Iran’s Revolutionary Guards take over key policy body

Iran Focus-Iran’s Revolutionary Guards take over key policy body –
Tehran, Iran, Sep. 27 – As part of a plan to bring Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) under the complete domination of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), several highly-placed commanders of the elite military organisation are filling the top slots in the key decision-making body on security and defence policies, Iran Focus has learnt.

More analogies here that Iran sounds more like Japan in the 1930’s. Back then Tojo gained power, at the expense of the revered emperor, who was the symbol of the state-religion Shintoism. Now we have the military, in the form of the Revolutionary Guards, gradually replacing the Mullah-class of this Shiite theocracy of the revered Kohmenhi.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor after the Allies imposed a oil blockade, to punish their military adventurism in China. Iran is Japan with Oil. Their military adventurism is in Lebanon and Palestine. While Iran doesn’t have an industrial power-house like Nazi Germany, they are courting China and Russia to create a new Axis counter-weight to the Free World.

The atomic bomb, which ended the war with Japan, empowers small countries like Korea to be treated with Great Power status, simply because the Bomb does have great power – power to destroy and therefore level-the-playing-field. In the hands of a non-state individual or group, such as Al Quieda, you have the rise of the Super-Empowered Individual – not a comfortable prospect.

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