Reconquista of Aztlan

Just as there is a movement among European Muslims, who carry banners proclaiming “2030 we take over”, there is a comparable movement in the South West of the U.S. This quote is taken from the conclusion of a Mexican Government sponsored forum:

Is there a common destiny? Is there a common destiny for Aztlan and Mexico? Will Mexico recover its lost territories? There is a Mexican-American activist that use to be a radio talk host that would broadcast in English, “Wake up and smell the refried beans!” and “We are reconquering Aztlan without firing a shot, house by house, block by block!” Y que?

This student maifesto from UCLA gives a feel for the sentiments expressed in this photo.

3 thoughts on “Reconquista of Aztlan”

  1. Just because one is “latino”, it’s assumed one is not against illegal immigration. I rather pay ten dollars for a head of lettuce,rather than choke on fumes on my freeways, have 40 children per class in the public schools, and subsidize healthcare for people who are here illegally.Wish what we have spent in Iraq had been spent on The Great Wall of U.S. Marci

  2. Oh by the way Marci Ronka who the hell is talking about immigration. Dont be so stupid this is about the Reconquering of Aztlan

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