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Monster Bunnies For North Korea January 12, 2007

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Fat German Rabbits to Feed Poor: Monster Bunnies For North Korea – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News
An east German pensioner who breeds rabbits the size of dogs has been asked by North Korea to help set up a big bunny farm to alleviate food shortages in the communist country. Now journalists and rabbit gourmets from around the world are thumping at his door.

It all started when Karl Szmolinsky won a prize for breeding Germany’s largest rabbit, a friendly-looking 10.5 kilogram “German Gray Giant” called Robert, in February 2006.

Images of the chubby monster went around the world and reached the reclusive communist state of North Korea, a country of 23 million which according to the United Nations Food Programme suffers widespread food shortages and where many people “struggle to feed themselves on a diet critically deficient in protein, fats and micronutrients.”

Szmolinsky, 67, from the eastern town of Eberswalde near Berlin, recalls how the North Korean embassy approached his regional breeding federation and enquired whether it might be willing to sell some rabbits to set up a breeding farm in North Korea. He was the natural choice for the job.

Each of his rabbits produces around seven kilograms of meat, says Szmolinsky, who was so keen to help alleviate hunger in the impoverished country that he made the North Koreans a special price — €80 per rabbit instead of the usual €200 to €250.

“They’ll be used to help feed the population,” Szmolinsky told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “I’ve sent them 12 rabbits so far, they’re in a petting zoo for now. I’ll be travelling to North Korea in April to advise them on how to set up a breeding farm. A delegation was here and I’ve already given them a book of tips.”

Greedy Rabbits

Szmolinsky knows what he’s talking about. He has been breeding rabbits for 47 years. The 12 bunnies he sent can produce 60 babies a year — if the North Koreans find enough food to feed them properly. “I feed them everything — grain, carrots, a lot of vegetables. At the moment they’re getting kale,” said Szmolinsky.

ne rabbit provides a filling meal for eight people. There are a variety of recipes such as rabbit leg or rabbit roulade. No one buys rabbit fur anymore though, I just throw that in the bin,” says Szmolinsky with chilling dispassion.

He breeds between 60 and 80 rabbits per year and manages to stay emotionally detached enough to send the furry, innocent-looking, huge-eared creatures to slaughter. Asked if he has any pet bunnies he could never part with, he said: “You can’t hang on to them, if you did you wouldn’t be able to breed them.”

Szmolinsky’s North Korean connection has attracted media attention from around the world, and he seems to be getting tired of it. “I’m getting ambushed by camera crews,” he said, adding that he was booked up with interview appointments for days. “There’s a Japanese crew flying in from Paris later.”

Potential Chinese buyers have also expressed an interest. Szmolinsky doesn’t know how many more rabbits he will be sending to North Korea and said he definitely wouldn’t be increasing his own production to satisfy growing demand from Asia.

“I’m not increasing production and I’m not taking any more orders after this. They cost a lot to feed,” he said.

UpdateMonster Bunnies Eaten by “Great Leader’? Click for more


1. Kora - October 17, 2007

can i have one for a pet?


i love bunnies!

2. Laura - November 20, 2007

I’d like to be in the room while brainstorming for this:
Hm, what could we use to solve world hunger.
Beans and rice?
Too conventional.
Gerbils? Collies? Dolphins? Seals?
Getting closer.
Oo, bunnies!

… Ig. Veg all the way.

3. yeah - November 29, 2007


4. Taylor Auletto - December 22, 2007

The rabbit is huge. I have three bunnies. They’re not that big though.

5. Haley cornell - December 23, 2007

if i had a choice those rabbits deserve to live just look at there faces its as if there giving you the puppy dog face TURN VEGETARIANS!!! how would we like it if the went around eating humans??? think about it

6. Haley cornell - December 23, 2007


7. anne Castagno - December 25, 2007

how would you like to be a starving korean? although giant bunny slaughter houses just… they just seem… not right. its a conundrum.

8. pamela+maddy - December 28, 2007

awww how adorable!!

9. maddy - December 28, 2007

Bunnies the size of dogs!!! the greatest thing since sliced bread!(just jocking there better!!)

