Korean Virtual Subway Grocery Store

It’s the future in South Korea now: people don’t even have to go to grocery stores there any more. Tesco installed virtual grocery stores in subway stations, which are basically giant photos of grocery store aisles. Customers can then take photos of the food they want to purchase and have it delivered to their homes later. But what if your train comes while you’re still shopping? That is the kind of problem we’ll all have in the future. Here’s a video: Thanks to Marty Acevedo

via The Future : Eater National.

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  1. Back In 1999, while attending a CT Expo (when it was still called Computer Telephony) show in LA, the use of XML on cells/smartphones for this particular purpose is when I first saw the technology. Though at the time they figured they’d retrofit vending machines with internet access where you’d be able to scan it on your phone and then purchase just like in the video, but then have the vending machine dispense your coke or snack instantly. Some of the kinks in that plan were hackers. Imagine the field day they’d have with that and ATM machines. Soon come though!

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