The Relationship Between Personality and Intelligence: A Detailed Study

The  the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a peer reviewed journal of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), quantitatively synthesized 1,325 studies including millions of individuals from more than 50 countries to identify novel, considerable ties between personality traits and cognitive abilities.

🪄Smart summary:
A recent study published in PNAS has found that intelligence is negatively related to uneven temper and anxiety, and is associated with increased interpersonally sensitivity, compassion, and managerial potential. It is also related to both factors alpha and beta, which are stability/socialization and plasticity/knowledge acquisition respectively. The study’s appendix is 440 pages.

PNAS recently published what is hands-down the most detailed study of the relationship between measured personality and intelligence

Let’s go through it

First up: Neuroticism and the General Factor of Personality

Intelligence is negatively related to uneven temper and anxiety!

Next up: Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.

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