10. Elizabeth - December 29, 2007

Haley cornell, ummm i hate to tell you this but some people do eat humans

11. mcb - January 3, 2008

its fake

12. bunny lover - January 8, 2008

OMG, if i had a bunny that fluffy and huge, i would take it EVERYWERE with me, ITS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

13. BUBBLES123 - January 9, 2008


14. MJ - January 9, 2008

is it real?

15. Jasmine - January 11, 2008

O.M.G I love those bunnies, I have one bunny but she is nothing compared to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. nicole - January 16, 2008

i have a small dutch bunnie and she is pregnant i think. the boy bunnie she is pregnant to is a small rex velvet bunny and i wounder what her babys will be like?? could you tell me please xx

17. nicole (the one who has a pregnant rebbit) and rebecca (the one who has the rex bunny) - January 17, 2008

we love your big bunny, it is a cute giant thing!! We are animal lovers and this is one of the best bunnies we have ever seen. How did you get him to be that big??? we would love one of thoes bunnies and maybe you could tell us your secret one day !!

18. J.M - January 18, 2008

does anyone know how i could get one as a pet? that would be awesome walking around the block and that big bunny with you lol you could dress him with clothes and everything it would be so cute aww its sad how they send them 2 north korea cus kim jong il will just eat all those rabbits he is getting and serve them at some banquet none of it will get to the people also what breed are they?

19. Samantha - January 19, 2008

I was wondering if I might be able to buy one of your bunnies. My husband and I can’t have a dog, but we can have rabbits. Please email us if it’s a yes or no about selling a rabbit to us. Thanks.

20. TAYLOR - January 26, 2008


21. Josephine - January 26, 2008

how much would u sell one for a pet?

22. Mande panda - January 28, 2008

sweet….LUFF BUNNIES!!!=^__^=

23. diane - January 31, 2008

can i have one .i love bunnies since i was a little girl and i had some rabbits but they died and i was 7 when they died .

24. lilly - February 5, 2008


25. So sad. - February 10, 2008

this is sick – i cant believe someone would send these poor bunnies to be slaughtered. this is awful.

26. kingsorahearts - February 11, 2008

maybe i can answer some of your questions the breed is a new breed called giants and most breeds depend on the fur color/size and ear type and size of the rabbit. i have 8 rabbits but mine don’t come close to that size. i can’t stand to think of eating my rabbits because it would be like eating my best friend or a family member. rabbits can live to be 8 or 11 years old if they are properly cared for and most rabbits that live indoors live longer because you can play with them and the don’t have to put fat on for the winter. to show my love for my rabbit im in work on making a youtube video about them for the world to see called my rabbits are my friends and your just sick if u wanna eat rabbits . i love my rabbist to death<33
so please dont eat rabbits !!!!!!

27. kelsi - February 12, 2008

aww.i want one!!i loveee bunnies!!especially huge ones!:)

28. CHLOE FIELD - February 12, 2008


maudiecortez - March 8, 2015

watch your language

29. MUTT - February 13, 2008


30. MUTT - February 13, 2008


31. unknown - February 13, 2008

god i wish that i had one that big so it can sit on my sister…lol but wooooow how did it get that big? god where can i find one? the rabbit is soo cute.

32. kayla - February 13, 2008

hello my name is kayla. i love rabbits and i think that a extrodinary rabiit like this would be a good eception to my family. Are you selling any at this time.!email me please babiikk1989@yahoo.com

33. Taylor Weckel - March 3, 2008

HI I am Taylor Weckel and I love Jake Wold. I also love those bunnies. They are so big and awesome! My best friend Erica told me about these giant bunnies!They are SOOOOOOOOOO cool! Why won’t you breed them anymore????????????????????????????????????????

34. tory - March 5, 2008

awsome that hudge

35. Ben - March 5, 2008

That bunny is so big!!! I wish they wouldn’t kill him. it would be so fun to sit becide him and pet him.

36. stacey - March 9, 2008

omg I love bynnies I have a holland lop bunny he is not even as big as his ear I love rabbits!!! How much will u sell 1 4 I want it y would anyone eat it!!

