Dhimmi Watch: Bruno: The Clash of Fascisms

Dhimmi Watch: Bruno: The Clash of Fascisms
Some would argue that this bleaker picture does not fit my prediction that Islam will not survive this century as a force of any significance. That’s not necessarily true. We should remain confident that in the battle of Islam against Humanity, civilization will eventually triumph. I will again postulate that Islam will have faded off the world stage by the end of this century, and that the process should be apparent by mid-century, or even before. Seen in a historical perspective, this is a fast demise for a religion that has existed for 1400 years. But it still means that the Islamic world will remain extremely volatile and unstable for decades or even generations to come. It is highly unlikely that there will be an Islamic Reformation. Islam does not have a natural separation between the temporal and the spiritual as Christianity does, nor the non-violent personal example of Jesus, nor the ethical teachings of the Bible. In the unlikely event that somebody should manage to reform Islam, this process will take time and probably be quite bloody. The Christian Reformation was hardly peaceful while it was going on. There is no reason to expect an Islamic Reformation to be, either.

The good news is that Islam is not capable of achieving the world dominance it desires. The bad news is that it may well be capable of achieving a world war.

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  1. I personally feel, by observation, and have no evidence, that all religions, if not all institutions, fragment into smaller and smaller peices on there way to oblivion and irrelevance. This is basically what happened to Christianity, and what is now happening to Islam. The more sects, cults and pure wackos there are all pulling in different directions, the less effective they become, the less credible absolute belief seems to the people who need a fairy story to get them through this hell hole, that is life.
    Still, one atomic bomb, in the wrong hands could cause a bit of an upset.
    It’s ironic in its way, that the nearer societies get to a Christian perspective, free health care, welfare for the poor, etc etc, the less that people need the church. Perhaps that’s the plan. When it’s all perfect, believe in God will disappear, I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

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