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Basketball Catfish September 8, 2006

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From Panama to the Great Lakes, Bill Driver’s done pretty well fishing over the past 50 years.

Now he’s wondering if he’d have done even better with a different kind of bait. “I never considered using a kid’s basketball,” Driver said. “Maybe I should have.”

Friday afternoon, Driver was standing on the deck of his house near 119th Street West and Central when he saw an eight-inch ball floating in Sandalwood Lake. Noticing the ball wasn’t floating normally, Driver wandered to his dock for a closer look. A catfish had its mouth stuck around the ball.

Catfish 3Driver hollered for his wife, Pam, to get a camera while he unrigged the sail from his nine-foot boat, wading into the lake and corralling the fish toward shore with the sail as a seine.Several times, the flathead tried to dive, only to have the ball buoy it back to the surface.

Catfish 4 The fish appeared to be exhausted and offered little resistance once in the shallows.Things may have gone easier had the fish the strength to struggle.”I just couldn’t pull that ball out of its mouth,” Driver said. “I was lifting up out of the water as best I could by the ball. I finally sent my wife to the house to get a knife.”

Driver carefully deflated the ball. Estimated at 50 pounds, the fish swam toward the deepest part of the lake. Driver has no plans of targeting the fish in the near future.Instead, he’ll probably continue to fish for the bass and panfish that swim within the one-acre lake.

“I guess I might try fishing with a golf ball,” Driver said. “Smaller fish, smaller bait.” Thanks to Mike Douso
Catfish 5


1. Pam Driver - September 11, 2006

You might want to get the story straight! Try Snopes.com and find that I took those photos (Pam Driver) and it was my husband Bill Driver in the photo and that it happened in Wichita, KS!

2. tkcollier - September 11, 2006

Sorry Pam. I’ve corrected this entry. I usually snope my entries, but I got caught not checking the e-mail that was the original basis for this post.
Your story was hijacked in a similiar manner to the guitar player getting plagarized on the net that is posted elsewhereon this site.

3. chad - January 8, 2008

WOW COOL STORY I fish all the time its totoly rade

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