37. bunny burgers for the win - March 11, 2008

i would like to eat them 😀 mmmm bunny burgers

maudiecortez - March 8, 2015

why would you want to eat the cute rabbit

38. AVERY HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 - March 11, 2008


39. BUNNY BURGERS > WHOPPER - March 12, 2008

BUNNY BURGERS OUNG GOOD TO EAT come onsomeone agree with me!!

so what about cows ?? they are getting eatin by us do they aren’t gettig and respect

40. eTX - March 12, 2008

When are people going to figure out that we are carnivores? Yes, they’re cute. They are the reason the roots in my front teeth are so long. So I rip that lovely, tasty bunny meat off the bone. Yeah, it’s primal but jeeze. I’d be very angry if all the vegetarians teamed up and got all production of meat stopped. I’d eat them.

41. jksaljna - March 14, 2008

I want one to eat! I wish that they get there head cut off

42. avery - March 17, 2008

giant bunny indangered

43. Rabbit Lover - March 20, 2008

Oh My Goodness! You all are planning on EATING that bunny?? I can’t believe what I am hearing! I have 6 bunnies of my own, soon more. This makes me sick to think that some one would eat this innocent rabbit! There are so many people who would pay so much money for a beautiful rabbit that size. Especially if it is tame. I wish that people would have the decency to care for their rabbits, other than slaughter them.

44. barabra - March 20, 2008

I think I would be afraid of it but it looks so cute in pictures

45. CHEESE - March 20, 2008


46. Mandy - March 21, 2008

a very nice rabbit. mine is the same colour but much smaller 🙂 if you could interect breeding with him maybe it would be better for his specie so they wouldn’t be endangered.
keep it up.

47. Elizqabeth - March 22, 2008

they r u huge they would eat u

48. Danielle - March 22, 2008

bunnies are good amimals and should NOT be SHOT Because that is mean

maudiecortez - March 8, 2015

I am with you danielle

49. blah - March 23, 2008

there is no way this is real

50. jessica - March 23, 2008

and all of you people are idiots
“aww i love bunnies, theyre cute, dont eat them”
theyre rabbits, they dont have human emotions, they dont care if they live or die the way humans do
people need to eat
circle of life

all bunnies die eventually

51. moorie - March 23, 2008
52. bam - March 24, 2008

leve bunnys alone or i will shoot u like u shoot bunnys


53. yejjers - March 27, 2008

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cant let them eat bunnies! dey’re so cute nd adorable! =[[[ why grow a bunny farm land!? dey’re so cute. noone should eat them..

54. anne - March 28, 2008

Eat Thumper!?! Not on my watch, I don’t care how big they are.

55. tori - April 6, 2008

WHAT THE HECK im waiting for somone to say “and uv been punked”

56. Dahlia - April 8, 2008

Didn’t any of you pay close attention to the article? )=

These rabbits are feeding the -starving- PEOPLE of North Korea (I even read an article where some of the people have resorted to cannibalism)…

Besides, rabbits breed like crazy (I should know, my parents breed bunnies). More than enough to go around…

57. Becca Baumann - April 10, 2008

aww so cute
i wanna snuggle it

and lick it…

maudiecortez - March 8, 2015

why would you want to lick it that is just groos???

58. Kaylynn Stark - April 12, 2008

that is HUGE and i wont to no where you found it

59. Ashlyn - April 12, 2008

i will KILL you if you fuckin eat them

60. ojo - April 14, 2008

that is so frecan awsome can i have it?

61. Anne - April 16, 2008

Who are all of these people writing comments? All of you sound like you forgot to take proper grammar classes in elementary. Half of you sound like you are still in elementary school. It is sad that we have people who cannot spell and who sound like they are speaking baby talk running around in the world. What is even sadder is Jessica’s comment that rabbits do not care whether they live or die. They obviously do otherwise we would see them jumping into the mouths of predators, especially the worse type of predator in the world, humans. There are too many people in the world, they deserve to starve because all people do is continue to breed. People are worse breeders than rabbits. These people in Korea should stop having children if they want to sustain an adequate amount of food for their country. Everyone who does not see this should open their eyes. Our resources aren’t going to last forever, giant rabbits or no giant rabbits. Instead of finding new things to eat, find a solution. The solution is simple. Quit bringing new babies into the world at a grotesque rate. Be a responsible human being.

62. eddie - April 17, 2008

thats big

63. Cornelis - April 17, 2008

I sure hope spider and bees don’t get that large!

