Powerball winner losing home in auction

Powerball winner losing home in auction
David Lee Edwards, a laid-off laborer in 2001 when he won $42 million from a $295 million Powerball drawing in Kentucky and moved to Palm Beach Gardens, appears to have the kind of financial problems that he never should have faced again.

In what is the talk of the town, an unemployed man that won a Powerball jackpot may be broke again as his $1.2 million Florida home is scheduled to be on the auction block May 22, 2006.

Update: A court hearing is scheduled July 24 to determine the status of the heroin charge, according to the state attorney’s office. Update thanks to Julie ” According to the Palm Beach Comptroller online records search… David Edwards was not present for his status check yesterday and it has been re-scheduled for August 23.”

Last July, Edwards’ $1.2 million home was auctioned for $400,000.

And Saturday, July 14th 2007 much of the home’s contents will go on the auction block at a Riviera Beach warehouse where Edwards spent his final days in Palm Beach County.

Update: Auction Results

Update: Shawna released from jail

Update: Shawna back in jail

Update Felony Charges dropped against Shawna

Update Powerfall A good article that pulls the narrative together. Amy, the reporter, wanted to talk to Tiffani, but she refuses interviews. Thanks Julie for sending this.

How other Florida Lottery Winners also didn’t fare so well

The Palm Beach Post has tried to contact David Lee Edwards to no avail.

Post reporters have only been able to ascertain that since he won $42 million in a Kentucky Powerball drawing in 2001, Edwards bought a golf course home in Palm Beach`s BallenIsles community, owned numerous sports cars and was a start-up philanthropist.

However, things weren’t all rosy as he and his wife filed for divorce and both were arrested on cocaine charges last year. The cases are pending.

Other reports have the 51-year-old Edwards ceasing to pay maintenance fees on his home and the local homeowners association is trying to collect more than $8,600 in back fees.

Robert Frein, former president of the BallenIsles Community Association, says Edwards` situation is the talk of the town and that his house is probably worth about $1.5 million now.

Update on his latest arrest with his Booking picture. Thanks to Len

Update: Auction of Belongings To Satisfy Debts

Check-out the Comments defending him at #64 is from his former employer, at #91 a friend & at #103 his daughter.

And this Video from a Louisville, Ky. TV station

Here’s another lottery story, this time from Brazil. Widow held in lottery winner’s slaying

Unlucky in Riches

A Lottery Winner who did it right

These pictures were sent by Tiffani to verify her authenticity. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge them. On the 1st she says:

here is some pictures of me and matthew in my room, if you notice its the same as in the show. so i hope this is enough proof.”picture-307.jpg picture-309.jpg picture-315.jpg picture-218.jpg picture-116.jpg picture-229.jpg picture-308.jpg picture-310.jpgpicture-174.jpg

Melinda sent this picture that she took of Tiffani with her Dad. Click to enlarge.

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  1. that guy is a dope. i watched him on a show and he is a great example of “knows what everything costs, but not what its worth. like michael jackson you can have money but you can only buy so many $250,000 things and then your broke.

  2. If people who win the lottery realize they are still the same person, with all the same problems as before they won, they will be o.k.Think that all your problems are gone you are—-ed! No matter how much money one has it can still be pissed down the drain.

  3. I know what a dumb ass Dave is. I also saw that show, he was explaining of how he paid $200,000 for this $60,000 on this $80,000 on that etc. I knew, it was just a matter of time when he went broke. I don’t feel sorry for him, he sqrewed up.

  4. David Lee Edwards is ignorant.. lack of education will do this. lgnorant with a drug addiction..its a wonder he didnt kill himself..I saw the show as well…he was pathetic..!!

  5. How interesting, with all the people he gave money to, now everyone is saying what an ass or how stupid he is. every thing in life is dealt out i would hope if i ever am fortunate enough to win the lottery my head and choices will be governed by God and not what everyone tells me to do. one thing i do know i would never return to my birthplace and home to palm beach again! money is like smoke it dissapates if you do not know how to keep the fire burning. I never have put much stock in money it takes money to live, thats it, the only importance it has is to sustain life in the world.

  6. Whether they are rap stars, athletes, or other fast rags to riches story, it seems they all have trouble holding onto it. I suppose it is like someone feasting after a life long famine but they all seem to over do it and think that the supply of dough will be endless. I saw this guy featured in Lottery Winners special on E channel and yes, he was pretty rough and uneducated.

    Recently, Nip/Tuck had Rosie O’donnell has a loud mouthed, course, power ball winner who thought she can buy happiness (along with a new face, liposuctioned body) and it was real hoot. And yes, every other word was how much everything cost and how she used 100 dollar bills as toilet paper!

  7. This guy was reading the book ‘How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci’. Give me a break. He should have been reading ‘The Idiots Guide to Taste, Class and How Not to Piss Away 42 Mil.’. Back to the poor house where you came from and a stint at drug rehab. might not be a bad idea as well. However, by the way he portrayed himself on t.v., he might have a future in televangelism. Also, what was he doing buying a lottery ticket when he was behind in his child support. I guess we can affix the “poor” back into “white trash” for this guy again. Dear David Edwards, remember you can’t win if you don’t play. Oh wait, you did win and your still a loser! Have nice life. Late

  8. From what I could tell, David Edwards is a believer. Remember Job? Yes, he lost everything, but got it back twofold because he never stopped trusting God. The things that are being said are evil. Dave made some bad mistakes because he was blinded and fooled. He’s still a person with feelings. Haven’t you ever made a poor choice? Weren’t you angry and hurt when people mocked you and shunned you? Rise above the influences of the devil and do what God would have you do–only say that which is edifying; do unto others as you wish to have done unto you. What master do you choose to serve?

  9. He seemed like a decent guy till I saw his hair…the slicked look meant the white trash was still in his blood….and that means money trouble! When your broke to begin with and jobless that is usually a good sign that you have no drive or management skills….so when you throw 40 mil into the equation, its only a matter of time. Cant teach an old dog new tricks (not even with the best doggie treats out there)

  10. “God” and “Jesus” have nothing to do with it you brainwashed idiots..this guy is simply a hillbiily who came into a bunch of money and blew it….lack of education and drug use will do that!

  11. I think the last thing he should have spent money on was a 18K gold – 1200 lb ‘L’ – and have it permantely affixed to his forhead!

  12. His home was auctioned off for $400,000 plus a $500,000 existing mortgage. The palm beach arrest website has his latest picture on it for a new arrest on 11/3/2006 for posession of cocaine, herion, and possession of a drug without prescription. A news update of arrests places him as “address unknown” He looks rough in his mugshot. Where did it all go? Wasn’t anything of value that he was running around the “overnight millionares” show bragging about left to sell and pay his bills? On the show he claims $18,500 a day in interest? thats about 25% interest on his 27mill. I wish I knew were to get that much interest. I think someone was blowing smoke up his a**. This is unbelievable.

  13. You have to remember TV SHOWS ARE WRITTEN. They’re ment to keep your interest. The guy behind the camera probably kept asking him how much something cost. In the editing room, they cropped it all together. He seemed to be a happy guy. I certainly Don’t wish him, or you mean spirited posters, ill-will.

  14. Winning 42 million will not change a pig from being a pig.
    It is just a change from bank statement for a while, from red to blue and in no time to red again and forever it will remain in red.

  15. The only thing worse than this is the people who win $100 million and make the statement,” Well, I’m still gonna work….” Who the heck are these people. I like my job, I like the money I make; but if I had $100 mil, I would be traveling around the world with my wife and 2 daughters enjoying my precious time with them. On the flip side for this guy, you can’t take the money with you so, hey , why not blow the crap out of it. I think I would have spread it a little farther though.

  16. I still play Mega Millions, and powerball when I pass though a state that sells them. I recently had the pleasure of pissing through a pile of money. Nothing like this, but still a lot by most standards. I think it would great to have 27 mil in the bank. But having a lot of digits on your atm mini statement is an open invitation for economic stupidity.
    I have done a lot of research on lottery “winners” and if there is one lesson to be learned here I think it is this. If the jackpot is huge, take the annuity. If the jackpot doesn’t make the annuity attractive, get a financial advisor and make a long term plan. I really hope Dave has enough assets left to provide him with a good life. I hope he cleans up and gets a comfortable home and sensible car and lives out his life.

  17. I bet he still has all the money….he just did a sneaky-sneak by foreclosing on his house so he wouldnt be bothered by all the money hungry leaches. He actually might be smart!….but I doubt it, muh ha ha ha! He looks like hes straight out of Mobile, Al….muh ha ha ha! Can you say “basura blanca”?

  18. Well im not going to judge this man, I have never won any money like he has ,but I do play sometimes. If I were to win the first thing that I would probably do is set my kids up good,so that they may have the life I naver knew. Then again…I am wealthy,I am able to see,hear,breath without any machine…I am able to work and feed my family,And I live the the best country in the world. Gee its not so bad afterall. I do hate to see this man fall like he has,and refuse to kick him while he is down. Like he told us,He didnt pick the numbers.they picked him.

  19. its a damn shame, but money doesn’t buy smarts, class, or taste…
    i wish the guy well, and hope a big lesson was learned.

  20. Hey David,
    I go way back with you i’m and old westwood boy just like you. I hope all the crap i have been reading is false. But if not and you need a helping hand look me up i’ll do what i can. I remember when you won that boat on the hand-a-thon remember we cheered you on to victor that was a long time ago. I’m Mike Renfroe’s brother-in-law.

  21. I feel sorry for the guy. I actully liked the guy. He was a guy that when from rags to riches and seemed to be a givng person. Yes he made mistakes, but who of us hasn’t.

  22. I still do not understand…How the hell could he have blown 27 million dollars in 4 YEARS…He should have paid for his house in cash (only 1.4 mil). l just cannot began to believe its ALL GONE. Damn..! What about all those 80k- 250k dollar items he bought.? Wow this is a story for 60 minutes or Oprah …lt really is…!


  24. Why is that people that know how to handle money never win. You are surprised when you give someone without any money, millions of dollars. And find out that they are broke? I saw this guy on the TLC lottery winners show. Anybody pays $85,000 for a clothing dresser made of tuttle shells should be broke. Do youself a favor America
    check out http://www.daveramsey.com and get a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The crazy thing is, now he and his ex-wife Shawna have full blown AIDS. No, it’s not a rumor. They’re both from my hometown in Ashland, Ky. His daughter now lives back home w/ his first wife Gail. She’s a strung out junkie piece of shit too. I remember vividly the night they won this. We all bought tickets as well but wasn’t as lucky as these fucks.

  26. I actually worked with Dave back in 2001 (Nortel) before he won the lottery. This amount of money should secure your life and your children’s future. You should really educate yourself on how to grow it as you never had so much on hand before, so it lasts for generations, that is the ultimate winner and art. After all you were blessed with head start of 27 mil.

    Why not to partially mortgage your primary residence, after all you can deduct mortgage interest in America agaunst your taxes, so that is not such a bad idea after all.

    Maybe next time…..


  28. Hey, I from the Ashland area and have know Dave for some time. If you are really from Ashland and know him, you should not be surprised by this. When he won, I told some folks that I worked with here in RTP, NC that he would be broke or dead in 6 or 7 years. Guess, I actually gave him a little more credit than that. Hell he didn’t make it 5 years.

  29. Thats funny that everyone has something bad to say about david edwards now. I’ll bet they all had their hands out smiling in his face when he had all that money. Sounds like a bunch of jealous people out there. Thats to bad, they sound like the losers to me. Hey what about the lady who was going to die if she didnt have the operation he paid for.

  30. Wow, I guess money really can’t buy happiness. To much of anything only magnifies your pesonality. If you were an acoholic or drug addict when you were broke, Then you will only multiply that habit ten-fold. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil and you definetly do not need a 250,000 dollar car to prove that you are somebody. Hell why would anybody in their right mind pay more for a car than they would for a house? Just like that jackass in Virginia who won the powerball. I bet if Jack Whittaker had to do it all over again he would have done things differently. Like P-Diddy said, More money more problems!!!

  31. can anyone tell me why this clown bought a private jet for 1.6 million? it’s obvious that he has no interest in seeing anything other than himself in print or the inside of a crack pipe.

  32. To “non broke ass” – Good point, buddy. No matter how you approach it, it has to really fit you. So if you give it to Church, Homeless man or to the Bank, you’ll the one who either benefits from it or not. In my opinion spending it on drugs or some other useless stuff might not be the best direction to take. But I am not here to really judge anybody, especially not David, after all it looks like neither you or I have to worry about it, as we lack the big bucks. Good luck to you.

  33. Paul, you’re correct I doubt if I will ever have the change Mr.Edwards has had. I really have to wonder if winning the lottery is blessing. It seems Mr.Edwards and the gentleman from West Virgina who the powerball in 2002, it has not been a blessing. I fear it would be more of a headache. Good luck to you as well Paul.

  34. I like how everyone on this post that gave a shit aboout what this guy had ( i mean money the same shit everyone on this planet that interacts with any other culture wants) everyone ios human, we all make mistakes. i have herd that many difrant kind of people (not just hill billies or white trash Oertle – December 14, 2006) come into a lot of money iunexpectedly and the lose it all due to the rush of things, Like a flash in the frying pan (Just watch the movie scarface) money is fleeting. it burns you. and to judge someone becuse of stereotypes is truly ignorangt. even a smartman can become victim of his own mistakes……

  35. No one is perfect but when life gives you a free ride and you piss it away stereotypes aside, you’re and idiot! Money does not change people it only magnfies who you really are. If you’re a giving person, then you’ll give. This is the problem with America normal in America is broke, and brother I do not want to normal!!!!!!!!!

  36. This is no surprise. This clown was on a cable tv show about lotto winners. He started off by showing all of the useless junk he bought with his winnings. A set of elephant tusks that were $80,000 sat in his doorway. He bought like 1000 swords and one of the swords used in braveheart. He bought all kinds of one-of-a-kind furniture that was extremely expensive. After I watched that show I wrote this guy and told him what I thought about his spending and complete idiocy. Oblivious to the fact that he was wasting money and he had no way of replenishment. This was it and he wasted it like the waste he is.

  37. I will give it to him though. He may be stupid but he was a generous giver. So, I can’t be too hard on him. It was his money to waste.

  38. Hello, My friends call me Bow. I was Daves friend back in the day and still consider myself to be his friend. Yes it is sad that the drugs can get a hold on a person but he is not the first and will not be the last. I know that this man has always had a good and kind heart even after winning this money. As for all who do not know Dave yet see fit to judge him should stop and think about the last time that you made a mistake. If you think that life is as easy as winning a lottery and living happy ever after then you are in for a rude reality call. The world is your friend but only when your buying. Take care my friend for you have done more good than most of us will ever have the chance to.


  40. Why drugs – what is wrong with this society by looking at famous like Anna NS and lucky ones like David Edwards – why there are no health care benefits (unless your company provides it) and you work, no maternity leave (in most cases), no free education (out of control)for the middle class and lower middle class representing 85% or more, just taxes, fees, hidden fees and overworked society. Why we have 400 bln to be spend in Iraq, etc, yet have no money to spend on our own people, soldiers coming back, etc (what is the privilege of Citizenship?) Can someone explain.

  41. To change the topic from pounding it on David – We are helping our economy by spending and spending (the “only” way we know, the “best” way to go, we are the greatest spenders and we fully enjoy it) like David bought all the swords, etc YET we are building massive debt (consumer debt) estimated today at nearly 9 billion (just a number?). Napoleon Bonaparte the famous FR emperor said this in the 18th Century “one day when China wakes up it will stunt the world” – the truth is she just woke up and I tell you I was there several times to witness that. What can we do?

  42. the massive debt is actually 9 trillion not billion (just a number) for me and you to far to reach….

  43. David was a multiple felon who spent over 10 years in jail for armed robbery, drug and illegal possession of weapons just before winning the lottery. He liked to live life in the fast lanes, was a smooth talker and he spent his $42mil like there was no tomorrow. Just like our national debt in the trillions, people who are not educated in money have no conception of this amount as a $1000*1000 million and just see the number as infinitely large and therefore never ending. Although David didn’t know how to manage money for the long term, he did seem to have the heart and mind of a child in regard to spending it. He enjoyed sharing his money, I loved his enthusiasm (on the E documentary) when he talked about giving out $1000 tips when he went to Cracker Barrel Restaurants. He really enjoyed his money and he spent it as if it would always be with him (I think he really believed that he was getting $18000+ in interest every day and that as long as he didn’t spend more than that he would keep all the 41million). Yet, if you added up all the cars, jet and household accessories you could tell that he had already spent a large chunk of his money and was losing that potential source of interest. I felt really sad for him when he said he spent something like $20,000 for his Blues Brothers statues. I saw the same ones at a junk dealer for $150 this is just one of many examples, people have already mentioned several others, of his extreme spending.

    Adding drugs to the mix can make you feel as if the material world isn’t real and it doesn’t really matter what happens tomorrow. Living the moment to the fullest becomes the consumming passion and you want everyone around to be able to experience this truth. This I think David did really well, he seemed to be happy and wanted people around him to be happy too. I sure hope that he enjoyed the ride his money bought him, however short it turned out to be, and that he is learning and growing now through his pain.

