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Men-Only Airline Flights May 29, 2015

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From 1953 through 1970, United offered men-only ‘Executive flights’ between New York and Chicago and between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

UnitedExecutiveServiceFlights mostly operated at 5pm in each direction between the two cities(generally six days a week excluding Saturdays). They didn’t just ban women, but children also, and flight attendants catered to these business flights with special meals and offered complimentary cigars.

One story has the airline  issuing vouchers to business men to bring their wives with them along, so they could show them how safe flying was (a serious concern back then). They discontinued the promotion because they decided to start calling the wives after the vouchers were redeemed, and a bunch of them had never set foot on a plane.

via United Men Only Executive Service from 1953 to 1970.

Video: 24 Hours of Air Traffic April 9, 2010

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InsideTrip – Intelligent travel choices May 17, 2008

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InsideTrip – Intelligent travel choices

What Makes a Quality Trip?

Is it Price, Speed, Comfort, Ease?
What’s important to you?

InsideTrip allows YOU to rate your trip according to each of these factors and helps you wade through the hundreds of flight options on the market today. Then you take your choices and go to a flight booking site.

China To Open 97 new airports in 12 yrs March 25, 2008

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97 new airports to open in 12 yrs – People’s Daily Online
According to the plan, which covers the years up to 2020, the number of airports nationwide will increase to 192 by 2010, and to 244 by 2020. At the end of 2006, there were 147, including 45 used for both civilian and military purposes.

This means 82 in every 100 people – who contribute 96 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) – will live within 100 km, or 90 minutes’ drive, from an airport by 2020.

At present, only 61 percent of people – who contribute 82 percent of GDP – lives within this range, the plan said.The CAAC said the new airports will cost an estimated total of 450 billion yuan ($64 billion).

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