64. Tabitha - April 22, 2008

People are reaaly and truly designed to eat meat. Rabits are a very healthy source of protien, for humans as well as the environmental impact of rabbit raising.

65. Krystal Knowlton - April 24, 2008

I want one how much are they in American money (dollars)

66. Tony - May 8, 2008

I was about to type something, but I came up with an ethical issue – what if I’m eating rabbit with my pet bunny next to me? That just seems wrong, but hey – if one uses an animal like a rabbit for food then so be it. I would probably try it myself. But a part of me thinks they are sooo cute that I would keep them as a pet. So it’s up to you. As a Christian I feel both are reasonable.

But I do feel their fur is wasted. Like the Native Americans would think (or so I remember) don’t waste any part of the animal. But that can get difficult in this age.

67. anna - May 19, 2008


68. lessel_ness - May 21, 2008

thats a big rabbit i want one

69. Laura - May 22, 2008

I definitely feel bad for the rabbits, and don’t believe that they should be raised for slaughter. It’s just not right to send completely healthy animals into slaughter. Either quit popping out babies “like rabbits” or only eat the sickly, miserable, or old ones, like most predators do. Have some respect for animals. The world is overly populated anyway. The resources are running out. We need to slow down birth rates as it is. Here’s a scary thought: more people = more cities = more energy factories = more global warming = thinner ozone layer = cataracts, skin cancer, and DNA mutations. Yea, off topic a bit, but the selling of giant rabbits directly connects to overpopulation.

70. Florence - May 22, 2008

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”

-Albert Einstein

71. Elianna - May 22, 2008

I have a rabbit. He is not oversized…LOOK AT THE MAN HOLDING THE RABBIT AT THE TOP! HES SHAKING!!!!!!! GOODNESS, PEOPLE! Why do humans think bigger is better? of course, iPods and computers have to be small, but why not animals? Why do we constantly believe that WE CONTROL THE WORLD? goodness we INFEST the world. This is the worst society I’ve ever seen. Those poor animals…it’s a shame.

72. Mani - May 23, 2008

1. STOP HAVING KIDS, PEOPLE!!!!! Be a good person and adopt a kid if you want one, there are so many kids in this world that don’t have a home and need to be loved.
2. STOP KILLING RABBITS!!!!! I love rabbits and any kind of animal, it just hurts me to see animals begging killed.

65323 - December 6, 2010

Even though this is two years after Mani posted a comment, I agree with him/her. There are so many orphans and they’re so sad, why can’t we adopt some instead of overpopulating the world? Humans are monsters. We think we absolutely control everything. I wish I was a bird.

73. Laeticia - May 26, 2008

I think the bunny is very big. It is really really cute. I wish the bunny can come to America.

74. Flo - May 27, 2008

At the end of the day, meat is meat. Be it cow, pig or bunny!
You can’t eat a big mac quite happily then go and preach about how mean it is to kill ‘cute little bunnies!’.

I’m vegetarian but I would never try to force my beliefs onto someone else. It’s a personal decision. And I understand how the world works…it’s just the food chain. Humans are built to eat meat.

Some of these people really need to get a bit of perspective.

75. Caleb - June 10, 2008

I love that rabbit i really want one? lol

76. Caleb - June 10, 2008

i love the black one also its random but how did you get them to be so big like is there a certain food you feed them?

77. jericorae - June 10, 2008

omg i thought mi rabbit was big now look at that cute thing and its like WOW! im still in shock bout that those bunnys…*bunnies
welll like they are so cute

i want one

78. funny butt - June 11, 2008

those bunnys are so crazy lookin

79. Mike - June 21, 2008

LOL dats crazy

80. nothen - June 27, 2008

wow i want you….i mean your bunnies i want to shoot him in the face cause he looked at me wrong…im not crazy your crazy….dont judge people before you meet them thats wrong of you….

GRE gerry - June 4, 2012

you must be a yank shoot shoot shoot everything must be shot in usa. i love rabbits and i eat them as well but i dont go around shooting people .

81. Jeanne - July 6, 2008

i bet that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake

i hope so because i don’t want my bunny to get that big

82. Keighly - July 14, 2008

OMG That bunny is huge I ish I could have it it’s like at big stuffed animal I already have 3 bunnys at my house and I hope u din’t kill them or slaughted them because I’d be reallllllllyyyyy mad and sad well bye!