    Like his favorite movie, Braveheart, states, “Every man dies, but not every man really lives.” By many standards David may not be successful but few could say that he didn’t really live his life. So in my book that makes him a success. I believe many will learn from his example, even if they learn what not to do and in that way he has contributed much to society rather than just leading a typical life.

    Personally I never knew him, but he seemed to be someone who lived life with intense passion and that is something notable. I wish him the best and I hope he finds what he is looking for.

  44. Well he’s not a Jack Whittaker.. At least Jack was working..
    The problem with all this, is that people who buy lottery tickets are gamblers.. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket in my life, but I have problems even though. However, I wouldn’t (I believe I wouldn’t have)
    been like this with the money because I’m an ultra frugal perseon,
    even with the money I have. I buy stuff on Ebay, buyitnow, but I search for the lowest price. I buy stuff on rebate.. I bought a Pentium D Dell Dimension 9150 to 500 dollars and a Infiniti G20 to 4000 dollars. I haven’t money to throw around, I’m even somewhat unemployed, but I guess I can’t really say I wouldn’t be this bad. I already have been with my life..

    Anyhow, I’ve known people in my past who have been extreme forms of myself and who have also been lured, by the temptation to gamble it off.

    But isn’t it Ironic, you buy a ticket, which is in effect gambling. You are giving all this money to a gambler.. Wouldn’t it make sense that such stories would become the norm..

    Some mistakes I can see with all this:
    1. giving money to a gambler.
    2. winner broadcasts winnings to the world, making him/her a lightning rod of beggars.
    3. the more people that know one has money, the more that person
    will need to hire security guards to fend off criminals.

    But if it were me, I would not advertise that I had the money.. I would ask the lottery company if I could wear a motorcycle helmet on stage or just pay them to shut up about my name.. Whatever steps that could be taken to hide the fact that I had money.. When you show people money, it’s like they turn into robots..

    You see it with people who are around celebrities.. They gush at the celebrity, they get all starry eyed and think that somehow that celebrity is going to benefit them somehow.. But they never stop to think, wait, every minute of this celebrities life is filled with people who want to meet them, what is it going to matter? It’s all related..

    The people who have money, nobody really knows who they are, I mean the rich people tend to live together in protected neighborhoods, say in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and the like. Maybe someone knows them, but the key is trying to be famously anonymous. Like Daft Punk.. They have chance to be onstage, to be popular and do their thing, but offstage, they can walk into a convenience store and get a candybar, nobody knows who they are..

  45. John Ward is a true Romantic but lets not compare this man with William Wallace and a quote from a MOVIE. That quote was meant to say that not every man really makes a difference and martyrs his or herself for the greater good. He martyrd himself alright, poster child for what NOT to do. To compare this guy to heroes, is a travesty. Let’s look at reality for a while. This guy was apparently a good guy, WHEN HE HAD MONEY. He was no leader and he did not fight for the freedom of others. He stole from others. He won a new start and lacked the education and wisdom to keep it. It was his money to spend and no sweat off my back but it is angering because I now here him say if he could do it all over again he would…….WRONG. Let’s go back and not do it all over again except this time give it to me or someone else who wouldnt waste the chance to have a lot of money.

  46. Kiernan – By law the people have to know who you are when you win the lottery. It settles all kinds of legal problems that could happen. So when you win, everyone knows. Then, here comes the phone calls and letters. Your mail box explodes and your phone never stops ringing. It is all the people who want to take your money away from you. That’s why it is good to disappear for about a year after you win.

    If you want to be anonymous, make the money on your own. The lottery is the worst for this. It is the balance of give and take for winning a ridiculous amount of money.

    On a different note, if one had the wisdom and intellect to know what to do with 42 million. You may find that they give about 35 of it away. Who can’t live off of 7 million for the rest of their life? Oh wait David Lee Edwards.

  47. BOW – Make a mistake????? I make mistakes constantly. The difference is, I learn from them. This guy doesnt make mistakes. He does things on impulse with no sense of consequence. He is his own worst enemy. one thing is for sure, experience that you learn from and a book is more valuable than an infinite amount of winning lottery tickets. Knowledge is power, not money. Money is a byproduct of knowledge. When you give money to a guy like Mr. Edwards, who obviously has problems learning simple things, the true power comes through and he ends up where he started. Pennyless but more importantly, stupid.

  48. i had make graet mistake which hurt my bf heart and after that he never believe me and he hate me a lot he never wanna see my face he did not care me. but i care a lot and love him very much how can i make him believe

  49. This happens very often maybe more than half of all lottery winners and I mean BIG jackpot winners go broke. People gte rich several differnt ways which might include earn it, win it, inhert money, marry in to wealth. Many people will spend more than they make no matter what that number is and they have no plan. No matter how much money you have you can always spend more. You hear everyone say “that wouldn’t happen to me” and you ask them why and they just say ” I am smarter than that” Then ask them what their plan would be and they have none, but they will tell you all of the things they want to purchase.

    I saw Mr. Edwards in a story abut Lotto winners and his entire part was a show and tell about all of the things he had bought with his money, he had no secure plan to make it last his lifetime and many times NO plan is a plan to fail. Don’t feel sorry fro people like him or others like MC Hammer or Mike Tyson its their fault. A finacial advisor could show them how they $ would last a lifetime. These people think all of a sudden they can be a start up business owner and haven’t a clue. They could have put a sum of the $ in to an annuity that would have lasted them a lifetime. Yes even lotto winners need a budget, they can and do spend it all and its total ignorance.

  50. I’m #31 Ron and my reply is to # 32 Carson. I know David. but your remark about “I’ll bet they all had their hands out smiling in his face when he had all that money.” doesn’t apply to me. I knew him but only pasing by in bars. I haven’t seen hm unil I saw the cable special. Just watch it. You know where he was headed

  51. Show on again today, Dave said he was making $18,000 a day interest. NOT from $27 mill he wasn’t. More like $3500 a day if we are talking a safe 5% and saying that he spent a mill or two when he bought the house. They need a show that is from Rags to Riches Back to RAGS again. Dave is on now and its all his “show and tell” He is lying about how much he paid for some of that stuff, or maybe he was just an easy mark for people to say that a lot of that nasty crap was worth $200,000. Dave should have not spent more than a million a year and he would NEVER have gone broke. What an idiot.

  52. I’m a writer from Kentucky who covered David Edwards when he won the Powerball back in 2001. If anyone knows David or knew him back then, I would love to hear from you. Thanks,

  53. Well we’ve not heard anymore from the other two families that Edwards shared the jackpot with so they most likely are doing fine and have handled their money just fine.

    Edwards first mistake was giving away 900k off the bat. When you get that much money you need to sit back and think about it for a bit. His second mistake was buying all those stupid cars…. and mostly buying a subscription to the robb report.

    Seriously it looked like this guy read the robb report and treated it like a manual on being rich.

    Also me must not have math skills cos like ummm 1000 dollars as a standard tip say you only go to a resturant 100 times in a year that is 100,000 and I am quite sure a lotto winner is gonna go to a resturant quite a bit…. hell just give a 20% tip for 30% ….

    they say you start giving 50k to this charity or that charity then if you donate to say 50 of them you’ve pissed away another 2,500,000.

    All the cars he bought would be roughly about 1 to 2 million… All those chandliar (SP?) if I added them up correctly were nearly a 500,000 then a 100,000 for the atrium that “was handcrave’d special fur me from Italy” well that same prefab Atrium sells for 5k to 10k depending on the options elsewhere and was in no way “handcrave’d special fur him”

    Edward’s problem was therefore 3 fold……. he should have never bought that issue of The Robb Report when he won, He should learn how to say NO to charities and such……… and keep away from intoxicants.

    When I win the lottery I will simply invest and make businesses that can help people therefore making money helping others in that way. I will tell all charities where to stick it at and anyone else who comes looking for a handout…. You can’t give to all of them so why give to any of them when you can use to money in a better fashion by making more money and creating jobs for people……… that way you have more money and they have more money in the long run…

    People like David Edwards and Jack Whitticker really messed up with the opprotunity they were given by not doing this and my donating to charities instead of making new businesses that would really help people. But then again I guess charities make sense to people with addiction problems more so than real solutions like giving people a job instead of a handout.

    I new Edwards would mess up when he won and even said that to people…… they were like” no no he’s a nice guy he’s gonna donate to charities……. ” and I was like “exactly why he will mess up”

    lottery is a game of greed if you play it and win it don’t try to mask that fact by donating to charities….. you still played a game of greed and won…… if you can continue the greed by trying to make more money you will actually help more than if you try to appear generous by handing out money…. that’s simple economics

  54. David Edwards was our employee just before he won the lottery. We had to lay him and Shawna (yes, they both worked for us) us a few days before. My wife in particular really believed in David and went out of her way to be good to him, encourage him and reward him for a job well done. It was our unemployment money that David used to buy his lottery tickets.

    David called us the morning after he won to tell us. We were excited for him and offered some advice about what to do. We meant well. We didn’t make much of a difference it seems – David went on a spending spree and I think everyone knows what happened next.

    We stayed in contact with David for a couple of years after he won. He got married, jet-setted around the US, bought some work trucks and other assets from us and was heavily involved in a start-up telecommunications company. He hired a bunch of people from Kentucky to handle key positions in this company and they wasted an incredible amount of David’s money. It made us sick to see how they took advantage of his lack of supervision of their activities. We went to David’s house one evening in Florida for the “grand tour” and tried to tell him what was happening. I guess he didn’t believe us – they just kept on wasting his money.

    We last heard from David a couple of years ago. It was so sad to hear him talk about his relationships, family trouble, the incredible pressures he was under because so many people wanted so much from him. Everybody DID have their hand out. A lot of people used David. We still believe David has a good heart and wanted to help so many people. Unfortunately, he surrounded himself with people who took advantage of him.

  55. “We still believe David has a good heart and wanted to help so many people. Unfortunately, he surrounded himself with people who took advantage of him.”

    that is exactly my point having a “good heart” and winning this game of greed really don’t mix. It’s a game of greed any way you slice it. People wanting to get extreme riches from a small pay out….. as long as you are clear and honest about that in your own head then you will be okay if you win. However if like Edwards you try to balance excesses and greed with a charitable heart you will mess up and mess up big time.

    If you get a big some of money like that you have to be a harda** about it to some extent. Others around you have to realize that it is not limitless and you also have to realize it is not limitless. Too many people when they win the Lottery want to play the Elvis role “buy that man a cadillac” you do that too many times and you are left eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

    If you have alot of family and alot of friends then winning the lottery could be the worst thing ever to happen to you seriously. When I was younger I would hear everytime the lottery got even slightly big from co workers such nonsense like “If I win I’ll buy the company and give everybody a raise” something that would not be possible with the sum of money the lottery would be going for that week.

    People’s concept of what a few million can and can not do is very often flawed. A Million dollars just does not go that far. 41 Million dollars does not go that far or whatever he was left with like 29 million. And also this whole business about getting 18000 a day in interest…… well Mr Edwards everytime you purchase something that costs 150000 that rate goes down…. Sure buy the bently if it is the car you really want and your fiancee a porsch and the house.. but end it there for a couple of years. Take your trip around the world and leave it there….

    Best thing a person can do if they have a big windfall….. is set out a certian amount up front…….. have fun with it…. go crazy with some of it but don’t touch your principle for generating interest and such. Just don’t touch it. Have the interest go into a seperate account if you must but don’t touch the main money making part AT ALL. No matter what hard luck story comes up,,,, no matter what. If you start a business then have every penny accounted for… by someone you hire that doesn’t know or care that you won the lottery….

    Main thing Edwards did wrong is to extend his 15 Minutes of Fame from winning the Lottery. Extending that 15 Minutes of Fame caused alot of his problems… IE everyone kept remembering him and trying to figure out a way to cash in on his good fortune to the point where they forced bad fortune on him.

    I would start up companies when I win….. but you can be sure if I was getting whacky numbers back from the people I hired on stuff and found out they were trying to scam me I would give them the axe and most likely file criminal charges against them as embezzelment is a crime.

    I bet the other 2 tickets that won with Edwards in that week didn’t cause as much grief to the winners afterward….. minor exceptiong the lady from Maine whose co workers tried to get the money. cleared up quickly. The other family pr’y invested it sensibly and are doing fine…… cos if they weren’t you can be damn sure we would have heard about it.

  56. Dear David, I’ m so sorry to hear you lost your home this is so sad.
    I hope you win again! I done some dum things with my money not lotto money but money i would spend that some times i worked 14 hr
    a day on my feet i was making 700 to 1000. a day bar tending and never invested any of it i had two kids i spent every dallor on them because i thought it made them happy and my self too, and now i make like 250 to 350 a day and i’m trying to get out of detp.still have nt looked into investing but hoping to in 08,this is what happen to me spending beyound my means of living now i’m trying to get to a point where i can save not spend…good luck dave i wish you well..

  57. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA…you F’N IDIOT!!! I hope you see this DAAAAVE, so you know how MUCH of an IDIOT you are!!!

    You deserve this you IGNORANT DUMBASS! hahahaaa

  58. First off, stop saying, “how could he blow through 47 million.” After taxes he only got about $27 million. He probably easily blew thru 8 to 10 million on homes, cars, charities and useless stuff. Investments in bad businesses, endless shopping sprees, and an expensive drug habit can eat away the remaining $17 million pretty quickly. Hell I could spend $27 million in 15 days without even thinking about it. This poor guy just didn’t know how to manage his money nor his personal demons. Money just magnifies who you are. If you’re broke and awful with money poor you will be the same way with millions. But remember David was 1 of 4 winners and the other 3 winners are not experiencing the same problems. Its the person not the money that determines the outcome. I hope some of the good karma that David created when he had the money comes back to him because I’m sure he could use it. Best of luck David.

  59. It’s doubtful David got good karma for any of that as good karma would result from not flaunting the fact that you did these things. Good karma would come from giving when you didn’t have alot to give not from throwing around 1000 tips to look cool, Make no mistake about his intentions with those things. It was to look cool cos if it wasn’t then we would not have heard about it.

    That is one of the biggest problems with Lotto winners who go bankrupt in this bizarre way is they try to buy the admiration of others and justify their win in this game of greed by donating to charities and tossing around 1000 tips. All that does is set a person up for a fall and redicul of people on an internet site like this one.

    Funniest thing in this post so far is “well after taxes he only was left with 27million”. Seriously the man didn’t even deserve that much and pissed his way through that very quickly trying to play the philatropist and make himself appear as if he came from old money which he did not. Come on 10k a pop for place settings of Russian China…… trying to appear like he is a descended of Czar Nikolas or something? He bought 8 sets and that is 80k right there. Then bragging about restoring a person’s sight for 60k.. his Dinnerware could have bought another person’s sight if he were so concerned with doing good and such… and he could have done it anonymously….. yeah that’s right folks good karma comes from anonymous donations not crap you broadcast over TLC or CNN or whereever.

    You play this game of greed and win it then be happy with your win and don’t try to justify it to yourself or anyone else by donating and bragging on your donations.

    Seriously 27 million you can live off that the rest of your life with just a standred 5% interest rate as long as you don’t give 1000 tips, 50k to everyone with a need, or buy 5 300+ cars right off the bat. You win that much and you have a full time job and that job is managing your money. You start new businesses to employ people and you watch those businesses so that people don’t screw you. Plain and simple.

    I new this guy would foul it up when he first won. I hoped I was wrong and when I saw him on TLC I was relieved I was for a second til in my head the numbers weren’t adding up right. Ya know he could have waited a few years for the two turtle dressers….. “but they’re the only two in the world”. Yeah Dave in retrospect did those things really make you feel any better? Do they make you feel any better now? Ya should have just took a couple round the world cruises all enclusive and let the other money set there and actually gain interest instead of going on a spending spree thinking that the interest rate was staying the same with all our whacky purchases and donations and 1000 tips…… seriously Dave people would have been happy with just an extra 10% or 20% tip…….. Did you ever Tip 1000 at a McDonalds?

  60. drugs, multiple arrests, alcohol ….. why would anybody feel sorry for this guy – drugs alone wipe out his charitable donations he made. What a waste. Please……wake up and smell the roses….amen

  61. David Edwards is one thing of many that’s unfair about the Lottery. The people who SHOULD win, don’t. For the most part, anyway. I don’t know, in my opinion, I think all BIG Lottery winners should have background checks run on them and should undergo psychiatric analysis before receiving any money. Someone like David should NEVER be given that much money. It’s like giving a little kid a loaded gun, if you ask me. Seriously, SOMEONE should be in charge of deciding if a winner is reasonably fit to be given that much money. It wouldn’t have to be anything extraordinary, ya know? Just some kind of method to determine if a winner is “mentally” eligible and capable of handling such a large amount of money all at once. One look at this guy and his long, shaky past with the law and whatnot should be grounds enough for denying him millions. Yeah, it’s a Loterry and everyone should have a shot at winning, but in my opinion, not EVERYONE should be allowed to win. Some people simply do not deserve it.

  62. Linclon personally I am sick and tired of red-neck hicks winning the lottery then going and buying a wardrobe of hawaiian shirts.

