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The march of Islam September 30, 2006

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Telegraph | Entertainment | The march of Islam
Nuclear power is not the only weapon Iran has at its disposal – its population is growing seven times faster than Britain’s. In this exclusive extract from his new book, Niall Ferguson reveals how Islam is winning the numbers game:

Europeans, quite simply, had ceased to reproduce themselves. The United Nations Population Division forecast that if fertility persisted at such low levels, within 50 years Spain’s population would decline by 3·4 million, Italy’s by a fifth. The overall reduction in ‘indigenous’ European numbers would be of the order of 14 million. Not even two World Wars had inflicted such an absolute decline in population.

On the eve of the 20th century, H. G. Wells had imagined a ‘War of the Worlds’ – a Martian invasion that devastated the earth. In the hundred years that followed, men proved that it was quite possible to wreak comparable havoc without the need for alien intervention. The War of the Worlds remains science fiction. The War of the World is, however, historical fact. Perhaps, like Wells’s story, ours will be ended abruptly by the intervention of microscopic organisms such as the bird flu virus, which could yet produce a worse mutation and pandemic than that of 1918. Until that happens, however, we shall remain our own worst enemies. We will avoid another century of conflict only if we understand the forces that caused the last one – the dark forces that conjure up ethnic conflict and imperial rivalry out of economic crisis, and in doing so negate our common humanity. They are forces that stir within us still.


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