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Sex with your Cyber SlutBot December 12, 2007

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The oldest profession combined with the newest technology | Technology | The Guardian
That our computers have seduced us has long been a truism. Now, thanks to the ever-inventive internet mafia, it is becoming a literal truth. Russian cyber-crooks have reportedly unleashed a software robot, or bot, that poses as a would-be paramour in sex chatrooms. It entices randy gentlemen to reveal personal information, such as their address or birthday, or even to submit photographs of themselves. The information can then be used to break into bank accounts or carry out other forms of fraud.

The slutbot plies its trade with a true robotic efficiency. The virtual minx is able to carry out 10 seductions over half an hour. It never even has to stop for a shower. In some cases, it coaxes its targets to visit a personal site, where a virus is downloaded onto their computers. It certainly gives a whole new, high-tech twist to sexually transmitted diseases, anyway.


1. Mike - November 11, 2008

Have fun on MySpace folks… I’m here now from job of cleaning out my MySpace inbox…

Nice thing about ’em is they can’t read a disclaimer on a web page “. . . I might be interested in a relationship, but I’m not here because I can’t find a woman. Don’t send me spam or links to porn, singles, escort or dating sites: you won’t make any money off me and I won’t pay you or be your friend – I’ll just help myself to your images as a gift [and by sending me the crap, you make it a gift and agree I have the right…] and put them on a free site to give to a needy pervert…. Sorry to be crude, but with some of the people who glean social network sites, you have to call it out… ” I’ve gotten quite a few free images that way and there’s more where they came from. (No serious nudity or porn, just pin-up and clip art).

My favorite so far? The one who sent me a personals piece characterizing herself as a ‘conservative Christian’ from some town in Pennsylvania, apparently not knowing I was familiar with the area . . . zoom in and she’s wearing a t-shirt from a notorious strip joint in the Philly ‘burbs….

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