    As Red Neck is a term once used for White Slaves in the South just maybe if we brought back slavery for red necks then that would stop people like Edwards from winning the lottery. *shrugs*

    Oh well with the latest Mega Millons winner from Georgia that just came forth I can see we’re gonna have to deal with another lottery tragedy ….. unless the guy sticks to his plan of “Goin’ Fish’n” and stays out on the boat!

    btw I live in Canada so I couldn’t play the mega millions anyway… too far up to make trip to buy a couple tickets for a dream.

    However if I did win that much money or any lottery I wouldn’t piss through it the way David and that Jack Whitidiotiker did…… simply because I understand even 27 million or 110 million is NOT infinate…

    1. Mark,you and Lincoln are both arrogant idiots. Thats the same crap the government has been using to raise taxes on us middle class while giving the breaks to the rich.
      And by the way “red necks’ had nothing to with southern slaves.
      It had to do with a coal miners revolt in the Virginias.They had no uniforms to wear when the president sent in the army to quell the strike,so they all wraped red scarves and bandanas around their necks so all the men from different counties etc. would know who was on their side..

  63. I went to school with Dave…My brother was ,is, a close friend to Dave and I like the man… If you don’t know him don’t say anything about him…….. I would like to know who died and made all you people god…. You people don’t know him so don’t judge him… unless you are God you can’t judge……. You have not been in his shoes…… shoulda , coulda woulda…….. Love him .. HELP him…. Pray for him…. wish him well …… Hope For The Best…… BUT DON’T JUDGE HIM…………………………………

  64. Seriously, I don’t wish the guy any ill will. And I don’t pretend to know him well enough to pass any crass judgements on his peronsality, but whether you know him or not, you have to admit that Mr. Edwards is both underserving and foolish. Nor can you simply explain it away as “He’s human. We all make mistakes.” He’s 50 something years old! This was nowhere near his first run in with trouble. He should have ALREADY learned his lesson. How long will it take him before he wakes up? Moreover, I DO wish him all the best in his future, but at the same time, I think it’s critical that people recognize how much of a “loser” he is, because then maybe others will learn from HIS mistakes, ya know? You HAVE to make an example of him and his myriad of poor decisions, or else there’s nothing to gain from his story. If HE can’t learn from it, hopefully somebody else will.

  65. if you murder someone and it is self defense….. proof beyond a doubt… it is still murder…. but in so many yrs you are out of prison for a second chance…… do you think god turns his back on you because you have made a mistake……. he trys to help you see the lite and help you turn your life around …… he dont give up on you .. if you needed it and dave knew it he would give you the shirt off his back…… he wanted so to help his neighborhood…. he wants so to help people he made some wrong choices …. have you been perfect …… have you made mistakes…. i have….. and i probly will make some more.. i am just a human……. i am not god…. i will hope i make the right decisions in life…… but i know i wont…. god me to make mistakes and try to correct them….. unless you all know him you dont know what is in his heart and how he lives his life… he is good at heart…. he has tried and tried and falled but do you give up and say oh well i am done my life is over….. no ….. you go on and try again… deserving… you bet he is deserving……. a snake is deserving…… a pennyless pauper is deserving…. a multimillonaire is derserving……. untill you work construction … you dont know how they work…… you are sometimes out of work for … weeks…… months at a time…… waiting for a job to open… any where that job may be….. i know i was there … i was in 18 states before i was 16……. i am know einstien…… i am know idiot either… i have love in my heart and love in my family…. deserving….. yes he is deserving….any one that wins is deserving….. we all make mistakes… and untill you show me someone who hasnt made any.. he just needs our prayers …….. and our best wishes……. pray for him …… but dont be his judge and jury…… it sounds like to me on here some of you are jealous of his winfall….. i dont want his money i just want his friendship…. i want his love…. and i care about him .. his mother and father was good people… i loved his mother… he came from good stock….. but sit down right now and think of all the people you have known in your life and has any of them done any wrong… a son…… a niece… anyone… yes …… now days no family is without their black sheep………. pray for him……..and his

    1. Jo, You can not murder someone in self defense. And you do not go to prison for it. David does not have such a good heart as you say,or he would not have comitted robbery.There is a big difference in making mistakes and comitting robbery.
      I too have struggled with the hardships of trying to make a living in the construction trades.And have found myself in the position of trying to live on $40.00 a week while having to spend $25.00 a week in gas to get back and forth to work.
      But i did not rob any one to pay for any drugs.
      Of course we all DO make REAL mistakes and yes if he asks for it we are required to forgive him. If he wins again i hope he does better. But do not try to paint him as a saintly do gooder that had a bad run of luck.
      I certainly wish him the best in the rest of his life. “but for the grace of God there go I”

  66. I lived across the street from David when he won the Lottery….The very day he won he was selling drugs out of his house, I have no compassion for him he has and always be a drug abusing criminal

  67. Oh yes…pray for him…don’t judge him…come on, get real! This guy encompasses the word idiot on every level. Any half-way normal person with a shred of intelligence wouldn’t blow such a fortune. Lottery winners are usually degenerates to begin with, that’s why you hear so many “curse of the lottery” stories.

  68. We don’t hear the lottery winners success stories coz, first and foremost we envy them, and, just like celebrity misfortunes, it sells more than celebrity good news. Heck, that’s why the tabloids bank their sales on, duh!

  69. ok people here’s the news on David Edwards. David is in Our lady of Bellefonte Hospital dying of Aids. He is in Critical condition. So i’m told this is just a rumor. But from a good source. He will soon be gone i hope all the people that has slammed him feel better now.

  70. who cares, losers will be losers, dead, frozen or alive…no benefit to any society….you use and sell drugs you are loser…it is not that hard to figure it out….amen

  71. I don’t know Dave Edwards, but I feel very badly for him. I saw several television specials on lottery winners and he was one of the people interviewed. His story was different because he had been a convict, educated himself in prison, got out and had a good job, got laid off with several hundred other people, desperately needed to have back surgery and suddenly won the lottery. Unfortunately, most people who win the lottery are not legally or mentally equipped to have so much money handed to them. There isn’t a school where you can get an MBA on winning lottos, but maybe there should be. David seemed the happiest (during the TV interviews) when he was able to help people and I hoped he was on his way to being the philanthrapist he wanted to be. Money is neither good nor bad, it’s how you deal with it. If there were one suggestion I could have made to David, it would have been not to allow the media to become involved. If he had formed a foundation to claim the winnings and laid low, I think he would have been much happier. When he began receiving all the letters, phone calls, etc., asking for money, I think the stress was just too overwhelming for him and he turned to drugs for escape. It is human nature to want to buy all the toys you think you want, but half the joy in life is the dream of being able to buy expensive things, the reality is that it is all just stuff and buying stuff gets old fast. Yes, he did all this to himself, but I sincerely hope he has another chance to get back on his feet and maybe some of those many people he helped will now help him.

  72. Couldn’t agree more, Buck. And Jo, remember “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Doing good deeds because you have the money to do them, doesn’t make you a saint. He probably did all those charitable things, because he felt guilty about his own shortcomings involving drugs and so on and so forth.

  73. “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” – KJV, Matthew 7:6

    In other words, you shouldn’t give things of value to those who will not understand or appreciate it. The end.

  74. This guy lived out in Westwood… and people who knew him predicted the outcome… My buddyworked at ARMCO with
    “Little Davey” Edwards’ father.. and the old man said..”the police all
    have it in for “Lil Davey”…

    He tried to rob a BP Station at gun point..the cops chased him to
    his father’s home in Westwood and found him hiding under the porch.. and off to prison he went… later he won the big $$.. I saw him one time out at Cannonsburg.. he got out of a stretch limo.. (with a driver in black cap & coat).. and Lil Davey was dressed with a big fluffy fur jacket that looked like Michael Jackson sold it to him..What a clown..

    I would guess his IQ is plenty low.. and when you cover that with dope..
    it makes him do strange and crazy things..

  75. I’ve known David for over 30 yrs. We’ve been through alot together. I lost him because of this win. Not because I wanted money but I presume because he thought I would. Evidently he didn’t know me as well as he thought he did and it hurt big time. The day before his win we were talking about his desparate need for back surgery, our mortgages & a whole bunch of other stuff. That night I went on the web & discovered he had money in the Ky. treasury. I copied the form & was walking out the door to take it to him when my daughter called & told me. So later that day I dropped it off in his mailbox. I haven’t heard from him since & since it still lists his name in the treasury I assume he never went for it.
    David isn’t evil or stupid. He’s naive & spontaneous. There was alot of things that happened in his life. Alot of his bragging was over compensation for feeling worthless. He never really felt he fit in, so he was always trying to impress others. Even if it meant doing wrong.
    I hate hearing all that’s happened. But I was afraid it would. He has a good heart down deep but restraint in anything has never been his strong suit & for some reason he always wants to impress the wrong people.
    His mother loved him unconditionally & in that way I felt alot like I was his sister. Just like his mom he knew I’d be there no matter how mad or frustrated I became with him. But his mom’s dead & I haven’t seen him since the win.
    David has a lot of problems and he’s done alot wrong. But no one is beyond redemption. I told my husband I really believed that this win was the Lord’s way of giving him one more chance to get it right. Maybe instead losing it all is what will finally bring him to his knees.
    I wish him & Tiffany well. I pray the rumors aren’t true. But if they are I pray both will find the only ONE who can give them what they truly need.
    To all those who have said so many bad things about him without really knowing him how would you feel if it was your family? It’s one thing to say things like what’s been said if they’re family. But to judge someone so harshly w/o knowing them is unfair. What he did was dumb admittedly. But it had nothing to do with his upbringing or where he’s from or his overall intelligence. I’m also really ticked off with him with all that’s become of Tiffany and like to kick his ass. But I earned that right from over 30 years of putting up with his BS. I don’t assume it just because he’s so in your face & an easy target. So cut him some slack.
    As for that lady who lives across the street from David that wrote I know what your son tried to do to a minor and you are the last person with any right to judge.

  76. I remember seeing David on the TLC show, and he did seem like he had a good heart, just made some bad decisions. I also remember him saying that he made $18,000.00 a day in interest, is that possible or was this just BS he was throwing around? I know he had a lot of money but even with that kind of money I don’t think you could make that a day with interest from todays investments. Good Luck David, I wish you all the best!!!

  77. David should have paid more attention in school.

    Just do the math. $18,000.00 a day in interest comes out to $6.57 million a year.

    WAIT! Follow this: he took the lump sum payout of $41 million. But, that was BEFORE taxes. After federal and state taxes were deducted, he had “only” $22.5 million.

    For him to actually get $18,000.00 a day in interest — he would have to be getting 29.1% interest in his money. This simply isn’t possible. “Secure” investments are paying less than 6% now — and have been for several years.

    Assume that he was able to get 8% on his money (by investing it ALL, and not spending ANY of the principal), he would get “just” $4.942 per day – nowhere near the $18,000.00 David claimed. And that comes out to $1.8 million a year in interest. WAIT. There’s TAXES to be paid on that money.

    Deduct the taxes and David would have been able to “get by” on roughly $1 million a year, forever, without touching any of the original $22.5 million he got after taxes.

    But, his wild spending on cars, cars, cars, (not to mention drugs, etc.) quickly ran through the whole fortune.

    His story is a sad one indeed. He could have had it all, if he had gotten a good financial planner, but he was fleeced by his local “buddies” (insiders know exactly who they are; one is an ex-con) and he pissed it away.

  78. I dont feel sorry for him. he should of been smarter than to get back on drugs.
    where is his ex wife now back in kentucky.

  79. The question is: Where is David now?

    And how about his daughter?

    I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

    Imagine the good that someone could have done with that money!!!

    He gave away a small amount (Westwood Boys Club, etc.) but blew most of it.

    There’s nothing worse than someone like David coming into a lot of money without having to work for it.


  81. David didn’t win. For a few years, he lived a dream life. But now, imagine what his life is like. Back to being broke, back to doing drugs, knowing what the “good life” is like, and knowing that he’ll never live that way again.

    David is a loser, and the money didn’t change that. His expensive “antiques” that he over-paid for didn’t buy him respect. They were much like the drugs he took — they gave him a temporary high, then they were gone.

    I feel sorry for his daughter. She’s the real victim of all this, among many others.

  82. Jealous. JEALOUS? You bet I’m jealous. As his former employer, it was my unemployment payment money he used to buy his winning ticket.

    In 2005 my medical bills of $238,000 for heart valve replacement surgery cost us virtually everything we had. Am I jealous that, as David was going through millions, we lost everything? Sure I am!

    If we had been blessed with millions, we would be starting retirement, instead, we’re trying to start over again in our 60’s. My wife, who did so much to try to help David and Shawna, bless her, deserves better.

    Am I jealous? I haven’t the words.

  83. Why are you all so angry?

    Mr. Edwards won the money and there are no rules about who is allowed to win and how you spend it. He won, he spent it, and it’s over! And everyone should get over it. All of those people saying “if I won I would ……” What exactly would you do? How does everyone know that it’s not going to go to their head and lose control?

    Let’s face it most of you will never see that kind of money in our lifetimes, but yet everyone makes comments like there was some kind of mistake, I should have won instead because I would know how to spend the money better or GOD will help me make the right decisions on how to spend it . Perhaps the solution to America’s problem with lottery winners is that the jackpots are just too large for most of the “if I won the lottery, I would …” population to handle.

    Divided those MEGA MILLIONS into much smaller amounts with multiple jackpots. Nah, that won’t work because you are all so f*****g greedy!

    One last thought Mr. Edwards did some good things, but I guess he obviously did not do anything good for all of you angry people posting all this negative crap, the only one that was really hurt is David Edwards and his family, unless he actually came to your homes and did harm to you and you families? Then I take it all back and I feel terribly sorry for all of you!

  84. I remember seeing this Darwin-dodger on TV too. Bragging about the $12,000 “plohzma” TVs he bought for himself and his daughter (yep. this idiot can’t even pronounce the word “plasma” correctly, but he was able to buy several of them).

    Fortunately, Reality caught up with him from the trailer park, and took care of things. I can’t feel sorry for assheads like him that bring on such rotten karma to themselves.

    Now, I wonder if I can one of those used “plohzma” TVs at the bancruptcy auction for $500 each. lol.

  85. i would like to have one of those tv for 500.00 dollars . he should of bought a home in kentucky. alot of nice homes for sell maybe he would still have a place to live. instead of buying a big home like he did. and all that other stuff that he bought . that was way to much money for. wonder what happen to all those cars. maybe michael you can buy one cheap . let me know if you do

  86. Listen up people, I am David Edwards’ daughter. I’d just like to start off with asking who that person is saying that my father is also their father. I am his only biological child. Yes, I know my dad has made some bad choices, I have too. Everyone on here has, you don’t know what all we went through living in Florida. I had to put up with a lot. Everyone always wants to bash him, but did you every wonder what was going through his mind when he was doing all of this stuff. He has problems. I have problems, we all do. My dad might be a drug addict, but no matter what I will love him and respect him. He has had one hell of a life for any of you to say what he should’ve done and how much of an idiot he is. My father is a very intelligent man.

    To stop all the rumors and clear everything up here is the story of my fathers where abouts now.

    He is in Lexington in the hospital. He doesn’t have Aid’s, nor does his wife Shawna. I have no idea where she is and all I have to say is if I see her again I’m going to let her have it. I know she isn’t the one who stuck the needle in his arm, but she helped along the way. When he won the money he was selling drugs but he had no other option at that time.

    In September 2005 our house got raided when my dad was in the hospital. Shawna was having drug dealers stay with us. I was scared for my life, I had no choice but to help Shawna’s son Matthew and get both of us out of there. We were in foster care for 9 months. We moved in with tou wonderful neighbors who lived across the street in Ballen Isles. They cared for me and tried to help me with everything that I was doing. I had a drug problem too at that time. That’s the only was I knew how to cope with things. I have matured a lot since then and have been sober for almost a year. My dad is in the hospital in Lexington from Malnutrition and Staff infection. The doctors can’t get rid of the infection, everytime they do it just comes right back. He is paralyzed because he had an absess on his spinal cord and when they went in to remove it he became paralyzed.

    Shawna is somewhere in huntington Wext Virginia now being a prostitute and spreading any diseases she has. (‘m not sure if she has any, but I’m just trying to state how nasty she is)

    I live back in Ashland with my mother and my stepdad. I live out in Rush and I attend Boyd Co. High School. If anyone has anymore questions about my father just email me at missthang4_202000@yahoo.com

    And to all the people who say I hope he sees this, I won’t let him because it would probally kill him to know how much of a F*ck up he really is. I’m sure he realizes it, but he is still at a point where he doesn’t want to face it yet. If he dies there will be a big article about it in the paper. So to stop all rumors he isn’t dead. And I’m still alive.

    Oh question… Who are you Tracey Shelton? Are you the lady that I made Christmas cookies with years ago? I don’t need anyones sympathy, I have dealt wih this in my own way and I am stronger from this situation. I am wanting to write a book from my point of view of this story. I’m trying to find a ghost writer to help me. Anyone know one?

    Jo– How do you know my father?

    Who are you Tyler Yoesting and where do u live? How come I have never heard of you? Are you that boy who wrote my father years ago claiming to be his son. I ripped that letter up sorry I didn’t believe it.

