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Proof Chinese Cheated Gymnist’s Age August 19, 2008

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China Media Project » Blog Archive » China’s early press coverage of “secret weapon” He Kexin

Click on the link above for original China publications and their translations. China’s female Olympic gymnastics team is now coming under intense pressure as evidence mounts that champion gymnast He Kexin (何可欣) is below the age of eligibility for Olympic competition in the event. The evidence against He’s eligibility includes online news coverage by China Daily and the official Xinhua News Agency, which Chinese officials are now saying is inaccurate.

But as Berkeley’s China Digital Times has noted, a number of Chinese newspaper articles last year and early this year reported He’s age as 13. In trying to build a credible case for the gymnast’s eligibility, Chinese officials will find themselves denying a series of independent Chinese news reports.

Here is the link to the China Daily web page that revealed her true age, that has since been taken down by the embarrased government.

More Documents found on-line by Mike Walker


1. leothelip - August 21, 2008

Really, is it that big of a deal? The girl preformed better then anyone her age or older and won the Gold. I say, it’s over. Leave it a lone and let her keep the medal. Believe me, there are much more important things going on in this world that could use or attention and energies other than the under age of a world class athlete.

2. anonymouse - August 22, 2008

hi, perhaps i could clarify why china considers their gymnasts to be of age? it’s traditional for the chinese to count age from conception, which means that the “newborn” is in fact 9 months old. the traditional chinese calendar is also shorter than the commonly used western calendar. so even though she may be 14 to anyone else unacquainted with the chinese calendar, she is, probably, in beijing’s eyes, 16.

the above is but a theory, but i think it explains why the committee ruled their gymnasts of age.

3. TerrifiedCitizen - August 22, 2008

The Chinese were well aware of the commitee’s age requirements and the way it is calculated, translated very carefully into their own language well before the first arrangements to compete in China. While there is no excuse for ignoring these guidelines, the reason is quite obviously that they had no athletes of the proper age that measured up to international levels of competition for this Olympics.
As in most ambitious and politically-charged nations today, the young people who will become our future are the casualties, being taught that the ends always justify the means… that;s why it’s important not just for their future, but the future of the coming world community, that the Chinese set this matter right.

4. StruttinWolf - August 22, 2008

leothelip – you’re an idiot. how do you know another country didn’t have a 13,14, or 15 year old who may have performed better? China knowingly cheated. Other countries followed the rules. If everyone cheated, you do not know that she would have won gold. You can’t just ignore the rules.

anonymouse – No one cares how the Chinese count years regarding age. There must be a standard, and there is! It’s called a calendar, it’s based on a standard of rotating around the Sun. A year is a year. 16 years is 16 years.

Cheaters and deceivers should not be rewarded. Especially considering He was tied with Nastia for the uneven bars. So, in actuality, He was not “better” than Nastia as loethelip presumes.

5. creeping - August 22, 2008

IOC case closed already…

of course it does matter, if China is willing to cheat in an Olympic event and all that it represents to the world one can only imagine the other more important things they cheat at, lie about, purposely deceive, falsify, etc…there is no end to what China will do right? but it doesn’t really matter

if the gymnasts are 13 be assured the hard laborers are 8 or 9

6. deeza - August 22, 2008

i agree deception should not be rewarded! not only should the medal be taken but they should be penalized for their falsifacation. hey atleast its better than their form of punishment. whats worse is their the host country and with their record on human rights what the hell were they thinking!

7. leothelip - August 24, 2008

StruttinWolf – Its too bad you can not argue your opinions intelligently with out resorting to name calling. I thought my discourse on the matter would bring about some interesting discussions. Of course the Chinese will not only lose face if it proven that they cheated, but their integrity will be in shambles in the eyes of the world. If they can not be trusted in such a little thing then how can they be trusted in the bigger things? Because they said so?

8. Janna - August 27, 2008

China is wrong. And… can we just lower the age for the next olympics?

9. Episscapalyan - September 2, 2008

China cheated…The REASON I care that a younger girl beat older more experienced girls??????? Well because ESPICALLY in gymnastics you are more flexible when you are younger…You are MORE daring when you are younger and you probably have not had any injuries to overcome.
At first I said the same thing….whats the big deal if shes younger and better than the older girls. Being young is the advantage.
In a sport where 19 is almost ANCIENT the rules are in place for a REASON!

*** Other athletes even in BEJING where able to compete …14 year old diver. But he did it the right way

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