83. s - July 21, 2008

can i have a bunny?

84. Slice` - July 23, 2008

hai gaise. lolol “veg all the way”. I didn’t come to the top of the DAMN food chain to start eating leaves. If you haven’t noticed, animals kill each other all the time.

85. j - August 2, 2008

meat is meat…. if someone needs meat they need meat.. and laura y would you eat a sick animal when if you eat it u can get sick 2!! that is so stupid2 say..y would u eat meat that is no good?

86. Faith - August 11, 2008

Um Hello!?!?!?!? These pictures are so obviously fake. Look at the guy’s hand in the first big picture. His hand is bigger than his head. These pictures are not in proportion. They had to have been taken with some sort of special zoom lens that focuses on the the object in the foreground (the bunny) and makes zooms in to it to make it larger. The guy’s hand was also affected, because no one’s hand id that huge compared to their head. Also notice how the bunny is very sharp in focus, you can see all of his little hairs and whiskers very clearly, but the guy’s head and face are blurry. Come on people, just because you see a picture you can’t believe its real. Its called Photoshop.
This story would not have been picked up by News services around the world and with a follow-up story about the “Dear Leader” subsequently eating the bunnies shipped to him, if it wasn’t true. You are misreading the normal lens distortion from a close-up with a wide-angle lens and the normal depth-of-field in the focus only being able to be clear on the object in focus as a post-picture editing trick. Why did the photographer use such visual tricks? To make the bunnies appear bigger! – Sensationalism sells. webmaster

87. ssmda - August 19, 2008
88. ^.^ bunny hunny ^.^ - August 28, 2008

Can i have one pwease? i promise to love it and hug it and cuddle it! lol
At anyrate they are huge and so cute and look so loveable i want one!
“A big bunny for me and my hunny, a big bunny that doesnt look funny, ohhh yes i want a really big bunny so it along with me and my hunny can have sooo much funny!”

89. oceansidewealthinfo - September 18, 2008

Wow, that’s absolutely incredible!

I sure wish he was still taking “orders” for rabbits of that size. I need something to guard my house while I’m away, lol!

90. Simon, Bristol - September 19, 2008

why can’t they breed cows and sheep?

91. Jocelyn - October 10, 2008

Where these bunnies breeded in North Korea cause I am doing a project on North Korea and I just need to get my facts straight. :3nod: :whee:
Actually it sounds the the ones sent from the breeder in Germany got eaten by the “Dear Leader” before they ever got a chance to breed. http://tkcollier.wordpress.com/2008/01/03/monster-bunnies-eaten-by-great-leader/

92. Brandon Walker - October 28, 2008

I want one TOO!
It would be amazing If they sold them at PETCO!
I would soo buy one!

93. bobfish - November 10, 2008

Simple solution, save the bunnies, eat the humans!

Dolcett forever! =)

94. Moe - November 22, 2008

Thats so awesome.They r wicked cute.

95. Eleanor - November 26, 2008

It confounds me that so many people are concerned about these rabbits but show no compassion or concern for the people in North Korea who are starving, possibly to death, under a regime that could easily prevent this. Why do people care so much more about animals than humans?

96. Ousferrats » Destino Pyongyang - December 12, 2008

[…] No se pierdan la solución a la hambruna coreana Este huevo fue puesto el día 12 de Diciembre, 2008 a eso de las 11:39 am y está catalogado como La vida misma . Puedes seguir las respuestas a esta entrada, mediante el feed: RSS 2.0. Puedes dejar una respuesta, o un trackback desde tu web. […]

97. Simeon Frank - January 15, 2009

I think that the bunnies are fake because they are to big and their ears are too big!

98. Simeon Frank - January 16, 2009

I think those rabbits are fake because of their ears, feet, and the bellies and you don’t hold rabbits by the scruffs and their way too big and I have a Holland lop ear rabbit and It’s not that big and It’s name is Shadow and thats why I’m talking to you because they are too big and fat.

99. fake man - January 22, 2009

Simeon are you a scientist or just one who has a rabbit? so what if they are big and fat? look at the big muma shes fat and shes big. it doesnt mean that shes fake.

simeon are you fake?

