How Your Mouse Moves Your Cursor

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Ever wonder how the cursor moves on your screen, when you move your mouse?

Well, this link will reveal the secret. It will take a while to load, after you move your mouse over it and click. But were talking about some pretty sophisticated micro-technology here, so it is worth being a little patient to expand the limits of our knowledge.

After the image loads, slowly loads move your mouse’s cursor over the light gray circle in the middle of the screen and all will be revealed. Thanks to Chip Welfeld for bringing this technological marvel to our attention.

2 thoughts on “How Your Mouse Moves Your Cursor”

  1. No more funny guys moving the cursor…just one dude who runs when he gets a cursor up the butt 😮

    Does anyone know how to get to the original — the one with the guys moving the cursor around? This one is not nearly as funny nor clever.

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