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Anti-government anger spurs 9/11 conspiracy belief September 13, 2006

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newsPolls.org: Anti-government anger spurs 9/11 conspiracy belief
The level of suspicion of U.S. official involvement in a 9/11 conspiracy was only slightly behind the 40 percent who suspect “officials in the federal government were directly responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy” and the 38 percent who believe “the federal government is withholding proof of the existence of intelligent life from other planets.”

The poll found that a majority of young adults give at least some credence to a 9/11 conspiracy compared to less than a fourth of people 65 or older. Members of racial and ethnic minorities, people with only a high school education and Democrats were especially likely to suspect federal involvement in 9/11.

And here is a video created to debunk the popular internet conspiracy video “loose Change”


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