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A Brief History of Oil January 9, 2007

Posted by tkcollier in Business, Geopolitics, Politics.

Conversion from using whale oil to crude oil (rock oil) for ilumination Mid 1800″s( John D Rockefeller’s Std Oil that was its origin)and later the utilization of gasoline (a byproduct of refining to make kerosene ) to power automobiles (Henry Ford cars for the masses ) 1908 first Model T and the British Royal Navy converting from coal to oil almost overnight courtesy of Winston Churchill 1912.WW 1 won on a sea of oil. Sets off the scramble for energy assets see Iraq today.100 years of unprecedented economic growth powered by fossil fuels and now the sleeping giant China powering up using even greater amounts of fossil fuel.The world is now at a point in time using 1000 barrels of crude oil every second! James Watt perfecting the steam engine harnessing the power of steam generated by Coal to run the pumps 1756 to enable the miners in England to keep the deep pit coal mines dry from water flooding to fuel the industrial revolution of UK. England goofs sides with the hashemite kings against the whabbi kings over the deserts of Arabia and forever loses the trust of the Saud family(Whabbi Sunni) paving the way for Chevron, then Texaco to put togeather the energy giant1938-48 now known as Saudi Aramco but until 1973 owned lock stock and barrell by Exxon MObil, Chevron, Texaco and Gulf. Franklin Roosevelt seals the deal on his return from Yalta anchoring off the coast of Arabia and having a 3 hour audience with Saudi King Ibn Ben Saud.1944-45US State dept supports the american oil company cartel Aramco. Every US President has honored it since .Forget about 9/11 we are in a mutual embrace with a feudal monarchy in a distant land and have been for many moons..We are mainlining the sweet crude from the Whabbi’s who are Sunni’s. Oh and we are backing Shiites in Iraq . HMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.1953 Teddy Roosevelts grandson Kermit CIA station chief in Tehran Iran masterminds coup overthrowing Mohamed Mossedegh the freely demorcatic elected leader of Iran to forstall the nationalization of British Petroleums oil monopoly in Iran CIA installs out man Reza Phalavi aka The Shah. Doing Britans dirty work. Brits lose their monopoly US oil co’s get big cut in henceforth. and alls well till the earthquake of 1979 (the fall of the Shah.)Iranian oil production has never fully recovered from the revolution. Not has Russia’s post 1989 not has Iraq’s. post Iraq/Iran/Gulf war.Nor has Hugo Chavez operation post Chavez coming to power. Get that Gasoline Gotta have it. THanks to Carlton Palmer for this ditty.


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