Experts Call Sharks Misunderstood Fish

Experts Call Sharks Misunderstood Fish | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited
Last year there were 86 known and suspected shark encounters, with seven confirmed deaths and the shark involvement in another two ocean fatalities uncertain, according to the Global Shark Attack File.

Meanwhile, about 100 million sharks and their close relatives are killed each year, either deliberately or as fishermen’s bycatch, according to the Shark Alliance, a five-month-old international coalition of advocacy and ocean recreation groups.

That would make for a fatality ratio of about 1 human to every 10 million sharks, some conservation advocates point out. Check out more of Chip’s Underwater Photos. This one is of a Bull Shark, They have more testosterone per body weight than any other creature on the planet and are responsible for a dis-ordinate amount of attacks on humans. The small fish are Remora or Sucker Fish, who are along for the ride.

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