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China Largest Meat & Poultry Producer May 20, 2009

Posted by tkcollier in Business, Food, Geopolitics.
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Meat Production And China is the largest aqua-culture producer of seafood and the largest Wheat grower in the world (for all those Dim Sums and noodles to feed  their 6 Billion mouths). Click on this link to see an animation on the Chinese populationn trend and their oncoming aging problem, similiar to Japan’s. To read more about the latest surprising population trends read the linked article under “Muslim Birth Rates Falling Worldwide”.


1. Mary Anne - May 21, 2009

“dimsums and noodles” and “to feed their 8 billion mouths”??

What a horrible rude and racist comment.

2. cooperinma@aol.com - May 21, 2009

Noodle, dim sum… Offensive and racist.

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