barbara Herwald for the 2006 reminder that we still haven’t learned…

Thanks to john Brittain to point-out that this car is really covered with 300,000 Swarovski crystals for Garson ( The Custom Car Show Promoter) and is valued at around a million dollars. This isn’t to say that we don’t have plenty of other displays of conspicuous consumption by Saudi princes.

Wall-painted Animation

The new short film by Blu an ambiguous animation painted on public walls. Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche) music by Andrea Martignoni Thanks to Randy Marks for this find. To learn more go to

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.565796&w=425&h=350&]

InsideTrip – Intelligent travel choices

InsideTrip – Intelligent travel choices

What Makes a Quality Trip?

Is it Price, Speed, Comfort, Ease?
What’s important to you?

InsideTrip allows YOU to rate your trip according to each of these factors and helps you wade through the hundreds of flight options on the market today. Then you take your choices and go to a flight booking site.

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