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Powerball winner losing home in auction May 4, 2006

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Powerball winner losing home in auction
David Lee Edwards, a laid-off laborer in 2001 when he won $42 million from a $295 million Powerball drawing in Kentucky and moved to Palm Beach Gardens, appears to have the kind of financial problems that he never should have faced again.

In what is the talk of the town, an unemployed man that won a Powerball jackpot may be broke again as his $1.2 million Florida home is scheduled to be on the auction block May 22, 2006.

Update: A court hearing is scheduled July 24 to determine the status of the heroin charge, according to the state attorney’s office. Update thanks to Julie ” According to the Palm Beach Comptroller online records search… David Edwards was not present for his status check yesterday and it has been re-scheduled for August 23.”

Last July, Edwards’ $1.2 million home was auctioned for $400,000.

And Saturday, July 14th 2007 much of the home’s contents will go on the auction block at a Riviera Beach warehouse where Edwards spent his final days in Palm Beach County.

Update: Auction Results

Update: Shawna released from jail

Update: Shawna back in jail

Update Felony Charges dropped against Shawna

Update Powerfall A good article that pulls the narrative together. Amy, the reporter, wanted to talk to Tiffani, but she refuses interviews. Thanks Julie for sending this.

How other Florida Lottery Winners also didn’t fare so well


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