    1. Seriously?????? Really…….your email is. MissTHANG4??!! Gee I’m glad that despite all the bad decisions, the drug dependencies, the incarcerations, the sex for money…..the limited education…..despite all that……..your email illustrates that you are ONE classy lady!!!!!!! I can see why you feel misunderstood, misssTHANG!!!!!!!p

  87. I am your mothers 4th cousin…… I think that is the right number..
    We us to walk to school together…. Your grandma use to make my dresses and she sewed for my grandma for years… your grandma and my grandma was best friends…… they went to church together for years… until they were both called home…… I wish you the best and tell your mother I said Hi…….

  88. no matter what you think of David, or what you say about him,
    that’s your opinion..

    but lay off of Tiffani….
    I know her, and how do you think it makes her feel to read all these things about her father??

    Tiffani is in school, and makes good grades…
    she’s holding down a job and trying to make it……

    she loves her father, no matter what has happened….

    so if you have comments about David, that’s your right to post them, but please don’t post negative comments about his daughter.

    I know David, and he does have just one child and that is

    so please think about her before posting……….

  89. selling drugs because he had no other option? that is bull next we will start robbing banks or killing people because there are no other options, hey here is an option GET A JOB!

  90. Um, I think you spell your name with a Y ? just like your daddy spelled it out loud for all of us on TV ” T-I-F-F-A-N-Y-L-E-E”
    your e-mail address is not valid, see this is why people get pissed off not beacause to the money it’s the stupidity !

  91. David,

    I hope that you will be all right! I knew that you helped the other while you had that 27 mils. God will help you. If you ever win again please be wiser next time.

    God Bless You and your family!

  92. The thing about the way David Edwards was saying the word “plasma,” when he was on that program boasting about his expensive new TVs, is it wasn’t a simple mispronunciation. The reason he kept purposely saying “plohzma TV” was because he was trying to affect an upper crust accent — you know, like he’s a prominent member of high society. Since money made him important, he wanted to sound that way. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had hired a butler in order to call someone “Jeeves.” However, the true test of Dave’s mettle will come when he ends up broke and attempting to make some quick cash at a blood bank. Will he try to sell them some of his “plohzma?”

  93. my email is valid thank you very much. And yeah he didn’t have any other options. He couldn’t get a job anywhere because of his record, and when he finally nailed that telecommunications job everything was good. He quit doing all the bad crap he shouldn’t have been. They laid him off so he didn’t honestly have any other option. Trying to get a job for you Canada may be easy, but for a lot of people it’s not. No, I know how to spell my name I’m not illiterate. What are you trying to say by he spelled it out for us on tv? Why are you acting so bitter about all of this. it’s none of your business anyways, you have no connection to my father so why are you worried about his past and what kind of person you think he is? If that email isn’t working for some odd reason then email me at totallykool12@msn.com

  94. Tiff… did your mother remember me…..i would like to see her for old time sake….. it has been so long….. how can i tell you who i am and not tell the world.. that is so hard….. but i know your mom…. and i know your dad…… but i didnt know they were married untill after it was over…. i dont live in ashland tho…… we moved so much i am no longer there….. but i can get there in a couple hours…. i have cousins in ashland and flatwoods…… and i have more but they are second twice removed if you know what i mean…… you finish school.. and make something of yourself…… you have the brains.. you come from good stock…… go to collage…. ask your mother what that boys name was that lived almost across the street from her mom….. he wore glasses….. i was in the third grade if memory serves….. but i am getting old like your momma……. you can tell her that for me….. i had another cousin that lived about three houses down past the street your mom lived on as a girl…… he was a double cousin……i cant remember all of there names but one started with n and one with a d……. last name started with a c……i wont say any more i am afraid to……. let me know if she remembers me……your mom had the same last name as my grand parents……. hope dave is doing better……. give them both my love if you figure all this out……

  95. Tiff… did your mother remember me…..i would like to see her for old time sake….. it has been so long….. how can i tell you who i am and not tell the world.. that is so hard….. but i know your mom…. and i know your dad…… but i didnt know they were married untill after it was over…. i dont live in ashland tho…… we moved so much i am no longer there….. but i can get there in a couple hours…. i have cousins in ashland and flatwoods…… and i have more but they are second twice removed if you know what i mean…… you finish school.. and make something of yourself…… you have the brains.. you come from good stock…… go to collage…. ask your mother what that boys name was that lived almost across the street from her mom….. he wore glasses….. i was in the third grade if memory serves….. but i am getting old like your momma……. you can tell her that for me….. i had another cousin that lived about three houses down past on the street your mom lived on as a girl…… he was a double cousin……i cant remember all of there names but one started with n and one with a d……. last name started with a c……i wont say any more i am afraid to……. let me know if she remembers me……your mom had the same last name as my grand parents……. hope dave is doing better……. give them both my love if you figure all this out……

  96. Good stock? Tiffani Lee will probably end up in a cat fight on Springer. If she shows the audience her ta-tas, maybe they’ll giver her some beads. lol

  97. listen up Bettie Faye, I told you to lay off of Tiffani.
    DO NOT be bashing her on here.
    she’s 17 yrs. old…
    You don’t have a clue what she has been thru, so don’t judge, or assume she’ll end up on Jerry Springer…
    you’ve probably already made several appearances.

    and to the guy who says that is not Tiffani??
    well you dip, it is.
    and she does know how to spell her name.

    and to the guy, who says David probably had a butler, so he could call him Jeeves?? well it wasn’t Jeeves, but he had one named

    so again, you who don’t Tiffani, shut up about her……….

    she does have feelings………

  98. well i do agree with some of you people.but after all the money was his to do with. .but no one should be down on his daughter. she couldnt control . what her dad did. she is only a child.

  99. Reply, who is bitter? No I do not have a connection with David Edwards, but your comment of he had no other choice is 100% wrong.

    My company has employed and does employ people with a “past” who want a second chance, I have also helped and employed victims of the 2004 tsunami from Sri Lanka who came to Canada in need and with hopes to rebuilding their lives when life for these poor souls
    seemed to be hopeless. So there is always a choice regardless of someone’s past.

    Perhaps I was only trying to help if it was needed?
    David Edwards was ill-informed of his financial situation and believed that he was to receive 18K interest daily. Winners should seek professional assistance with managing their new-found wealth. Get a good attorney. Get a good accountant, someone who knows what they’re doing. There’s a whole series of decisions that most people never have to deal with and they should definitely seek professional advice.

    What I said was you spell you name differently from how David Edwards spelled it? No one is arguing with you or putting you down if you are indeed Mr. Edwards’s daughter.

    When Mr. Edwards appeared on TV he opened his door and invited everyone into his life. If you had read my previous postings you would see that I did not attack David Edwards or his family. I wish you well if you are actually his daughter, finish school make something of your life and prove everyone wrong.

  100. Knock, Knock!

    Who’s there?

    I’m Fred the butler.

    I’m Fred the butler, who?

    I’m Fred the butler didn’t get paid. I’m Fred nobody else did neither coz I plumb done run out of money.

  101. Melinda READ!

    I said David Edwards spelled his own daughters name differently!

    I DID NOT SAY SHE COULD NOT SPELL read and understand before you reply!

    You run your mouth off and she gets bashed for it, nobody really cares about you or the butler or what the hell he did with HIS! Money, see you are a perfect example of ignorance you assumed that I was a “guy” and a… dip?

    You make her sound like she is a cancer survivor, and we couldn’t possibly understand what she went through, they won money , they spent it all and went broke they are not an extraordinary story this happens everyday!

    Kindly explain what exactly a dip is?

    Perhaps it’s someone who is so quick to half ass read something and fully shoot their mouth off with out understanding what was written



    Oh I’m sure CNN will be getting a very compelling letter from you …

    You are a perfect example of the nutty “friend” who should be on Springer

    “Oh I knew then when they were poor and when they got rich I still knew them, but I never got a chance to meet their money” YOU DIP!

  102. Canada,

    yes, I do find myself very protective of Tiffani.
    I’ve known her since the day she was born, and you have no idea what she has been through.
    well I do…
    I don’t like people on here bashing her who don’t know her.
    I knew her grandparents, David’s mom and dad, and she was their pride and joy…….
    she adored her grandparents….
    so you see, I see a young beautiful 17 yr. old girl who deserved so much more in life………….
    so you can bash me all you want, that’s fine.
    all I ask is that anyone who posts, just please don’t put her down.
    that’s all I’m asking…

  103. “Kindly explain what exactly a dip is?”

    Sure, “DIP” is an acronym. It means:


  104. Dip (dance move), a partner dance move
    Dip (Catalan myth), an evil demonic dog that drinks people’s blood
    Dual in-line package, an electronics package with pins lying along two lines
    DIP switch, a number of electric switches in a dual in-line package
    Dip (food), a type of sauce into which food is dipped
    Dipping tobacco, colloquial name for American moist snuff
    Strike and dip, indicates the orientation of a planar surface with respect to the horizontal
    Dip slope is a geological term for a slope parallel to the dip.
    magnetic dip, angle made with the horizontal at any point by the Earth’s magnetic field
    Dip circle, used to measure the angle between magnetic dip and the horizon
    The Dip, in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, a mixture of volatile fluids used to kill animated characters.
    A dip is a type of strength training exercise. See Dip bar.
    The dip Dialup IP driver

  105. I would hate to be the spouse to some of these people on here. The hatred,jealousy,stupidity, cold hearted,no compassion for there fellow human beings, whether right or wrong. The hate and unfeelings on here is so sad and I feel sorry for you all. David has made his bed and he is living with it RIGHT OR WRONG. But the coldness on here is as scarry as living with Freddie Kruger. I think you all should sit down with your spouse and ask them to be honest and telll you how you act. If they are honest with you they will tell you how cold and unfeeling you are acting. I just hope you all realize how you are and change before it is to late for you to. Kindness and compassion can say alot about people. And I feel sorry for not you on here but the people in your households. If you are this way with a stranger that has done nothing to you. How do you treat your spouse and kids. How do you treat your parents.Do you say things like this to them? Do you? May you come to your senses before it is to late.Before you loose something you hold dear , if you have anything you hold dear.

  106. Simply opinions, wrong or right they are just opinions, much like your conclusion or assumption about how all of these people treat their family members

  107. see you are no better, you can dish it out but can’t take it. what about your ” compassion” for total strangers ?

  108. I have compassion for all of you and I feel so hurt to think there are people out there living in a unloving uncaring home.. I know how it feels and I hurt for so many of you …..because I have been there. and compassion for any one goes along way… that is all I mean.. put yourself in their shoes… dont dog unless you expect to be dogged…I just hate hurt….

  109. Janet, sunshine, if reading these comments offends you so much… quit reading them. For your information, my spouse thinks David Edwards is a bigger loser than I do and we treat each other peachy keen. Also, I’d watch calling other people stupid if I was you. Why? Because your rags-to-riches-to-rags pal is the yardstick for stupidity.

    Have a great day, pumpkin.

  110. He always came to town like he was the BIG man ,bragging on his BIG life.We all knew he was still a BIG JOKE. I don’t know what’s going on with these people .I just wanted to see the picture everyone’s been talking about.I wanted to comment on the kid asking for someone to help her write a book.Are you kidding me? I thought she didn’t want people to know the family secrets.I guess when she said it wasn’t our business she meant she’s turning it into a business .Thanks to a dope oops I mean dope you gotta make money somehow.Don’t seek employment selling drugs or you’ll get a picture just like Dave’s.

  111. Now that David is once again “down and out,” I wonder where his well-to-do Ashland “fiends” are. I’m sure that once they fleeced him of part of his fortune, they are nowhere to be found.

    His two “buddies” who helped him spend a lot of his money (cars, the Florida home, etc.) should have helped David find a good money manager, but instead, they picked his pockets, and he was too naive to know it.

    Sad story.

  112. Canada,

    I did go and read the CNN transcript.
    you were right and I was wrong,so please accept my apology.
    he sure did spell it with a Y….
    so I can see why you questioned who Tiffani with an I was….
    anyway, just wanted to say I apologize……..
    and if I said anything offensive, please forgive me.

  113. To Ashlander Mom –

    I want to write a book to show how money truly can’t buy happiness, and to help teens cope with situations where their parents are drug users. Whether or not they are rich or poor, drug using parents are hard to deal with. I want the book to show how I dealt with it and maybe help other teens get out of the situations they are in. I had to rescue my little brother numerous times and I got us out of that situation. Now I’m back in Ashland and he has a new good loving family who can show him the parental love that he never had. I don’t want to end up like my mom or dad, that’s why I plan on going to college and getting out of this close minded town of Ashland. I plan on doing great things with my life and as long as I live I will never touch drugs or alcohol again. I quit all of that stuff after my father lost it all.

    To Bettie Faye –

    Ha, you make me laugh. The Jerry Springer Show? You think I’m that desperate for attention or even would consider doing something like that? I would never degrade my body like that in a million years. I have self respect unlike a lot of people. My parents raised me right, I had my bad years, but I have matured and I am a stronger person and have more will power to keep my life on a straight path.

    To Lex N. Tonkey –

    Who exactly are you? And how do you know Fred didn’t get paid? How do you have a connection to all of this?

    To Canada –

    I really don’t have much to say to you. Just like all these other people on here, you are intitled to your opinion. I now understand why you were spelling my name like that, I’m over it. It hurts me so much to see all of these people bashing him like he is a dog. If you really would take the time to get to know my father you all would see how loving he is and caring.

    1. Tiffani,sweetheart i am absolutely sorry for what has happened to you and your family.But the truth is the truth.If your dad spent one dime on drugs cars tvs or anything else and did not assure your opportunity to attend a good college and get a good start to a normal life ,he is a looser.
      I also was from Ky. I am 60 years old 5 daughter and 2 sons so i know a lot of what i speak. My dad had a 3rd grade education because his dad died of black lung disease when he was 9. He instantly became the bread winner for his family till his mom and sister died by the time he was 14.He never turned to drugs or to robbery or selling drugs. He then taught me to have the same ethics.I remember many months where i did not get to see my dad because he had to leave town to work and/or he had to work two jobs or double shifts.He lived in his car under a bridge in Cincinati for several months so he could work double shifts at G.M. while we stayed at home in Ky. Then when he found out Ky. was not the place to make a decent living at the time. He moved his family to where the work was.
      I have had to make many sacrifices for my children as well. Gladly. The proper way to be a man is to put your wife and children before yourself.And that includes raising them to understand that theft and drug sales are not the answer to anything but how to destroy your families life.
      Please do not take this offensive because i hold no ill thoughts to you what so ever. I know you love your dad ,and we are all proud of you for trying to stick by him but you waste your time and energy by trying to portray him to the average world what a kind loving and caring father he was.

  114. Tiff,

    don’t let these comments bother you….
    if people only really knew what you went through…..
    what Matthew went through………they’d change their minds in a hurry.
    and comments like you going on Jerry Springer?? that’s just someone trying to get you upset….
    I don’t know who Ashlander Mom is, but if she is a mom, then she should have some compassion for you..
    but no, all anyone sees is that your dad won the lottery, and he blew it… they don’t stop and think what it did to you…….
    so to people who don’t know you, don’t let them upset you.
    those of us who really know you, know you’ll make something of your life….
    I love you sweetie…..

    1. Melinda you are dead wrong. That is exactly what they are looking at. He did not care enough about his daughter to take the drug money and insure her future. That is what makes him a looser.
      Anybody who is so self centered they will blow money on drugs or booze or tobaco or anything that is for their personal enjoyment before they try to insure their children have all the best or all they need to have a better life are loosers.

  115. Was David’s 9-11 story really true? In one of the documentaries, he said that he was scheduled for a meeting with a financial advisor on 9-11-01 in a top floor in the WTC but he had a bad feeling about it and cancelled and his cancellation saved their lives?

  116. last i talked to him…… when i was at his house…… he told us the same story…… no reason to not believe him…… melinda you are so right. Tiff dont let any of this garbage get you down….. pull yourself up with you boot straps and go on ……. you remember who your grandparents were….. you lived the good and bad…… do what your heart tells you….. and i know you have one…..live, love and for gosh sakes learn from you and yours mistakes… all i have tried to say on here is that …..we are all human and we all make mistakes. learn from them…. i dont know a soul on here that is perfect and i dont believe in bashing people because they make mistakes… i hope they learn from them….. and people should learn from them..what good does it do to bash people ….. whether right or wrong… everyone needs to learn from all this and let people live their lives… what good has all this done?…….. none I can think of .. nothing but hurt a child that was inocent in all this….. I was at his house in Florida…… I met Fred…… I just cant understand the reasoning to try to hurt someone that has done nothing to me…. why do it…. what does it get any of these people…. nothing …. so why say the hurtfull things on here….. that is what i just dont understand…… why why why…….. everyone should let the things said alone…. unless you know him …… you cant judge him for what has happened…… so many so called friends took him for a lot of money and i hope they can live with it…… so what he didnt do right so what he did some of the things he did….. so what….. did he hurt you …… did he hurt yours……. did he do any of this to intentionaly hurt any of you…… i dont think so…… i dont think he meant to hurt any one……. he loves to easy and he loves to hard….. he trusted to many people he thought were his friends… and they took him for a ride…… have any of you ever been hurt by a friend that you trusted …… have any of you or someone in your family done any thing wrong….. that is what i mean…… none of us are without our black sheep…….none of us are perfect…… none of us are without someone or something wrong in our life…… i just hope every one can and do think before they say any more …… why hurt him and his family….. he and they have been hurt enough i think… and i dont think the hurt is over for them…… so who are we and you all to hurt them any more……good luck Tiff……. i need to e mail you so i can talk to your mom……. love you Tiff……. momma also……

  117. yes the 9-11 story is true. They have memorial trading cards for 9-11 and my dad is one of them. I thought he was in that building and I was at school and they turned the tv on and I started crying hysterically, but i found out he didn’t go. I’m not letting any of these postings get to me anymore. I just need to remind myself that these people on here can judge my father and I, it’s their american right of freedom of speech. I just feel bad for all these cold hearted people. May God bless you all, and God forbid any of these horrible things that have happened to my familt ever happen to you. I would never wish any of this on my worst enemy.