100. simeon frank - January 23, 2009

hey shut the whatever you call it up and yes I do have a rabbit it’s a holland lop eared rabbit no fake man your fake.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

101. brian - February 8, 2009

i would love to get one so tell me how i could get one from u and how much will it be

102. Marita Gupta - March 1, 2009

I notice that there are a lot of animal-rights fighters on this page. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a vegetarian. But everyone’s just trying to survive in this world. There are starving people out there, and while I don’t like the thought of animals being killed, and while I believe that all lives are equal, whether they be man or animal, you can’t honestly say you would like to see innocent people starve to death. The starving Koreans deserve to live just as much as the rabbits do, and, frankly, that’s why the rabbits are being bred, and they wouldn’t live for much longer anyways. It’s not the most delightful prospect, but it has to be done.

103. Beana - March 10, 2009

that is way cool not sure if its true but its cool!!

104. ~*~mrs. bunnie lover~*~ - March 11, 2009

oh my goodness dont kill rabbitsssss ahhh i looooove themmmm there adorable….i take care of bunnies for my boyfriend…i would never think about killing them…ever ever eveeeer….love the poor bunnies..dont kill them…they deserve rights just like you and me….just look at them…aren’t they gorgeous!!!!

bunnies are beautiful…not meant to be eaten…much like any other animal around…be a damn vegitarian…quit eating meat!! let those damn animals live…they deserve life…!!!! duhhhh!!!

105. jen - March 25, 2009

I hate to say this but most of you people a nuts. first rabbies do care if they are eaten but so dose every other living thing on earth, do you really think that the carrot wants you to rip it out of the ground cut it up and eat it, many plants have try to prevent them selves from being eaten yet we eat them any ways you never hear “no dont eat the cute little strawberry or aw we should not eat that mushroom” even thou our eatting of them dose not help the plant and in some cassses kills it so what is with this dont eat meat, if you repected life that much please never again wash you may kill a bactiera or perhaps you should not boil or fiter your water that tap worm needs a good home. I try to respected all life i dont kill with out reason ie to eat or to protected my life or others. And when death is need i try to deal it out quickly, when i buy meat i try to get meat that is keep humanly, though i can afford this right know and do not jugs those who can’t. What many vegitarian dont seem to understand is that many people are to poor to make thier choose and that those animals would not exsessed if not made for food. plus they dont seem to think of there carbon foot print and the death of all those wild animal with lose of habitat or poison to bring them the food they need to eat all year because they have given up meat.

65323 - December 6, 2010

you’re the crazy one plants are alive but not fruits and vegetables and bacteria!

106. Louisa Bunny - March 25, 2009

People are dying from starvation in other countries. Until they find a solution for this problem, then they have to resort to eating dogs, cats, monkeys, and in this case rabbits. It’s a terrible thing to eat animals we think of as pets but its better than thousands of people dying because the animals where “too cute” to eat. I feel bad for the man who has to breed this rabbits, I would get way to attached to them to even think about eating them, let alone sending them to a country to get breed for eating.

107. kris borden - April 4, 2009

shhhhh… I’m hunting wabbit!

108. Cara =] - April 16, 2009

i luv rabbits!!!!
these rabbits r soooo cool!!!!!
but they’re kinda scarey!!
how does he carry them????

i’d luv 2 c 1up close. i’d hop they’re nice!!!

i hav a dwarf rabbit. he’s so cute!!! he recently got an extension on his hutch!!! he luvz it!!! he’s luvin the nice wheather!! it’s so cute wenhe sleeps in de sun!!!!

109. tm - April 25, 2009

we’re not carnivores. carnivores can’t survive without meat. they also can’t metabolize non-meat things into usable energy. we are omnivores, which means we CAN live without meat, and we have the unique trait of moral agency, which means we can MAKE THE CHOICE to not eat meat. it’s a matter of taste. on one hand, animals taste good; on the other, they are living, thinking creatures with the capacity for physical and emotional sensation and suffering.

the question of going veg is a personal one, and is a difficult program to adopt. vegetarians work hard to limit the suffering they inflict on other, less fortunate creatures–there’s nothing wrong with that. aggressive opposition to vegetarianism only betrays a narrow-mindedness and thoughtlessness on the part of the aggressor. vegetarians have lower rates of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. sure, as an omnivore you can eat what you like. but there’s a moral consequence to eating without thinking.

