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What Really Happened in the French Elections May 20, 2007

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Tpm Peters, (the Chaos in Innovation Business Guru) is now blogging on his web-site. He produced this insight after reading this breakdown of France’s voting patterns in the Independent.

 Mr Sarkozy, a tough cookie, ran on an uncompromising platform that aims to deal with France’s dire slippage in global competitiveness. Some are predicting he’ll be France’s Margaret Thatcher. He aims to lengthen the work week, cut taxes, hammer the unions, and such to get the French economy in tune with 21st century economics. Ms Royal, on the other hand and in stark contrast, effectively ran on a “What’s all the fuss?” platform, claiming that the hyper-liberal French employment practices can be retained without further damage to France’s ranking in the global competitiveness polls. So, the rather straightforward story goes, “the voters” went to the polls in record numbers, bit their collective tongues, prepared to accept the bitter medicine—and awarded the powerful presidency to Atilla the Economic Reformer.

That is, Team Elder exerted incredible, decisive de facto unity and power in France’s demographically old-and-getting-older-and-we’re-healthy-and-will-
be-around-for-a-long-long-time population. It’s not that Sarkozy beat Royal. The actual story is that the 60+ geezers have ordered the wee 60 minus crew to get the hell to work and stay the hell at work … so the Six Zero Plussers can get their hands on the loot they need to spend their remaining winters in Nice, or some such.


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