Mermaid Flying Boat

The all-new Mermaid is the first amphibian to be designed especially to comply with the FAA’s new Light Sport Aircraft rules. The design parameters were challenging: make a certifiable, roomy amphibian that will fit the LSA rules (2-place, 1432 pounds gross, low stall speed), and that will be affordable (Price of an expensive luxury car), reliable, and fun to fly; then give it the speed (100 knots) and range (400 miles)to be practical as a transportation device, and dual controls, for training and peace of mind.

Versatility is the hallmark of true amphibians: even the energy-absorbing seats are quick-removable, so the Mermaid can double as a dockside bed, making those remote camping trips all the more enjoyable. The hydraulic-damped tricycle gear retracts and the stable, quick-planing hull allows water takeoffs, at gross, in just 750 feet and landing speeds in the 30’s.

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