1.5 Million Hits

I hope all you readers have enjoyed reading this blog, as much as I have, editing its over 2000 posts. Thanks for your support and over 2000 comments.

3 thoughts on “1.5 Million Hits”

  1. wooowww!!! over 2000 posts and 1.5 million hits..?? that’s really awesome for you. Congratulations.. how long have you had your blog??
    Started January 2006

  2. Whoa! I just looked at your subscribers and it says only 6 followers?? How so many views???
    I used to spam my friends with things of interest that I found while surfing the net. With a blog they can view my findings at their leisure. From there it was word-of-mouth. Don’t know how many times the blog has been freshly pressed, as I haven’t tracked that data.

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