Sue Over the Salad

Rival’s $7 salad makes New York restaurant owner see red | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Lower Manhattan, New York, which has long regarded itself as the world’s ultimate trend factory, has spawned a new pastime that could spread like wildfire through America and beyond: suing over the culinary equivalent of plagiarism.

Rebecca Charles, the creator and owner of the wildly popular Pearl Oyster Bar in the West Village, this week lodged a legal suit with the New York courts that charges her former sous-chef with taking her menu and interior styling and recreating it nearby. Continue reading “Sue Over the Salad”

scientifically based animation of 9/11

Purdue creates scientifically based animation of 9/11 attack
The animation is the latest in a series of projects by the Purdue team that arose after 9/11 to determine the structural damage that occurs when an airplane collides with a building.

“The aircraft moved through the building as if it were a hot and fast lava flow,” Sozen says. “Consequently, much of the fireproofing insulation was ripped off the structure. Even if all of the columns and girders had survived the impact – an unlikely event – the structure would fail as the result of a buckling of the columns. The heat from an ordinary office fire would suffice to soften and weaken the unprotected steel. Evaluation of the effects of the fire on the core column structure, with the insulation removed by the impact, showed that collapse would follow whatever the number of columns cut at the time of the impact.

Priceless – Almost New Yacht


65′ Custom Built Motor yacht, staterooms, GPS navigation, twin screws, Supercharged diesels, etc. = $3.5 million.

Crane & Rigging, complete with faulty turnbuckle = $2500 per hour.
Champagne & Strawberries dipped in Chocolate, dockside for the excited “soon to be Owners” = $250

Watching your Dreamboat nosed dive into the harbor, accompanied by two Corporate representatives just prior to “inking” the final Paperwork……..


Thanks to Glenn Dias, who actually stevedores for a living. Click on “more” for the pictures. Continue reading “Priceless – Almost New Yacht”

And now The Electric Tablecloth
This French Company is selling Luminous Fabric, based on Fiber Optics, wich emits a colored light along the full length of the fibers, producing a stunning luminous effect.

Unlike other light sources like Neon or Electroluminescence, the light coming from the Luminous Fabric is subtle and mysterious, allowing to create amazing, stylish and wonderfully original clothes and fashion accessories.
As for our decoration items, they use the luminous fabric for creating a very unique and dazzling atmosphere.

The Coming Global Cooling?

Read the sunspots
I and the first-class scientists I work with are consistently finding excellent correlations between the regular fluctuations in the brightness of the sun and earthly climate. This is not surprising. The sun and the stars are the ultimate source of all energy on the planet.

Solar scientists predict that, by 2020, the sun will be starting into its weakest Schwabe solar cycle of the past two centuries, likely leading to unusually cool conditions on Earth. Beginning to plan for adaptation to such a cool period, one which may continue well beyond one 11-year cycle, as did the Little Ice Age, should be a priority for governments.  Thanks to Chad Brisbane Continue reading “The Coming Global Cooling?”

Pres. Carter’s Biggest Blunder – Iran

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Carter viewed Khomeini as more of a religious holy man in a grassroots revolution than a founding father of modern terrorism. Carter’s ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, said “Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint.“ Carter’s Iranian ambassador, William Sullivan, said, “Khomeini is a Gandhi-like figure.” Carter adviser James Bill proclaimed in a Newsweek interview on February 12, 1979 that Khomeini was not amad mujahid [ranking cleric], but a man of “impeccable integrity and honesty. “

In February 1979 Khomeini boarded an Air France flight to return to Teheran with the blessing of Jimmy Carter. The moment he arrived, he proclaimed: “I will kick his teeth in” – referring to then prime minister Shapour Bakhtiar, who was left in power with a US pledge to support. He was assassinated in Paris by Iranian agents in 1991.

Hitchens Book Debunking The Deity Is Surprise Hit

Hitchens Book Debunking The Deity Is Surprise Hit –
Summer beach-reading season is just beginning, and already several books have broken out from the pack, such as Walter Isaacson’s biography of Albert Einstein, and Conn and Hal Iggulden’s “The Dangerous Book for Boys.”

But the biggest surprise is a blazing attack on God and religion that is flying off bookshelves, even in the Bible Belt. “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” by Christopher Hitchens, wasn’t expected to be a blockbuster.

Mr. Hitchens says he has received surprisingly little hate mail since his book was published. What does he think readers have learned from “God is Not Great?” “That your life is probably better led after you’ve outgrown the idea that the universe has a plan for you,” he says. “The cosmos isn’t designed with you in mind. You might as well just consult an astrological chart.”