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Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder July 19, 2009

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John Ratey, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and a specialist on the science of attention, explained that when people use digital devices, they get a quick burst of adrenaline, “a dopamine squirt.” Without it, people grow bored with simpler activities like driving. Mr. Ratey said the modern brain is being rewired to crave stimulation, a condition he calls acquired attention deficit disorder.

“We need that constant pizzazz, the reward, the intensity,” he said. He largely dismisses the argument that people need the time in the car to be productive. “The justification for doing work is just that — a justification to be engaged,” he said.

via Driven to Distraction – Dismissing the Risks of a Deadly Habit – Multitasking on the Road – Series – NYTimes.com.


1. RL CIma, Ph.D - February 17, 2011

Tell John he’s full of crap. Misguided illogic, inflated self-importance, Harvsrd credentials notwithstanding. Ridiculous – scientifically ridiculous – and unsupportable.Will likely get his way and AADD – pitiful – will make it’s way into the equally ridiculous DSM. BTW, treatment will be -what else – a chemical. RC

2. Xaun - March 26, 2011

I believe it is possible to overload your brain to the point that it starts looking over details of various degrees and importance.I have done it myself over the years dealing with head trauma,past alchoholism,and current seizures.although I will admit that my mind is working slower and the stimuli stays with me longer and does take longer to be replaced.Always looking for something to stimulate the mind so as not to focus on the negatives and in the process on the job the next day looking right over a wrench several time that you need to put the bolt back on the mower for the engine to be snug still focused on the music or movies or whatever it may be from the previous night.The good thing about this form of a.d.d. is that it does not require medication.Just some time to get the bugs out.Take away the distracting stimuli for the proper length of time depending on the person and give yourself a chance to go for a walk,think,spend time with friends,or whatever the case may be.Replace one stimuli for another of milder form and of course down time to refresh your mind to focus on the task at hand.

3. James Schwandt - June 11, 2014

I am a person who suffers from ADD and have since I was a child. The idea that the world around us is causing people to exhibit ADD like symptoms holds some water, but just an oz. of water in a five gallon bucket. ADD is real, and if this guy knew anything about it, he would realize that ADD cannot be contracted midway through life. It is something that starts from the beginning. Come up with a different name for your newly found disorder, perhaps something like Idiotic Technology Disorder.

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