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Rare fur seals reclaim place on Farallon Islands September 12, 2006

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Rare fur seals reclaim place on Farallon Islands / Animals fled 1834 slaughter; now they’re back and breeding
The Farallones once supported hundreds of thousands of breeding northern fur seals — big marine predators with luxuriant pelts. Their thick, soft fur proved their undoing: In 1834, sealers slaughtered about 200,000 of the animals, delivering their pelts to Fort Ross in what is now Sonoma County. The rest of the seals fled, abandoning their rookeries for more than a century and a half.

A few started returning in the early 1970s, but this year their numbers surged — an indication of the islands’ enduring vitality and proof that a sensitive species can revive under favorable circumstances. Thanks to Adam Brown.
Here is on on-island blog


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