Your Math/Science AI geek assistant is Here

I created this image with Midjourney 5.1

If you need help with Math or any of the Sciences, you can quickly find the formula, how to use it and then plugin your data for the answers. This free website, which has been integrated in ChatGPT Pro and soon will be in Google’s Bard AI, can also be accessed through your web browser. Wolfram Alpha handles other categories (Like the opening line from famous books), but it excels at Math and Formulas. Click on the “Submit” button for access and free registration.

Musk’s Missile Mistake

Everyone was cheering the Space X launch after it cleared the tower, because there hadn’t been an explosion thereby damaging the launch pad and delaying the next mission. Musk believes in move fast and learn from your failures.

His engineers wanted to install blast shields. He overruled them. This was the result

Even though there are Space X rockets waiting in the wings, they first have to rebuild the Launchpad, which is not a quick task. The power of those engines may have also thrown up debris into them from the disintegrating launch pad. You can see in this picture 8 of the engines not firing. This probably caused the tumbling when they tried to separate the first and second stage. At which point there was no choice but to blow up the mission- literally.

And now the FAA has put an indefinite hold on any more launches.

Plans are afoot to reinforce the launch pad with steel. Musk also agrees with a Chinses assessment that even with the failed engines, the rocket wouldn’t have lost control if the onboard software, which was supposed to use steering engines to compensate for the malfunctioning rockets hadn’t also failed. Read about it on the South China Post, which is owned by Jack Ma’s company.

None Of Us Were Ready For This…

This is what exponential adoption looks like. Our minds cannot compute the growth of ChatGPT nor the role of it in our lives a year from now. When you first heard about Instagram, you probably thought, why would I need a new version of Facebook?

But ChatGPT is already yesterday’s news.

Now it’s all about AutoGPT, which just appeared last week designed to automate GPT-4 tasks, enabling the creation of agents that complete tasks for you without any intervention. AutoGPT can understand customer inquiries, provide support, and even suggest upsells available 24/7 that speaks every language. There are 2.8M customer service jobs in the U.S. alone.

That is just one of a myriad of uses. ChatGPT was cool, but this takes it to a whole new level.

How Your Brain Is Like The Cosmic Web

Interestingly enough, the total number of neurons in the human brain falls in the same ballpark of the number of galaxies in the observable universe.

It is truly a remarkable fact that the cosmic web is more similar to the human brain than it is to the interior of a galaxy; or that the neuronal network is more similar to the cosmic web than it is to the interior of a neuronal body. Despite extraordinary differences in substrate, physical mechanisms, and size, the human neuronal network and the cosmic web of galaxies, when considered with the tools of information theory, are strikingly similar.

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