  118. Tiffani

    Read what I wrote # 99 my “opinion” comment was that it is David Edwards spent HIS money they way he wanted to and the people with the ” if I won the lottery ” comments should give it a rest.
    As for the mistakes your father made in his life well they were wrong as you, yourself said aswell. I wish you well


    All is well

  119. regarding #103:

    Sorry Tiffani (assuming you really ARE the daughter of this trailer goon, which I very much doubt, but I’ll play along). Your whine about having “made mistakes” is a cheap copout. I wish *I* had that huge amount of money to make such “mistakes” with. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but your “father” made seriously epic MISTAKES.

    You & your father had a sh*tload of money to play with. He could have invested some of it or at least socked it away (in a bank, a safe, or even under the mattress). Hell, he could have checked in to a PRIVATE clinic to clean himself out. But he pissed it all away on overpriced crap and “plohzma” TVs instead.

    If MY father had acted so foolishly with his money, I would have at least tried to get power-of-attorney to put a stop to that. But, I’m sure you too were enjoying all the wonderful loot (don’t tell me that you refused that “plohzma” TV. I saw that program with it hanging on your bedroom wall), so you let it keep going on till it all ran out. Don’t come bawling to us that you messed up. You have no one to blame but yourselves for being so stupid.



    GET A JOB!


  121. I am his real daughter, and I didn’t piss any of the money away. He hardly gave me any. When I moved down there with him my room was already like that. No I didn’t refuse those things, he wanted to spoil me. But then Shawna put a stop to that and he started spending all his money on her. She stole almost all of my belongings when I moved out of the house, and what she didn’t steal she ruined somehow. My dad made those mistakes not me, I had no way of becoming a power of attorney, I was 15 the last time I lived with him. Remember, it was a show. They told me what to do and how to lay on my bed and everything. I didn’t mess up anything, my dad blew his money I know this. It’s not my fault at all. I had absolutly no control of the decisions my father made and all the things he did.

  122. Yes Tiffi, blame it all on the evil wicked Mommy Dearest somewhere out there for Everything That Went Wrong. Makes it all sort out nice and neat in your little world, doesn’t it?

    PS: ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫

  123. Michael,

    you act like TIffani walked around with her pockets bulging with money….
    you act like she was a spoiled brat who had control over what her dad did with his money…
    she didn’t have a thing to do with it.
    he made tons of bad decisons obviously, but there was nothing she could do about it….
    you act like it was a big deal that she had a tv on her wall.
    you don’t know her, but seem intent on berating her, and making it seem like it was her fault.
    what I wish was that he had put at least part of that money, in an account for her, so she could go to college and be the person
    I know she can be. she’s a good girl, bright, and determined to make something of herself…..
    so don’t think just because her dad won the lottery, that she had it made…..
    she didn’t ………….

  124. Michael

    You are an idiot of mass proportion your comments are beyond stupid!

    How the hell could a minor get power of attorney?

    David Edwards pales in comparison to your level of stupidity!

    Very compelling writing, nothing smart to say to I will just make noise

    Try stating an opinion with reason and logic

    Your violin matches your IQ

  125. Tiffany,
    I am glad you are giving your side of the story. YES folks can be mean, and jealous, but I cant but sympathize for your Dads old boss who lost his money due to medical bills. I HATE being poor and divorced and with 2 kids always needing something. Thanks for letting me vent, good for you for supporting your dad,and I honestly hope things go well for you.

  126. To confess, when he won the jackpot, I was actually glad it was going to go to someone who may actually be NEEDING it to clean up their life. Sometimes, all you need is some funding to get things to work right.

    And then a few years later, I see this doofus on TV bragging about all the garbage he bought for himself and his daughter (hint: if you think you can raise a child simply by dumping cash on them, you’re very sadly mistaken), and he even cannot pronounce “plasma TV” correctly. I knew all we had was another redneck idiot who thought that being rich means that he’s better than everyone else. Sorry, but he who dies with the most toys…..leaves a lot of stuff for the auctioneer to get rid of.

    There are so many other people out there that this money could have helped if they had won that jackpot instead (no, I don’t count myself as one of them, so shove those accusations of jealousy back up your butt), perhaps even literally SAVE for want of medical treatment. This guy COULD have set an example. Instead, all he did was show the rest of the elite that giving millions to a redneck is just pearls before swine.

    Now, someone else has those expensive cars in their garage, and someone else has those “plohzma” TVs (seriously Tiff. Couldn’t you have at least corrected your Dad on the PROPER way to pronounce that word? Jeez!), and someone else is living in that big fancy home. In the end, all David did was RENT them.

    The End

  127. This interview was quite ironic –

    “I said, you know, a lot of people, they’re out of work, doesn’t have hardly anything. And so I didn’t want to accept this money by saying I am going to get mansions and I’m going to get cars, I’m going to do this and that. I would like to accept it with humility. We are going to buy things, obviously. But I want this money to last, for me, for my future wife, for my daughter and future generations. So I want to do wise things with the money instead of just be a spendthrift.”

    “So when I got the money I started thinking, well, you know, I’m going to have more responsibilities. There’s going to be people wanting to get that money from me. There’s always going to be schemes. You have to look at who you’re investing your money with. But I would gladly trade those problems in — my old problems for these problems.”

    “Well, I can be glad to tell you that. Before we got laid off, we were down in Florida working, and we took a couple of days off and went down to Ft. Lauderdale. And like a little kid in a candy store, I’d seen this beautiful Rolls-Royce. And we went over and looked at it. And it’s a Rolls — a Bentley, an R series Rolls- Royce Bentley, a convertible. And you know, I stood there and looked at that thing. It’s something, of course, I could never have, but I admired it. And I’m not one to take a lot of money, and splurge on mansions and this and that, but I am sure buying that Rolls.”

    – David Lee Edwards, August 27, 2001


  128. Hey Tiff – let me give you a compliment – you seem to be pretty smart and articulate and have a good head on your shoulders despite everything that you’ve been through.

    I enjoyed watching your dad on TV enjoy himself with all of his new wealth. His huge smile made me smile.

    Can you answer this – Is the whole $27 million after taxes lump sum GONE? Does your dad have any real assets left? What happend to all of the cars, the plan, the home equity, and all the crap that was at the house such as the infamous “Blues Brothers” statue? Did he sell it all? Is he now completely BROKE? How is his health? Is his state of paralysis temporary or unknown?

    Best of luck with everything and thanks for your replies.

    “No man or woman – however poor or indigent – need despair. There are riches for anyone who recognizes the power of the mind.” – Dennis Kimbro

    “A man is never poor as long as he has friends.” – Clarence, “It’s a Wonderful Life”

  129. Yikes! This Kissup Klub for Tiff is really getting creepy.

    I’ll bet you idiots even signed that online petition to have Gov. Schwarzenegger pardon Paris Hilton, haven’t you?

  130. Michael your are a total MORON! Who is kissing up to Tiffani ?

    People are asking questions as not to be an ignorant f**k like yourself.
    And what brought you here to this site?

    CANADA is correct in saying that David Edwards pales in comparison to your stupidity

  131. Least I still know how to handle money. It’s really easy: STAY THE F*CK AWAY FROM DRUGGIES AND LOWLIFES. This is how come idjits like David Edwards and Jack Whittaker have the troubles they have.

    Let me know when the final act on this pinhead’s drama show concludes. It’ll be a life lesson for me if I ever should happen to win at Powerball.

  132. Oh noes. Iyes been owned by superyor braynz! Sure hope it doesn’t end up on the news. Don’ts wanna see that on my $500 plohzma TV.

  133. Mike

    The study of human nature … and stupidity

    I was curious to see what happened to this guy?

    I think deep down inside he was everyone favorite millionaire
    (aside from anything illegal he had done)

    Seriously he was definitely one of the more interesting ones.

    I had read some stuff and couldn’t decide if it was B/S or not so here I am

  134. Canada, dearie, when you say:


    You are an idiot of mass proportion your comments are beyond stupid!

    David Edwards pales in comparison to your level of stupidity!”

    it shows you suffer from an acute deficiency of analytical thinking. Such naïveté may be endearing in a six-year-old but not in a mature Canuck — or, for that matter, in your “favorite millionaire” either.

    Good day to you, sunshine.

  135. Hahaha, Wow! Michael, you can keep playing the worlds smallest violin all you want, but I still can’t hear it. For your information I’m not blaming this all on my stepmother Shawna, I am saying that her and my father are at fault. Not myself or her 9 year old son who lived there also. It was their stupidity of choosing business investments and friends. They trusted too easy and lost everything. And you can’t bring drugs back around an ex-druggie and not expect them to be tempted and do them again, especially when they have millions upon millions of dollars to spend. He never spoiled me, he tried to compensate for what he put me through throughout my childhood. Then when I lived down there he did throw money at me to go shopping, but it was guilt money. All he wanted to do was make me happy, he was a shitty father. But I know he tried his hardest, it’s just things in his life went back down hill. I can’t hold anything against him, he is the only father I have and will ever have. I will love him unconditionally no matter what.

    Thank you Gordon, I do have a good head on my shoulders and I am smart. I won’t ever end up like my father or my mother. I want to better myself for my future children and not have my mugshots posted on websites like this. Sadly, all of the money is gone. All of it!
    He still has a house in California that is worth about 1.2 million, but my cousin has partial ownership of it. They haven’t sold it yet, but as soon as it sells I will be able to put back atleast $10,000 for my college tuition. Well, the PBG Police Department gave my father 2 weeks to get everything out of the house, but no. Like a dumb ass he didn’t and everything that was on that property was forclosed and auctioned off. Everything is gone, even his wife. He is permanetly paralyzed. His legs are the swollen to the size of a basketball. His body is retaining too much water and he is enemic (not sure on spelling) and his body is refusing and blood tranfusions they try to give him. He has blood clots all over his body now, it doesn’t look good.

  136. “Well, the PBG Police Department gave my father 2 weeks to get everything out of the house, but no. Like a dumb ass he didn’t and everything that was on that property was forclosed and auctioned off.”

    Thus proving once and for all that he’s a glutton for punishment. There’s just bad luck, and then there’s just asking for it, like this guy.

    Seriously, I just cannot have any empathy on someone who has deliberately strapped themself in to a Rocket Sled To Hell like this. Nothing’s going to save this maroon from himself. Nothing.

  137. I don’t know if you have ever been a user Michael, but once you do drugs and get addicted you can’t think about anything else about your next fix. That’s what happened with my father. No one is asking you to have empathy for my father, I could care less what you thought. I’m just trying to get my point across to some of these heartless people like you. He screwed up his life and we all know this. He is sick now, and there’s nothing anyone can do but pray for him to get better. Yes, I know it was his fault he got this sick, but the man is dying. And there is still people like you waisting your time writing comments like this, your negativity is part of the demise of America. If people could just get over the fact that he was a drug user and lost all of his money, and took a moment to imagine being in his shoes for just a moment. You’d really feel sorry for him, but I really don’t expect anything from you.

    1. Ahhhhh….nooooooooo, the part of America’s demise ISNT others peoples opinions……freedom of speech……part of this countries demise are people like your father and those who refuse to CONDEMN that sort of irresponsible behavior…………

      Jeez…..this ain’t to difficult here!

  138. “People have a CHOICE when they FIRST pick up that cigarette, bottle of booze, heroin needle, crack pipe, casino chip, and horse race program. These things are all known to be ADDICTIVE. If you play with fire, you get burned. It’s as simple as that.” – Unknown

    “I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars – the rest I just squandered.” – George Best

    “Money can’t buy happiness, but poverty can’t buy shit.” – Unknown

    “I’ve seen more people fail because of liquor (drugs) and leverage.” – Warren Buffet

  139. “If people could just get over the fact that he was a drug user and lost all of his money, and took a moment to imagine being in his shoes for just a moment.”

    Yes, many of us did when he won that jackpot. But when we learned what a seriously f’ed up creeyguy he really is, we jumped out of those shoes really fast.

    Just a “Darwin story in progress”, imo.

  140. “You could give a billion dollars to the poor and it wouldn’t solve poverty. The poor would eventually become poor again. Money only magnifies what you already are. You give a person that’s on drugs more money, they’ll do more drugs. A gambler, they’re going to gamble more. Money magnifies what you already are.” – Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

  141. Correction Bettie Faye , Miss sunshine toothless redneck USA now holds the title for IDIOT and I would hazard to guess heavy weight champ as well, most fat people tend to be very unhappy with themselves and lash out at others …Well “sunshine don’t feel left out because you are still my favorite FAT ASS HICK !

    Have a happy day you great big bundle of stupidity

    I can hardly wait for the speedy reply to prove my point to everyone

  142. Mike

    She won’t reply, she’s stuck in the trailer park outhouse with nothing to wipe her fat ass with.

  143. Bettie Gay

    Is just a big loser who wishes she won the lottery so she could get some new teeth and just maybe liposuction, loser has nothing smart to say Shit you’re the worst kind of loser, you are so angry with everyone and have to be a smart ass about everything! I have read the crap you have written not once can you say anything positive or intelligent everyone is wrong and you are just a know it all.

    You’re just a loser who wishes you could have got your hands on his cash – LOSER!!!!!

  144. People people people. Let’s stop this bickering and get back to what REALLY matters: a FLAMING IDIOT who pissed away several MILLION dollars because he’s a PEANUT BRAINED REDNECK who’s getting what he deserves.

  145. “Jealous. JEALOUS? You bet I’m jealous. As his former employer, it was my unemployment payment money he used to buy his winning ticket.”

    Dude, you’re pathetic.

  146. who cares who Bettie Faye is, I guarentee that if she was in front of me she wouldn’t say this crap to mine, or my fathers face. Once she really saw who I was and that I wasn’t a trailerpark piece of trash, she’d be too tounge tied to say anything. She is the one who probally has probally been on the Jerry Springer show, one of those that’s titled “I slept with my cousin, and I don’t know if the baby is my husbands or his”. She tries to say that my family is messed up, I’d love to meet hers.

  147. I get a feeling Bettie’s dad ISNT the one who flushed away several million dollars on tacky crap, which shows her DNA is ahead by a few points.

    Ruh Rhoh! I’ll bet Tiff’s gonna be mad at me next (or at least say something snotty).

  148. With the exception of Grandmaster Dave, who’s in a class of his own, you’d have to go to Dollywood to find as big a pair of books as Mike and Chris.

  149. OK Tex,

    It was his cash and so what if he spent it all. You all act as if it was your cash and you should have a say in how he spent it. Big men and some bigger women pick on his kid wow that’s going to accomplish a lot isn’t it. She’s 17 and how old are you? At the end of the day how the hell did this make any difference in your life?

  150. Chris,

    Listen up, clod. I’ve never said a word about Tiffani. I wish her only the best.

    Now, crawl back under the porch with your pal Mike.

  151. I know I will win the lottery. When I do I will try not to belittle people like the assholes here.

  152. My parents are both drug addicts, and like Tiffani said, it’s hard dealing with these people. The worst thing you can do is sit there and judge., because when the shit hits the fan for all you who think you got life figured out, nobody will be there to understand what fucked you up. Just start taking sublingual Vitamin B-12 and you’ll feel a little more stable.

  153. And who the fuck do you people think you are deciding who deserves what. God is no respecter of persons. None of us deserve anything, but through God’s mercy we get it anyway. Some of you might not have drug addictions, but your eating, fucking, and judging addictions are the same things. They just come in different forms, but they’ll still take your ass down to China Town.

  154. Hey Lex N. Tonky what the hell is your problem?

    I don’t even know this guy Chris, my problem is with this Bette Faye idiot shooting her big mouth off about this kid Tiffani and anyone else with an opinion that differs from hers, so unless I have directly insulted you, shut up!

  155. I don’t know Tiffany, but I can see by her writing that she’s a smart young woman. She has had to overcome a lot, and it’s amazing that she has adapted as well as she apparently has.

    My thoughs about all this: leave Tiffany alone. She’s not responsible for her father’s actions. She’s just one more of his victims. David’s problems are all of his own making. Buy lay off Tiffany.

  156. Tonky the donkey a.k.a jackass

    Ya you wish her the best buy insulting her father gee I’m sure that’s going to lift her spirits you white trash hick!

  157. Yeah, Tiff was really trying to help her Dad out by allowing him to shower her with gifts.

    I’m not buying her lies for one second, and shame on you gullible fools for doing so.

  158. Oh come on, as if the KID is going to refuse gifts and live in poverty when her father struck it rich she would have only been around 11 years old?

