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Proof Chinese Cheated Gymnist’s Age August 19, 2008

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China Media Project » Blog Archive » China’s early press coverage of “secret weapon” He Kexin

Click on the link above for original China publications and their translations. China’s female Olympic gymnastics team is now coming under intense pressure as evidence mounts that champion gymnast He Kexin (何可欣) is below the age of eligibility for Olympic competition in the event. The evidence against He’s eligibility includes online news coverage by China Daily and the official Xinhua News Agency, which Chinese officials are now saying is inaccurate.

But as Berkeley’s China Digital Times has noted, a number of Chinese newspaper articles last year and early this year reported He’s age as 13. In trying to build a credible case for the gymnast’s eligibility, Chinese officials will find themselves denying a series of independent Chinese news reports.

Here is the link to the China Daily web page that revealed her true age, that has since been taken down by the embarrased government.

More Documents found on-line by Mike Walker

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