Life Re-Enacting Art

A Danish Painting Inspires a Party Here – March 20, 2007 – The New York Sun
“I am a simple person when it comes to art,” Mr. Oden, who grew up in Texas and comes from a long line of cowboys, said. “I don’t like impressionistic and modern. What I really love is paintings of people. I connect more when there’s something I can see — activity — interesting people, doing interesting things.”

Mr. Oden loved the image of the painting so much that he recently invited a group of friends to his house to re-enact the party that the painting depicts: a centennial celebration hosted by the Danish industrialist Jacob Moresco in honor of his textile business, held at his estate, Adelaide, located in Ordrup, Denmark. Here in present-day New York, Mr. Oden asked his guests to dress in white-tie, as the figures in the painting are dressed. Forwarded by Richard Collier. Photo RJ Mickelson.

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