  159. Hahaha, showering me with gifts? Obviously you don’t know how my father is, he decked out my room and that was it. I didn’t get gifts that often, maybe money but that was about it. He hardly bought me anything. I’m not telling you lies, but if that’s what you want to believe, so be it. If you saw how I lived then and now, all that is different is that I live in a house and not a mansion.

    Let me think back to what all he got me, um…. the tv was already in my room. He bought me a computer, the golf cart (which we sold shortly after the filming of one of those stupid shows), new clothes, and he paid for my tuition to go to the Benjamin School and Juno Beach Prep. The only thing I have left is the education that he paid for for 4 1/2 years. My father honestly didn’t hardly buy me anything. Oh yeah and he bought me tickets to go to Bonnaroo Music Festival, and that was all. I have never been a materialistic person, I only have the things I need. I can live without designer belongings and fast cars. I’m happy with my Honda that I bought myself, and the little bit of clothes I have. I’m not living in poverty or anything, but I work for what I need and buy things with my own money. I haven’t been dependent on anyone in the past year and a half. I have been making my own money and doing the best I can. And I’m actually graduating a year early and starting community college in the fall. My life is on the right track now, with the power of God he helped me get through this living Hell. I just hope everyone on this site can find peace (if it’s not already found) in their lives, and let God into their world and bless them like he blessed me. Never loose faith, if he can help me through this kind of situation, he can help any of you if you let him.

  160. When I see that interview with Dave it gives me hope. I ,like he was am unemployed and have only a few checks left on my unemployment . I believe God truly answered him and if he could ask God to help him today I know he will. I guess some people are just more compassionate than others.

  161. My dad lives down on the south side of Chicago in a really bad neighborhood, I know if he won the lottery it would not last. He isn’t bad but the desire to do drugs is far much stronger than the desire to do well. That is why people like you and I are so smart. We were able to see firsthand the aftermath of addictions, and really know that if you want it all you can not continue.

  162. Tiff – if you could go back in time and have your dad NOT win the lottery, would you do it? In other words, do you think your dad and you would have been better off if he never won? Or do you think it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway and really didn’t make things worse given the drugs etc. Was the lottery a good thing, a bad thing, or an inconsequential thing to his/your lives? Obviosuly some good came out of it. Are you glad he won?

    Thanks for your replies.

  163. You guys are tooo gullible…Thats not Daves daughter talking to you guys….Thats some lonely person looking for symphany for her own sorry ass life…lol… Daves daughter is out selling pussy for drugs.
    People Stop being so naive’….l kno Dave personally and he does have another child.

  164. well Kentucky’s finest??…. if you really knew David, you’d know that he has one child and only one……….
    I”ve known David almost all of my life and for the rest of you out there, the Tiffani that is posting here, is David’s daughter.
    and how dare you say such vile things about her you creep!!!

    she’s going to school, making good grades and has a job.
    so you’re insulting Kentucky when you sign your name Kentucky’s finest.
    so do us all a favor and just shut the hell up, you idiot!

  165. yo yo Lex N. Tonky cashed his check and bought one ho ho. fuckin homo

  166. I don’t know if this girl is really Tiffani.I know all of those people including her.I know that she did go to Ben Franklin and what her dad told me about that.What she did while skipping school.Write back and tell so we will all know if it’s you.You can ask me anything you want to prove to you that I know a little more than most of these people.I know where your mom grew up, Hillcrest.I know that she has other kids that were born at the same time.I also know that Shawna had more than one boy.She was called “beer tub” because she sold beer out of a tub in Ironton.I know Tiffani and Tiffani knows me.Let’s see if it’s really Tiffany just out of curiosity .

  167. I don’t know who you are either Melinda.I think that it’s you pretending to be Tiffani because you both write the same.I also think that Jo has the wrong grandma because Tiffani’s grandma wasn’t shall we say,domestic.I think that a dad knows how to spell his child’s name and this Melinda or Tiffani tried to explain why their spelling is the correct one.This is way too nuts for me!!! Melinda is the only one Tiffani doesn’t acknowledge. Strange isn’t it? I think your multiple personalities may also include Jo. I don’t have compassion for someone pretending to be someone their not. Melinda I think you need to get a job or work more hours,you have way too much time on your hands. Since you claim to have known Dave for years tell us something that you couldn’t hear from TV or through the grapevine.

  168. What I mean by writing the same is ……..,they all use that. Also the grammar and tone are the same.Melinda goes out her way to keep people thinking that it’s “Tiffany”.There is no way Jo lived on the same street,Hillcrest is the projects and all apartments.What is the mom’s(Tiffany’s mom) first name and last? You can say it because it’s public info. Comment #134 of course Dave hurt people including his own child.Who in the heck do you think he sold drugs to? His own child is a recovering addict and still in high school.Give me a break!!! Please don’t defend a snake in the grass.Stop pretending he is such a great guy and that your Tiffany.

  169. It is odd that almost every time “Tiffany” writes something Melinda or Jo writes something.I also noticed that none of them wrote anything after being asked to verify who they are.Hillcrest is the projects and there are no houses anywhere around. Melinda seemed upset that Tiffany’s identity was being doubted .Look at #205 and see how easy it is to pretend you’re someone else. You may need some professional help if that’s the case.I THINK THE JIG IS UP.

  170. Someone from Ashland,

    The writing does appear to be very similar.

    I have to agree with you, looking back at comment #107 about the wrong spelling of her name she offered no explanation instead just she just started up with the insults to shift attention.

    Do you actually know David Edwards and if so are her claims about his health true? Because you would think that the media would have reported it just to spike interest

    None of her statements seem to be true for example he has another house valued at 1.2 million.

    Her schooling this is questionable she says that she finished school a year ahead considering she needed “clean up time to get her life back on track”.

    Finally the only information she gives it what is already public knowledge or claims that can not be verified.

    Would the real Tiffany Lee Edwards please stand up!

  171. Hey, GrandmasturBator, aka Chris aka Paul Reubens, if this is a battle of wits, please give up because you’re obviously unarmed. Maybe if Dave has any pocket change left, he could buy you a soft-serve ice-cream cone. Just make sure to wear a bib.

  172. There is another blog on this issue, (apparently, this site won’t allow links to be posted), in which a very different “Tiffani” writes. That Tiffani isn’t quite so good with grammar or punctuation, and THAT Tiffani claims to be in college.

    “Our Tiffani” on this site claims to be in high school and lives in Rush.

    So, just WHO is the real Tiffani? I suspect that she’s not reading any of this stuff, certainly not responding to the stupid and obscene comments that some post here.

  173. To find the “other” Tiffani, go to Google search and type:

    kurtmaddox Tiffani Edwards

    “Tiffani” will be found here under “The Logia of Kurt”

    Compare the writing, (as well as the “story”) and you’ll see that there are at least two people out there writing as Tiffani.

    The plot thickens.

  174. I don’t care if you believe me or not…I could care less.
    I know Tiffani very well and I have since she was a baby.
    you say her grandma wasn’t domestic??
    are you kidding me?? she was the sweetest lady in the world.
    she had her own little sewing room out back and everyone just loved her.
    I can tell that Jo knew her very well.
    as for the spelling of her name?? I can’t explain that.
    David spelled it with a Y, and she spells it with an I….

    yes, I do get on here and defend her, because I don’t like what people say about her.
    and obviously after she started posting, someone else got on here and pretended to be her.

    I too, wonder why the press hasn’t picked up on David being extremely ill.
    but he is in bad shape………..I guess he’s just not newsworthy anymore….
    so you can believe me or you can’t… I don’t really care.
    but anyone who knew David’s mom could verify what a great lady she was….
    and no matter what you might say about David, he was with his mom when she died and he took very good care of her.
    he did love his parents…..I just wish that they could have been alive to enjoy some of his winnings.
    they deserved it……..

  175. I am sorry I talked shit about GrandmasterB, he is way more of a man than me, actually I wish I was a woman

  176. Hay yo, I got alot on my mine. for esample win I see that innerview with Dave it gives me hope. I got no job. I got no prospecks. so I play the numbers. Just like Dave. So I desided Im a gonna win. A lil vose told me that Im a gonna win and win BIG! A few millon $$$ and I will be livin large. I’ll show all them haters down at the buss stop. May be Dave will get better and me and him can be peeps. Im gonna to by me a bigass house and Im gonna get me a bunch a sords and stuf to. o yeh GrandmasterB will be new shurf in town. Bow wow Wow and Chill till the next epasode.

  177. Everything that was on our property in florida got forclosed. It was all auctioned off. He has nothing left but a home in California that needs work done to it.

    I would still have went and lived with my father whether or not he won the lottery. Things with my mom got bad off that was the reason why I moved in with him. I think we wouldve been better off not winning. He wouldn’t have gone this far into drugs if it wasn’t for the money. Everything we had together (relationship wise) was lost. Drugs took it’s toll on our relationship, we both hid in our rooms doing drugs. I never want to touch another one now. I am tempted everyday, but God is helping me push on. No I’m not glad he won, I wish it would’ve never happened to us.

    kentuckys finest –

    HAHAHA! My dad has another child? No him and Shawna had Matthew but that was not his biological child. He claimed Matthew though. I am really his daughter, I don’t care if you think so or not. I’m not a druggie prostitute, you must have me mistaken for his wife Shawna. She’s somewhere in New Jersey selling her body for dope.

    I didn’t go to a Ben Franklin, I don’t know what that is. I went to the Benjamin School, well the first time I skipped school I ran away from home to 45th street in Florida and stole my dad’s escalade. Is that the answer you were looking for? I didn’t skip school really until I moved out. Who are you? Yes, my mom has twin boys Gabriel and Christian Blanton, and is married to Jimmy Blanton.

    My fathers mother was a good christian woman, you must be referring to my moms mom Jo Ann, or some people call her Berneta. She was an alcoholic. My dad’s mom never once touch alcohol or even a cigarette. Hey Ashlander Mom, Melinda isn’t pretending to be me. And I don’t acknowledge her on here beacause I’m usually on the phone with her while I’m writing this. You need to lay off of her, she used to date my dad when she was 17, and has known me and my my family for many years. I really don’t know why my father spelled my name wrong, but honey, if you read the transcripts where it says this, it says that not all that is written is accurate. My moms full name is Gail Louise Blanton, maiden name Morrison. My dad never once gave me drugs, he had no idea I did drugs until about a year ago. The only thing I did was smoke weed and do pills. I wasn’t a crackhead or heroin addict.

    I never missed school to get cleaned up, I got sent to Aspen Ranch in Loa, Utah for about 3 months and went to school everyday there. And when I got clean this last time it was over the summer.
    I don’t know who is pretending to be me on other sites, but this is truly me. Ask me anything about my father or my mother. Anything that has happened since we won the lottery. Let me list some things…

    -My dad and Shawna got married in Maui on Dec. 31 2001
    -My Mom got remarried the same day my dad won the lottery at Burnaugh Baptist Church
    -Shawna has 3 sons Jacob – 15, Anthony – 13, and Matthew who is 9.
    -My dad lived at 317 Victoria Ave. before he won, afterward he lived at 38 Saint George Place Ballen Isles Florida 33418.
    -I went to Oakview Elementary school when I lived in Ashland.
    -When we first moved to Florida I got flipped off the back of my golf cart and had to be rushed to the ER, but nothing serious was wrong with me.
    Anyone want to ask any questions so I can prove it’s me?

  178. That other blog site was also me, I found that back sometime last summer when I first moved home. When I wrote all that it was like 2 in the morning if I remember correctly, I had forgot all about that until today. Wow…. So what if my spelling and writting differs in different comments? It doesn’t me it isn’t me.

  179. 135. Tiffani Lee Edwards – May 6, 2007
    yes the 9-11 story is true. They have memorial trading cards for 9-11 and my dad is one of them

    No he is not I contacted the manufacturer of the trading cards they informed me that the cards honored the vicims of 9/11

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive

  180. If you want to prove you are his daughter why don’t you upload a pic of you and your old man

    The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words

    or the infamous “trading card” can’t do it can you

  181. Tiffani:

    You wrote: >>Anyone want to ask any questions so I can prove it’s me?>>

    OK. Please clear up the issue of your school status. What yerar are you in a BCHS? What classes are you taking, and what are the names of some of your teachers?

    Describe the baseball field at BCHS. Name a few advertisers on the wall.

  182. I am a eating machine who eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and eats yummy yum yum

  183. Wrong answer !!!! Dave was always telling Tiffany she was going to get her diploma from Ben Franklin.Ben Franklin is a home school , it’s in Cocoa Nut Grove,FL .It’s a way for kids to get a diploma without putting in any effort. It’s certainly not a school that a kid that’s able to graduate a year early would even consider.Tiffany skipped school a lot and it was the running joke.I made sure that there was no way you could miss that one.Because Tiffany also had little parties of her own instead of going to school.If it was truly Tiffany, she would know exactly what I was referring to. Anyone could figure out that a kid that skips school and goes to rehab is going to be behind everyone else.The only things that Meliffany can answer are the things that everyone in town already knows.My niece graduates from BCHS this year and lucky for us it’s just a few weeks away. I think we all know it’s really Meliffany. It was kinda fun .I wanted to thank BNL for making me laugh ,I think that Meliffany sounds better than Sybil. That’s great ! Let me know if you need a program of all the graduates of BCHS.

  184. why would I lie, you should get ahold of him again. he gave my father all of the cards for free. My father is one of them and on the back it tells the story of how he was suppose to be there.

    Okay I am a junior at boyd couny high school, but I am going to go to Boyd County Central over the summer to graduate, I’m going to the June and July semesters. My teachers I have Ms. Felty, who is retiring this year and I have her for project second chance from where I missed so much last year I needed to catch up on my credits which I did, Ms. Sanders speech and drama, Ms. Lucas computer applicatons, Mrs. Thacker Foods and Nutrition, Mrs. Gibson Geometry, Mr. Spears Art, Mr. Taylor Arts and Humanities, and Ms. Qualls my favorite teacher for English 3, she knew my dad before he won too. I dont play sports and havent been on the field all year, but I know that the baseball field is right next to the red light then we have the football field that had a big lion painted on it which Mr. Spears drew out there. Anything else?Hahah what are you talking about you obviously dont know, call the school if you dont believe me. Why would I go to a school coca Nut Grove when we lived in Palm Beach Gardens. Parties? I never had a party when I lived down there, I went to parties when I started my freshman year. What’s your neices name I’ll find her tomorrow and tell her to make sure you know Im not a fake. Im emailing these pictures so he can upload them for you all to believe me. Also, my father used to come up with ideas for different schools i should go to. He decided on The Benjamin School because it was a college prep school and 98% of the students go directly to college after. Im going to get ahold of Frederick tonight and have him email me more pictures of me and my father.

  185. Also, I just got an email from Ken Hart of the Independent newspaper in Ashland. We are going to set up an interview. After I do this hopefully someone will believe I am who I say I am.

  186. Tiff,
    sorry we got cut off…alltel’s phone service has been screwed up all day ……
    everyone I’ve talked to today, the call got dropped.

    e-mail me the address you were talking about and I’ll download those pics.
    I have those pics from the time I was down there……..
    I think it’s too funny that people think we are the same person.
    let me know when and if you’re going to do that interview.
    you think these people on here want to see a pic of me with the
    “Blues Brothers”?????
    and about the 9-11 card?? I don’t know who called who, but I’ve seen the card.
    David gave me a couple of them.
    so that card does exist, and I’m sure it’s somewhere with the rest of my pictures….
    it had all the stats on the back of it..
    so whoever said it didn’t exist was wrong….

    I’ve never heard of the Ben Franklin school, I remember you going to the Benjamin school…..

    I was glad to hear about Matthew getting adopted.
    he deserves a good home.

    so remember, let me know about those pictures, because I’m leaving Saturday……..

    love you Tiff…..

  187. Tiff,
    I just now looked at those pics you posted.
    who is that lady in the car??
    I didn’t recognize her…….
    and was that Fred???? with hair???
    those are cute of you and Matthew……..

  188. That woman was nana Shawnas mom Ethel. And yes, that was Fred with hair. Yeah post the picture of you with the Blues Brothers hhaha. Those pictures are so funny. Any of my dad? I don’t remember taking any with him when you came down.

    To all the people on here, if you look at the pictures that are posted those are of me in my bedroom with Shawnas son Matthew, I dressed him up that day.

  189. I honestly believe that it was Tiffany the daughter of the millionaire replying ….here’s a few reason I no longer believe

    1… I watch E-channel on Wednesday and everything tiffani knows I saw on that show ..public info..
    2….melinda did not reply until someone pointed that out… then all of a sudden she had bad telephone connection and started to reply.
    3…. If your’re that rich and you did not need your golf card you would have given it away not sell it …
    4….you would’t have time for this site day after day after day…

  190. Pictures of you and your father together

    The infamous trading cards that Meliffany has couple of.

  191. Ashlander mom

    I assume you know the actual Edwards family what do you think of the pics? they don’t prove anything

  192. Wy don’t you give me you contact name because not one person I spoke to knew anything about your” father” The company explained that these cards honored the victims of 9/11, that does not include people who might have been there or thought about going but changed their minds about it

    David Edwards is psycic he predicted the winning powerball number he predicted 9/11 ( and did’t tell anyone ) what’s next

    It’s to bad he couldn’t prdict his own future maybe he would not be in this mess

    Prove us all wrong

  193. BNL:

    What’s your hurry?

