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Most Powerful Storm Ever Recorded October 13, 2012

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On Oct. 12, 1979, Super Typhoon Tip’s central pressure dropped to 870 mb (25.69 inches Hg), the lowest sea-level pressure ever observed on Earth, according to NOAA. Peak wind gusts reached 190 mph (306 kph) while the storm churned over the western Pacific.

Besides having unsurpassed intensity, Super Typhoon Tip is also remembered for its massive size. Tip’s diameter of circulation spanned approximately 1,380 miles (2,220 km), setting a record for the largest storm on Earth. The storm’s huge diameter was exactly the same as the distance from New York City to Dallas.

Accuweather’s Mark Mancuso has the details: Super Typhoon

Earth’s Strongest, Most Massive Storm Ever.

Video of Hurricane Igor from Space September 14, 2010

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A  time-lapse video of Category 4 Hurricane Igor. Click on the link below and be patient. It is a big file to load.Thanks to mariner Peter Chance.

100913_g15_igor_vis_anim_1931-2033UTC.gif (GIF Image, 960×720 pixels).

Ike Pictures September 20, 2008

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Click on this link from Randy Marks for a 28 picture slide show.

The short – but eventful – life of Ike – The Big Picture – Boston.com

Shoes That The Fashionable Lady Wears To The Next Hurricane September 10, 2008

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Thanks to Janie Edwards in Palm Beach

Fay Crashes Kiter Into Building August 18, 2008

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[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.669909&w=425&h=350&fv=]

more about “LiveLeak.com – Kite surfer thrown thr…“, posted with vodpod
Thanks to Kiter Randy Marks
Here is the link to the full news broadcast. Again Hit the “Enlarge ” button for better viewing.
A 26-year-old kite surfer was critically injured when winds associated with a Tropical Storm Fay feeder band slammed him face-first into the ground and then dragged him through streets until he hit a building.

IMAGES: Kite Surfer Dragged

The man, who did not heed emergency officials’ warnings to seek shelter during severe weather from an approaching Tropical Storm Fay, was kite surfing on the Fort Lauderdale beach at A1A and Las Olas Boulevard when the storm winds intensified.
Witnesses said a huge gust of wind caught the man by surprise.The surfer, Kevin Kearney, was harnessed into his sail and videotaped being dragged along the beach and then into buildings, WFOR in Miami reported.A WFOR photographer said Kearney was blown away by a forming waterspout.Kearney was transported to Broward General Medical Center in critical condition.
MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — The condition of a kite-surfer thrown airborne into a Fort Lauderdale building by strong winds this week has improved, his mother said Wednesday. Broward General Medical Center upgraded Kevin Kearney’s condition from critical to serious Wednesday morning, said his mother, Alicia Paradise-Garza.

US Disaster Vulnerability Map February 15, 2008

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Map reveals US disaster hotspots – earth – 12 February 2008 – New Scientist Environment
The resulting indices of vulnerability, going back to 1960 and with a projection to 2010, show a slight decrease in vulnerability nationwide (see map, right). Among the regions where things have got worse are California and the Texas-Mexico border, probably because low-income immigrant populations have settled there.

New York City and San Francisco have the greatest potential for suffering. A highly urbanised population means injuries, fatalities and infrastructure losses would be large, says Cutter. You can see where Florida is now a model for other States. Thanks to EPIC for link. Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0710375105)

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