110. ELIZABETH aka I LOVE these bunnies - April 27, 2009

How much would it be in AMERICAN dollars to get ahold of one of those? lol but seriously! i want one

111. jennifer - June 28, 2009

hi my name is jennifer and i was wondering where can i find big bunnies like the ones on this page. i would love to have 1 or 2. if any one can help me find one please contact me through here i will check often.
thanks so much

112. emohater - August 11, 2009


113. Brandon - September 11, 2009

Bunny killerz!!!that bunny is cuutte!!!!!!!!!!!i want one,keep em from bein slaughtered

114. Jase - October 14, 2009

I want one!!!

115. You-are-all-idiots - February 19, 2010

I find it very humorous and scary how stupid people really are. Did no one read the article? To all cannibals and hippies who have posted; learn to read and try to be more civil?

116. The Ghost of Jack Whittaker - March 5, 2010

No mention here of when North Korea tried breeding dogs for food. It didn’t work very well as dog is a traditional Korean food (ka-Go-gi) and people ate all of the breeding dogs. This idea might have merit, my concern is how the North Koreans will get food to feed these giant rabbits. Hope they enjoy rice, or funky wheat by-products.

And, what happens if these giant rabbits get loose? Be a real trip to see them wonder around in the woods.

Hope the program works, if its indeed for real.

117. joanne - May 18, 2010

I want one as well. but I am thinking that there fake.

118. Ashley - October 11, 2010

All very good on paper, but as most of the country is starving what are they going to feed them on ?
During the bleak years of the famine nothing was wasted and the black market was rife, if there was anything left to do a deal with.These creatures will cause more problems than they will be worth and only the elite will get a taste.

119. Sam Schroeder - October 11, 2010

Recipe for these big bunnies:

mix and heat at 350 degrees for 2 hours
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
2 pounds chopped carrots
two large diced onions
one tablespoon of salt and pepper
four large potatoes cut up
six garlic cloves halved
one bay leaf
one tbsp of rosemary

After 2 hours remove recipe from the oven, throw the rabbit away and eat the rest.

Yum yum yum!!!

120. the D - November 25, 2010

tha’s a a big assed rabbit

121. D to the AN - November 25, 2010

To the people asking if you can own one of these rabbits, first off I do not think the guy who owns these rabbits reads the comments, second off if you read the whole article you will find out how much they are, what kind of bread they are and lots of other information, I am sure you could also do a Google search and find out where to get these over grown sewer rats. Besides who wants an anamal that poops brown soccer balls?

122. Eric - November 26, 2010

I Recocnize my right to eet meat, even if it comes from a lovely pot of rabit stew.

123. who's coming with me - - November 26, 2010

[…] to this place i reckon i will have a great time lol, may need a bigger gun though, who's coming http://tkcollier.wordpress.com/2007/…r-north-korea/ […]

124. hateEgoistHumans - November 27, 2010

People who dont have anything to feed themselves, should just not reproduce, unless they plan to eat their children. It’s about responsibility… people are too reassured of their “right to overpopulate the world” and the obligation of others to feed them if they cant do it themselves (!!!!###!!%!!).

125. kim lee - December 3, 2010

wauu!!! i like buss

126. Mockingbird - December 7, 2010

It’s not a Photoshop, just a manner of shooting: focus and prospective view. Look at the palm size and compare with rabbit at all….3-4 palms – equals to 15-16 inches – not so big rabbit

127. I am afraid.... - Dungeon Fighter Online Source - February 19, 2011

[…] […]

128. Monster Bunnies For North Korea « The Percy Blog — the one & only - April 7, 2011

[…] Fat German Rabbits to Feed Poor: Monster Bunnies For North Korea – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News An east German pensioner who breeds rabbits the size of dogs has been asked by North Korea to help set up a big bunny farm to alleviate food shortages in the communist country. Now journalists and rabbit gourmets from around the world are thumping at his door. It all started when Karl Szmolinsky won a prize for breeding Germany's largest rabbi … Read More […]

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