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Korean Virtual Subway Grocery Store July 6, 2011

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It’s the future in South Korea now: people don’t even have to go to grocery stores there any more. Tesco installed virtual grocery stores in subway stations, which are basically giant photos of grocery store aisles. Customers can then take photos of the food they want to purchase and have it delivered to their homes later. But what if your train comes while you’re still shopping? That is the kind of problem we’ll all have in the future. Here’s a video: Thanks to Marty Acevedo

via The Future : Eater National.

A Cell Phone For Seniors November 7, 2010

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Thanks to the senior Jeff Ullian

iPhone Band on NYC Subway Video October 16, 2010

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All of the instruments used are iPhones plugged into a sound system. The performance was on Friday October 8, 2010 aboard the New York City B Train, over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn and edited from 3 iPhone cameras.

Burkas for Blackberry August 6, 2010

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New laws in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will require that every Blackberry user dress their phone a miniature burqa and face veil.

‘The Blackberry burqa means that people can still use their phones,’ said a Saudi government official, ‘but the tiny niqab that covers the screen will stop them from reading emails or accessing the Internet.’

The introduction of the burqa is intended to conceal the Blackberry from unwanted attention. With the veil in place only a tiny slit remains revealing just the time and date, thus preserving its modesty.

via Gulf states order Blackberry users to cover their phones in a tiny burqa | NewsBiscuit. (more…)

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