    Don’t you realize that Tiffani in in school now, and can’t answer immediately.

    If she’s the REAL Tiffani, there will soon be an article in the Daily Independent. if she’s not, they we’ll all know, because the paper won’t run a story by a “bogus” daughter of David.

  194. I don’t understand why David’s picture was on those trading cards either.
    but he had them……..that’s all I know.

    and Tiff, the pics I took of your dad were when Libby came over that day….
    I took that one of him out by the pool and I took one of him and Libby and she took one of me and him….
    I think I have that picture of him with all those gold coins.
    and of course I have a bunch of pics with all his cars, but anyone can get those……..
    I have a picture of me and him standing next to his rolls.

    I guess when Tiffani’s story comes out in the paper, everyone will believe her…..

    all these blogs about David, and he doesn’t have a clue what is going on……

  195. David L,

    No hurry , if you ruffle her feathers, she shoots off some information

    Now that she’s on a mission to prove her identity we don’t have to listen to the same old stuff that everyone already knew

    Idea ! why not contact Kenneth Hart

    I will update you when and if I get an answer

  196. Let me get this right, dude is in bad shape and near dying and the paper is going to write about Tiffani because she’s being picked on

    I can just see the headlines ” stop picking on tiffani that’s not nice!”

    If anyone should be able to tell their story it should be David Edwards
    his win, his loss, his life, now that aa the cash is gone so is his freeloading family

    Get Real


  197. Do I, Should I Don’t I who cares if I live in Ashland or maybe not
    or maybe yes

    So many people a flip flop Maybe it’s true Maybe it’s not.

    Hey I have no problem contacting Schools, Butlers, Trading Card Manufacturers ect.to verify her claims, if they are true I’m helping her

  198. hey tiffani I believe you, if you want to prove your authenticity to others just tell them all the cars your dad had, plus I just wanted yo know

  199. yeah it should be my father to do the article, my mother doesn’t want me to do because she’s scared that they are going to twist up my words and such. I wish my father would do an interview, when I go see him this weekend I’m going to beg him to do one so all the rumors will be cleared up. I highly doubt he will do it considering how bad off he is. He doesn’t even like to talk to me anymore. He is such constant pain he has to stop in the middle of sentences to take deep breathes to make it through the pain. And I watched that tinyurl clip and that woman from hope’s place should be thankful he gave them ten thousand dollars, she acts as if it was nothing. If it wasn’t for what happened to me and my parents taking me there he probally would have never gave them a dime.

  200. BNL
    I do live in Ashland and I do know these people.I don’t believe it’s Tiffany ,it’s absurd .We already know whomever it is ,they’re certainly a liar.I have been to Dave’s apt plenty and it wasn’t on Victoria Ave,it was on 29 th street across from Jr Food Mart.What your referring to is what the TV said.They just said he lived in that white house and if your Tiffany ,you know why.I said that Ben Franklin was a home school,that means YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE.I was saying that the school was located in Coca Nut Grove FL,you can live in LaLa Land and still get a diploma. IT’S FOR LAZY,KIDS THAT DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL.

    Meliffany, you must be lonely for attention.You just won’t give up.I’m sure that you are a person that was invited on a trip with David.(I went on trips myself ) I think the old lady in the picture was you.You have these nutty conversation with yourself .Why would you talk about pictures and some bogus interview on line?I would just call her up on the phone .Speaking of calling someone on the phone,I called someone today.LIAR LIAR LIAR.I also informed her that someone was impersonating Tiffany,I bet you didn’t expect that coming. Just because you changed the spelling doesn’t mean anything.You said you were “THE Tiffany” and your father’s name was David Edwards.
    To stop all the guessing ,call me . It’s Bear ,ask your mom for my number. You obviously have myspace.You must be nuts ! Tell me where you want to meet me,I’ll go. I’ll get in my car now ,you live 5 mins. from me. That way everyone will know .We can meet anytime if you’re busy.It’s not like I’m a stranger .Although I’m sure you’re a stranger to me ,so let’s make it a public place.You have known me your entire life if you are Tiffany.Just go into the living room , get your mom,she will call me,and we’ll clear this up for you . If it’s Meliffany please don’t bother.

  201. Well, my phone never rang. Meliffany have a nice life and maybe you’ll find yourself.It’s been fun but it ain’t been REAL.

  202. he lived right above car spot owned by vernon holbrook for about 4 or 5 months because he had no running water at his home in west wood thank you very much. You talked to my mother today? And I’ve known you my entie life? Well I work tomorrow at 4 and you live 5 mins away from me? I live off of Mary Court off of Old Trace Road. How about you don’t be a stranger and show up tomorrow at McDonald’s in Catlettsburg at 4 O’clock, thats when I go in. Who exactly did you talk to today Ashlander Mom? I’d really love to know this one. My mother is asleep but I will ask her, I’m going to wake her up right now.

  203. my mom just said that your a crazy bitch, and she has no idea what your talking about. Who’s Bear? And where do you live? And if you know so much about where i live and myself then you would know that I’m the real thing. Thanks!

  204. ashlander mom, what are you talking about?
    I’m talking about a bogus interview online??
    and talking about pictures??
    yes, I have plenty….
    I sent a picture of David and Tiffani together today to the person who is running this site. so maybe that will clear things up…
    I honestly don’t understand why you think I’m impersonating Tiffani..
    just because I’m defending her when people attack her??
    if you knew David well, you’d know that he grew up on Victoria Ave all his life.
    he had a house right next door to his parents until Pat Caniff bought it, and then he moved in with his mom to take care of her.
    he stayed there caring for her until she died.
    and now that house has been sold to Caniff’s too….
    I hope you do get to meet Tiffani….
    maybe that will finally convince you she is who she says she is….
    and I think you’ll be impressed when you meet her.
    and no that is not my picture at the top of the page.
    I didn’t know who it was, but Tiff said it was Shawna’s mom.
    you don’t have a clue who I am…
    but you act like you know Tiffani’s mom….
    so if you do talk to Gail, ask her about me…
    she knows me…..

  205. Hahah, the funny thing is my mom has no idea who she is. My mom says someone called today and asked for me and when my mom asked who it was she just hung up. So it’s getting a little creepy, and I doubt that Ashlander Mom will show up at McDonalds tomorrow. I hope she does, I will laugh in her face because everyone I work with knows who my father is and who I am. My manager is even my stepmoms cousin. So….. Please Ashlander Mom, I will be working from 4-11 just stop by and ask for me at anytime and I will come and talk to you.

  206. you can find that information anywhere on the internet. But he had Escalade EXT, Bentley, Ferrari 360 Spider, Lamborghini Diablo, Shelby Series 1, Dodge Viper, Baci, Excalibur, Rolce Royce Limo, Mercedes, I think it was a Dodge Van but I’m not sure we used to travel in it though, and anEl Dorado.

  207. Tiffani:

    Obviously, you are who you say you are.

    Your mention of Vernon Holbrook is something that isn’t anywhere on the internet, and only you would know about him.

    You have a lot of smarts, and I hope that your interview with Ken Hart will actually take place. The world needs to see that you turned out very well.

  208. Tiff or Melinda – can somebody scan the front and back of the 9-11 card and email it to terryorisms@gmail.com so he can post it here? This story fascinates me. I do think that David got sick and didn’t want to go to NYC that day is because he didn’t trust the “big city slickers” NYC stockbrokers with his money so he postponed the meeting.

    Tiff – how did your dad originally injure his back?

    Thanks and best wishes!

  209. Yes, Vernon has been like a grandfather to me my whole life. His neice Ann Qualls is my teacher and his granddaughter Chrissy is one of my best friends. Thanks you David L.

    I dont have the cards at my house and Melinda is going to Florida and is suppose to be back on June 10th I will have her scan them and put them on here.

    He originally injured his back because him and my mom were sitting on his back steps of his house and his friend Eddie Adkins was drunk and was coming over to his house and instead of hitting his brakes he hit the gas. My mom was pregnant with me and he threw her off his lap and Eddie hit him. He went threw the whole house, to the front porch. The car pushed him threw the laundry room, kitchen bedroom and living room. When he looked down he said that his butox was in the front of his body. That’s the story. He was paralyzed for the first two years of my life.

  210. Dottie:

    This isn’t the place for your low-class, naughty, mindless ramblings. Take them elsewhere, and leave this for a real discussion about David and Tiffani.

    The same goes for chez bippy, Paul Reubens “aka” PW Hermon, Lex N. Tonky, and the others who are sad examples of the results of a bad gene pool combined with no education. Go away.

  211. Will everyone read # 205…lol..she messed up.!! Prolly using 5 different names here .!!!..lol..Melinda and Tiffani Lee is the same person..!! You people are so silly beleiving this crap.. Hey l can sell you guys a bridge in Brooklyn for only a dollar…!!! People stop being so gullible. All the information about this loser Dave Edwards is on the internet and if you live in Kentucky the information is even easier to get….because hes the talk of the town..!!!

  212. Tiffani:

    Don’t let the mindless jerks get to you. They are only showing their ignorance. (Can you imagine what it’s like to spend any time with them??? Yuck.)

    Do the interview with Ken Hart at the Daily Independent. He’ll treat you with respect, and you have a story that needs to be told. Maybe then, the jerks on here will go away.

    I was a skeptic at first, but now I know you’re who say you are. Be proud, girl. You’ve overcome a lot, and you’re making something of yourself.

  213. Everyone knows that Vernon Holbrook owns that car lot.The lot has been there for years and years.When Ashlander mom said the exact address anyone could tell who owned that.This is very funny.We have read so many lies every time she gets caught in one she tries to twist it around so maybe someone will believe it.Why would you lie about where you go to school or when you graduate? You can look at the web page on line for that school it has the names of all the staff.Isn’t it amazing that the one person that is suppose to have the card is now out of town ?You will never see the card because Melinda will probably die or something in Fl.There are computers in Fl that Melinda can scan the card on.Wonder what reason she’ll give next? She knows nothing that isn’t public info.She said someone called and then hung up.Well why didn’t she say something last and tell Ashlander mom to call back They were both on here within min last night .

  214. hey Tiffani ..what are you trying to proof in ..275…and 276.. that you did not mess up in 205… this might be a big joke to you but you have to know when to WALK AWAY and when to RUN

  215. To EVERY ONE:

    When Tiffani does the interview with Ken Hart of the Ashland paper, all this will be solved. You will then know for sure what is the truth.

    Until then, give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s just a kid.

  216. “My life is on the right track now, with the power of God he helped me get through this living Hell. ”

    Aw man, there she goes with all the religious Jeebus blather. The typical refuge of the epic loser.

    Too bad God wasn’t such a pal when you & Daddykins had all the $$$, huh?

  217. “Until then, give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s just a kid.”

    Real or not, the acts of her making such a pathetic defense bring much lulz into our lives. Her playing the Jeebus card just brought the hilarity to a whole new level.

    If she IS the real deal, it just makes me glad that neither of them have any money or tacky crap they bought left. People this trailertrashy (especially “Mullet Boy” there in the photos) & dumb shouldn’t be allowed to breed, let alone have such huge cash reserves.

  218. Oh it’s all on the internet is it? Is Eddie Adkins mentioned anywhere? And let me see something more personal, my dads neighbor Mike Arthur did something horrible to me when I was younger. Okay, I understand that everyone knows that about Vernon, but I have known him my whole life. He was friends with my grandfather and my father. I didn’t write what was in 275 and 276, I just got home from work and it is 12:01 right now. Oh and Ashlander Mom never showed up at my work, I was hoping she would. I even told my manager that if anyone came and asked for me to let me have a break.

    Me –

    God helped me then too when my father had money. He’s the one that saved me numerous times from bad situations with Shawna and my dad. Things were’nt good between me and my dad when we lived down there. He used to beat the living crap out of me. It wasn’t an everyday thing, but when he got mad at Shawna or someone he’d take it out on me. I forgave him for all of that, I don’t understand why he did it, but it’s better to forgive and move on. Religious Jeebus blather? You are obviously someone who hasn’t found God, you should really let him in your life. I’m happier without money, I was miserable when he had money and we could afford to do anything. I’m not struggling at all right now really. I’m content, yes I’m a little worried about the college expenses, but I know I will be able to make it through and when I finish college I will have a good paying job, I might never be a millionaire, but I’m happy with what I have.

    You keep saying how it’s all over the internet, but what’s not on the internet? My birthday? My mom’s maiden name? Where I live now? Yes, you can find teachers names on the BCHS website, but I know a lot about Ann Qualls because she is my teacher and personal friend, when I need someone to talk to she’s there.

  219. whistle while you work Hitler is a jerk Mussolini bit off his weeni and now it doesn’t work

  220. “You are obviously someone who hasn’t found God, you should really let him in your life.”

    Seeing the antics of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and your dad, I am fully convinced that there is no “god” (or if there is, “he” has certainly not shown anything worth being worshipped for).

    If your book of fairy tales is your crutch on dealing with life in the midst of this cage full of hillbillies, oh well.

  221. Tiff… did you get my e mail? I have some things mixed up. I have been away from Ashland for a long time just to go back to see my grand parents and cousins…… if you got my e mail answer it and I will clarify somethings I said… good luck …….

  222. You know i am beginning to wonder if this Tiffany imposter is also David L…Hes too gullible..!!
    l believe are phoney is 3 people…1-Melinda 2-David L and 3- Tiffani or Tiffany ( she cant spell her name right. l am going to find the birth certificate and post it)…
    What do you think Someone from Ashland ? You think l have a case here…?

  223. Melinda…. I did know Davids mother well … went to Enterprise Bapist with her use to sit beside her ……. she made my grandma’s clothes and some of mine…. I have a pic somewhere of me in one of the dresses she made me…….. I was nominated to be princess in 1963 I think it was and she made my dress for me..I went to school at Fairview when they built the new school across the street we were the first class to carry our chairs across the street to the new school that was along time ago… I won’t say any more about me knowing David or how I know him .. I know him and it is my business how I know him… I don’t have to justify myself to any of these idiots on here….I made a mistake about Tiffs mother but I will email her and tell her no one on here needs to be priviy to everything….. It is none of there business….. I know and that is all that matters…you can get my e mail address from Tiff if you want it…. have a nice day … I am off to a wedding…..

  224. This isn’t a site for some asshole to put there stupid quotes on, get real Moose a leeknee , chez bippy ,Doc Hoilday,Paul Reubens “aka” PW Hermon, dottie.

  225. David L — me — is no “impostor. I’m a 60-year-old business man who once lived in Ashland, and I retired to Florida 3 years ago.

    Read #88 and #93, and tell me if you really think that was written by a high school kid…. or someone with a good education.

  226. Kentuckys finest
    I think your right.She said she had to go see her dad this week end.I guess that’s when she went on break at Mc D. If my dad couldn’t complete a sentence I wouldn’t be on here.I also wouldn’t be telling the world about personal things especially about abuse.I know that if my dad was severely ill I wouldn’t say bad things about him.Anyone with any morals wouldn’t do such a gross thing .I know that if it were the real Tiffany she wouldn’t say things that would make her dad look like an abusive ,never around ,uncaring dad. That’s what this person is trying to do .Besides this person’s dad is “super man” he got pushed through three rooms of a house by a car and lived!Could you imagine going from money to working at McD?If it were true who would go on the net and tell everyone? I think they’re just making fun because it’s too funny.No ex-millionaire would humiliate them self like that.I’m not a millionaire and I would admit to a working at McD.The managers names are Joanie and Oliver .Tiffany must have been on that break talking with Ashland mom.If I were the real Tiffany I would me too worried about real life instead of proving myself on here.

  227. Hey Bic go shave something, this web site isn’t designed for you to judge. So Why don’t you make like a ball and bounce

  228. Someone from Ashland
    We are prolly the only ones that recognize these phoneys…You what else is puzzling , why would he not have had a trust fund for her…? He won 27 mill after taxes..!! And he did a little of investing and he never put aside atleast a few hundred thousand for a trust fund so his daughter would have a decent college education and a promising future not working at McDonalds at 17..!!!!! One of the first things one would do , if they were going to invest, would to be look out for the future of you children.. especially a problematic guy like Dave…See what mean ‘Someone from Ashland’ this is one psychotic person using several different names …!!!!

  229. Are you guys really all in a fight over whether or not that is really some ex millionaires daughter?? I cna’t believe I just wasted a whole hour of my life reading this stuff. Amazine what you can find on the internet when you are bored. Who cares if she is the real daughter or not?? You guys are more demented then she is, because she ain’t got no game without an audience……….

  230. she emailed the personal photos and they were posted. obviously she’s not fake! cut the girl some slack!

    Tiff – please keep us posted on what happens. Thanks and take care!

