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A Brewing Battle of Heavyweights in Tehran January 8, 2007

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News: A Brewing Battle of Heavyweights in Tehran
Iranians are deserting the president they elected by a landslide in June 2005. Not only did university students heckle Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with chants of “Death to the dictator!” during a speech last month in Tehran, state-run TV had the temerity to report it. Some of his own supporters criticized his recent international gathering of Holocaust revisionists as harmful to Iran’s national interests. And thanks to his economic flubs, Iranians are grumbling about inflation instead of reveling in an oil-boom windfall. Iranian TV reported that news, too, and when Ahmadinejad complained about the story, the network’s director (a former ally) replied: “We just tell the truth.” The legislature has stopped rubber-stamping the 50-year-old president’s decisions, and the latest local elections cost him all but two of his allies on Tehran’s 15-seat city council.


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