  231. I never got your email Jo, sorry, I’m not sure why I never got it. And to that comment about my “BOOBIES”, yes, that was def. a mistake, but that was during a time when I lived down in Florida that I was immature and had parental guidence

  232. Oh and please find my birth certificate, I’d love for you to see my name is really spelled with an i at the end.

  233. Could everyone just leave me alone and let me live my life, none of you care about me or my family. So please stop acting like you do. It doesn’t matter what kind of car my dad drives, we have much bigger problems than that now! and that goes for all of you

  234. That last posting says my name, but that wasn’t me. But that is something I should say.
    Actually it was from bic@aol.com – webmaster

  235. Also the posting after that wasn’t me, because I will gladly tell you about the Chevrolet Chevette that is left. At least the name sounds like a Corvette.
    And this poser is actually DustinCleveland@hotmail.com – webmasterr

  236. Sheree dont like it Rockin the catbox, Rockin the catbox dun ded ded dun. Name that tune
    Talk about multiple personality disorder, this poor guy is actually DustinCleveland@hotmail.com, who is is also Dottie, Chez Bippy, Doc Holiday, Kentucky’s Finest, Moose a Leeeknee, Paul Reubens “aka” PW Hermon, Robyn, the truth is, the hungry hungry hippo, Lex N. Tonky, Bi-polar bear, GrandmasterB, & Tiffany Lee Edwords. – webmaster

  237. “Could everyone just leave me alone and let me live my life, none of you care about me or my family. So please stop acting like you do. It doesn’t matter what kind of car my dad drives, we have much bigger problems than that now! and that goes for all of you.”

    Aw. Po’ bay-bee! So upset that your plan to emo your way into our hearts isn’t working out as planned?


    Looks like Lil’ Paris here starting to crack, boys. Keep up the pressure.

  238. Who is the real Tiffani Lee Edwars, i doubt she is not even on this site. They all say that was not me.
    If you go back a few posts you can see where the imposter DustinCleveland@hotmail.com has claimed to be her. – webmaster

  239. the info that you are putting out now is personal, and not for everyone to see. I’m sure you wouldn’t like you email adress posted all over the net.

  240. TO dustin, just make a fame email address like everyone else does. This whole page is fully of fakes and phoneys. And that’s why I’m here. I’m a big smelly loser!!!!

  241. Why must you come on this blog and post nonsense like this. It’s useless and a waste of your time. Don’t you have other important things to do?

  242. Webmaster: Post #323 is not from the “real” David L.

    >>>”I like to suck Donkey dick, and eat monkey dung>>>

    Unfortunately, your system does not prevent the use of “bogus” names, therfore any post on here must be considered suspect.

    Please do your research and post the e-mail address of the sad idiot who posted that.

    I tried to add some thought and reason to this blog.
    But, the uneducated fools have taken over.
    I will no longer post here. Any message you see from “David L.” is not from me, but from one of the uneducated fools who will eventually cause this blog to wither and die.
    Webmaster- “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive” – David’s soliloquizing includes his complaint “the info that you are putting out now is personal, and not for everyone to see. I’m sure you wouldn’t like you email adress posted all over the net” on post 318, “TO dustin, just make a fame email address like everyone else does. This whole page is fully of fakes and phoneys. And that’s why I’m here. I’m a big smelly loser!!!!” #319, #320 And post #323 are all from the same person. In fact David has started using a dynamic DNS as a proxy to try and hide his latest identity. Anyone can sign up for a hotmail or in his latest created, identities use free yahoo and aol accounts. David’s uses his latest account david33957@yahoo.com, while hiding behind a dynamic DNS proxy, to say goodbye.I hope David has as much fun in his next on-line sand box.

  244. Well David L.
    l told you several days ago that this was not the real Tiffani….now do you believe me…?!.l will say its amazing how much info a person can get about another family on the internet, you gotta admit this guy did his homework to falsify her…lol…People are so gullible and phoney on the internet…l also do not like when somebody uses my name on this blog ,so l do agree with you there….
    l guess this blog is over…!!!!

  245. Well beig that the imposter has been exposed this blog is over so lets start one on a bigger loser !!!!! Jack Whitaker….the guy from W. virginia who won the powerball for 365 million on the christmas of 2003 and who claims now to be broke..!!!!!!!

  246. You can still believe that I’m not the real Tiffani if you want to, but one last thing that isn’t on the internet. If you don’t believe I am who I am, call me I’m not giving the area code but for anyone who knows the Ashland area area code 928-0658 my stepdad Bimbo or my mom Gail will tell you I am who I am.

  247. You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

  248. Sure, mom, I settle down with a nice girl every night, then I’m free the next morning.

  249. What a fucked-up blog this is. There are “fake” people everywhere.

    Crazy people are writing mindless shit.

    And the whole reason is that the “webmaster” is a jerk-off. He’s sitting back watching these people make fools of each other, and he’s divulding everyone’s e-mail address online.

    Not to mention the fake phone number for “Tiffani.” Did anybody else besides me try to call it?

  250. what the hell is this about?

    there aint no verification of email addresds on this blog.

    Anybody can claim to be anybody.

    I think I’ll be bill clinton. Watch

  251. Well, I’ve lost control of this blog.

    Time go go elsewhere.

    Thank you for your support.

  252. Canonsburg poilce department is in Pennsylvania the area code for Rush , Kentucky is 606 you crackhead!

  253. Cannonsburg in KY has 2 N’s.

    The one in Pennsylvania has just one.

    Crack Head.

    Got off my freaking web site, you ddont even no geographyy.,

  254. V.E.R.N Vern my man . C. H .A. R. L. I. E. Charlie Charlie Babbith. Defiit Definitley isn,t K mart

  255. Omy, what has happned to this blogg.

    ”I set thiss up to makefyun oif the hick who beowed his ‘$$, and now every crazy frum Blaine to olive hill to raceland is writing shit on myt site. now nobody will come here nomore.


  256. yep it’s afree 4 all now.

    tell everyone that Tiffani or Tiffany or whatever iss a fake.

    let them all com heree and go krazyi

  257. meantime we dont no if david edwards is sick in lexington or what.
    nothin you red here is true.
    go away. leeve me alone.
    Well even though David had indicated a proclivity to “move on” earlier today in post # 327 “FINAL NOTE FROM DAVID L.”he has continued to produce most of the postings in this sand box today. I must say that I’m impressed with his energy of imaginative, obsessive, prodigious if odious output of creative mayhem. I certainly hope that he is enjoying himself -Webmaster

  258. Yep. I made up the hole thing.
    i’,m a toothless man who lives in pactolus and aint even got airy computer.
    ain’t this a hoot!!!
    Cute I like the fake e-mail for Tiffani you made up also also for this fake posting. -Webmaster

  259. “Got off my freaking web site, you ddont even no geographyy.,”

    I can Spell ?

    OK Webmaster Homo ,Winston,

    That goes to show you how fucking stupid you You are insulted and you just don’t get it ?

    Zero IQ.

  260. I apologize for all the stuff going on here.
    It’s because the site doesn’t allow for the verification of e-mail addresses.
    Truth is, anyone can write in with whatever name then want, and there is no way to track the e-mails. Cause they don’t have to be real.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but except where noted, the purported Tiffani made all of her postings from the same address and made a pretty good case for herself. If it is a deception it is much better than the ones you have attempted. Sure you lured her into some conversations under some of your aliases, but your IPs give you away-Webmaster.

  261. To the not-so-smart Webmaster:

    Here’s where you went you wrong: You posted this false accusation about me:

    >>>#319, #320 And post #323 are all from the same person. In fact David has started using a dynamic DNS as a proxy to try and hide his latest identity.>>>

    I did NOT post # 319 and #323– read all three and see if those two are very much out of character with #320. I did not “start using a dynamic DNS as a proxy to try to hide my “latest identity.” Up to that time, I had only one identity: David L.

    All this crap shows just how your system isn’t designed to get an honest dialogue — which I tried to engage in.

    Now, it’s collapsing uner its own weight, as all the crazies have come out to play.

  262. Hey David L. sorry that we ruined the only thing you have to look forward to you pathetic terd

  263. My phone number is real, it’s the Blanton’s residence. My stepfathers name is Jimmy “Bimbo” Blanton and my mom is now Gail Blanton, ask for me anytime. My numbers here I am who I say I am. Come to McDonalds in Cattletseburg and meet me, I look like my dad. I have his eyes, and def. his ears. They are big just like his.

  264. Well, folks, this whole blog has gone straight to hell.
    The real discussion went away when it became apparent that anyone can sign on with ANY name, and write just about anything that they want.
    The real meaningful blogs have an e-mail verification system.
    So, this is just like a war zone…. no rules, and the crazies are in charge.
    Tread lightly and beware.
    Kind of ironic that a complaint about no rules would come from Amsterdam of all places. Yes some blogs require a sign-up pre-screening, but this blog is the Wild Wild West. When it became pertinent to the message flow as to spoofing Tiffani’s postings, I took the time to point out the ones that did not emanate her and from the e-mail address and IP address that she has used consistently. Most of the crazy postings have been from the same few IPs and ISPs. You must admit the creative energy has been impressive. Ignoring the flamers & their need for attention, it still is quite a tale. – Webmaster

  265. Amsterdam is apparently more “civilized” than you realize. Here, webmasters of blogs have the ability to simply remove the kind of trash that is being posted by so many of the visitors recently.
    We do get many American cable TV channels here, and I became most interested in the American who won so much money when the show was on TV some months ago.
    I am very intersted in hearing the story of his daughter. She apparently has, as you say, “her head screwed on right.”
    I would hope that the real Tiffani would choose to ignore the crazy people on this blog and keep telling her story.
    Most of all, I would hope that the blog would have some way to simply remove the trash that writes messages such as “I am considering dropping a 12 inch coiler in the toiler.” This has no place on a discussion blog.
    Tiffani, please come back and talk to us.
    There is a block and delete option on this blog, but in a world where it takes just a few minutes to create a free hotmail or yahoo account it just becomes a game of hide-and-seek. Even though some of the flamers are goading me to block them, why bother -they can easily come back with a new free mail account. Eventually, if you won’t play their game they get bored and move on.
    Sure I could take the time to delete their rants, but I have bigger responsibilities than censoring foolishness, such as running 6 multi-national corporations.
    Maybe I’ll call some of my friends in the publishing business to see if they would like to follow up on Tiffani’s story. Having watched the self-doubt of not knowing if your friends liked her for who you are or for your money drive Jimmy Buffets daughter into rehab, I can sympathize with the “poor little rich girl” syndrome. You come to only trust other rich people. But they are the ones who can afford all the fancy drugs and rehab centers. It can be as hard to escape from these Golden Ghettos, as the gritty Urban Ghetto. Tiffani got forceably evicted – probably to her own good. -webmaster

  266. Hey I resent that principal. I am a 12 inch coiler. Are you racist because I’m brown

  267. I’m Chris Hansen with dateline NBC.
    things must be pretty rough over there at NBC these days, if they can only afford to give you an aol account. So which assignment did you take for your demotion – Kansas City or Honolulu?-webmaster

  268. Webmaster:

    Your exchange with “Chris Hansen” —

    First of all, it was Stone Phillips, not Chris Hansen, whose contract was not expired by NBC. (I work here in Amsterdam for a rival news organization.)

    Second, your reference to his “aol account” further demonstrates the technical problems with this site (and has led to its declining into the depths of degradation as the crazies have taken over.)

    Your earlier note that “they can easily come back with a new free mail account,” so why block them… There is no verifiction on the e-mail accounts that people — anyone can post whatever e-mail address they want — no need to sign up for a new free account.

    If you’ll check this post, you will see that anybody can write any e-mail address that they choose — no verification.

    Sorry that the blog has gone to hell. I tuned in late — just recently — and hoped that it would lead somewhere.

  269. Make that “not renewed by NBC.” Sorry for the typo.
    Sorry you didn’t catch the humor, but it was directed to the the Chris Hansen poser who is using an aol account from, of as best as I can tell, either Honolulu or Kansas City. -webmaster

  270. Sorry I missed your colourful Chris Hansen reference. That story hasn’t reached us here in Amsterdam. The big news here among my colleagues is that Stone Phillips was sent packing by NBC. I thought you were referring to that.
    My point about “no verification of e-mails” is the main issue in my earlier post (#384). It’s incredibly simple for anyone to post with whatever name they want, and to put in a bogus e-mail address. Other blogs (USA Today, for example) have a verification system in which you must put in an e-mail address, and they send you an e-mail — to which you must respond — before your account is active.
    And — USA Today blogs is an endeavour in which the “crazies” are kept out by removing their inane posts — not by “letting them get tired.”
    I hate to see your blog on the lottery winner gone broke fall down into the pit of a bunch of chaps without the good sense to behave themselves.
    You are absolutely correct. We have that capability with WordPress to limit to authenticated Users. This blog has been up for a year and this string is the 1st time that the crazies dropped by. I’ll take your advice and turn on the moderating feature. I hope we won’t have to go to Defcon 3 and authenticate everyone that posts here, but it may come to that. We’ll see. – webmaster

  271. Webmaster:

    Thank you for the prompt response.

    I congratulate you for providing this forum for a meaningful discussion amongst civilized people. The behaviour of some shows no sense of honour or rectitude, and I think Tiffani deserves that, no matter what her father did. Please keep the riff-raff out. Your organisation is to be commended for your work.

  272. I don’t know if I should continue in showbuisness
    no -the novelty has worn off. The perils of being a one-act wonder. -webmaster

  273. I’m back but I really don’t know what to say. Some of these people really need to get a life and go trash other blogs. Everything on here was good until these people started their crap. I would like to finish my story, but I don’t know what to say at this point that hasn’t really already been said.

  274. Tiffani:

    I really hope that you will not be put off by all these crazies. Looks like they now are pretty much gone away.

    There is much more to tell about your story: you went to Florida when you were an adolescent; now you’re in high school. You could tell about the transition of coming back from Florida to Kentucky.

    You have a book inside you. I hope you’ll let it come out.

    PS: Have you agreed to the interwith with Ken Hart of the Ashland paper?

  275. Tiff – how often do you visit your dad? how often do you talk to him on the phone? is he expected to get out of the hospital soon? where will he go – does he have somewhere to move it? how did he RE-injure his back?


  276. The transition really wasnt that hard. I had to deal with a lot of transitions in Florida, moving schools and meeting new people. I have gotten so use to change. The only thing that was really hard for me was missing my friends down there, and then when I tried to reconnect with the people I grew up with it was weird. Everyone was different and I didn’t really want to be friends with them anymore. Now my life is great, Boyd County really isn’t that bad, other than all the drugs there. And my mom is saying No, she wants money out of it, which is sad. I hate it when people are like that, all they want is money. She wants me to talk to The Insider and get money from them for my story.

    I haven’t visited my dad in a couple months because I have been so busy with school and work. And I havent really talked to him lately, I feel bad about it. No, he is going to be in some kind of care faciliity for the rest of his life. He is unable to take care of himself, and needs 24 hours care. He didn’t re-injure his back persay, it was from shooting up. He developed an absess on his spinal cord and when they did remove it the procedure paralyzed him from the waist down.

  277. John T. Reed’s sensible shopping list for the rich

    Not know how to spend

    As an adult, I became nouveau riche—French for “new rich.” One of the common problems of the nouveau riche is that they do not know how to spend money. They tend to waste a lot of it. They also tend to buy stuff that Hollywood shows rich people having in movies and on TV, like caviar, limousines, mansions, private planes, yachts, and all that. Or as “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” host Robin Leach used to say, “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” That’s Hollywood bull. Champagne is a beverage for a few occasions—if you drink alcohol at all. Caviar really doesn’t taste very good. It’s expensive because it’s scarce and because it acquired cachet in an earlier, cruder age, not because it tastes good.

    Here’s another French word that’s often used by Americans for you: arriviste. According to Dictionary.com, it means,

    A person who has recently attained success, wealth, or high status but not general acceptance or respect; an upstart


    a person who has recently acquired unaccustomed status, wealth, or success, esp. by dubious means and without earning concomitant esteem.

    One way to achieve arriviste status is to run around ostentatiously spending your new found wealth on stupid Hollywood-image-of-the-rich stuff.


  278. Dont’ be a fool Gordon. Having luxurious things is what life’s all about. Maybe you don’t feel worthy of having stuff , but I do.

  279. Having someone shoot him in one his veins, and it probally was a dirty needle. They messed up this was when they removed it they found a staff infection in the bone marrow of his spin.

  280. Mr. Collier, since the distractions have subsided and you had time to think about it, do you think the person posting as Tiffini was the real deal?Probably. I met with a friend in the Magazine business who has the resources. Film at 11. -webmaster.

  281. Well, it looks like the crazies have gone away. Good riddance!!

    Tiffani, now that school is out, how will you spend your summer? Did you graduate from BCHS this year, or do you still have more high school left? What are your plans for college? Do you have any career plans in mind?

    Any thoughts about writing a book about your experience? I think a lot of people would like to read your story.

    One last thing — have you heard any more from Ken Hart with the Ashland newspaper?

  282. I am spending my summer working and going to Boyd County Central to graduate early. I plan on going to ACTC for about 2 years and then transfering to whatever university I get into. I’m not sure exactly where I want to go just yet. I was thinking about going into the field of environmental science. Yes, I have put a lot of thought into writing a book, but I can’t start it just yet, I am too bust to be writing a book right now. No, he told me to call him when I figured out what I was going to do.

  283. Tiffani,
    Despite what anyone says your father’s downfall most likely had to do with him having a bigger heart than most of us do. Unfortunately in this world people who have big hearts often get caught up in substance abuse problems because they can’t deal with not being able to make the world into a better place and that hurts them inside.
    I really think your father thought that he could help many people