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Protect Yourself On Facebook -5 Easy Steps October 10, 2009

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Unbeknownst to most mainstream Facebook users, the social network actually offers a slew of privacy controls and security features which can help you batten down the hatches, so to speak. If used properly, you’ll never have to worry about whether you should friend the boss and your mom. You can friend anyone you want while comfortable in the knowledge that not everyone gets to see everything you post.

The problem in implementing these privacy options is that they’re just too confusing for most non-tech savvy people to handle. And often, folks don’t want to bother to take the time to learn. To simplify the process, we’re offering five easy steps you can take today to help make your Facebook experience safer, more secure, and more private.

via 5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook – NYTimes.com. (more…)

Try this All-Natural, Free Screen Cleaner September 20, 2009

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This free screen cleaner is all-natural and environmentally friendly. Thanks to Frank Andia.

How To Steal $9+ Million in 30 Minutes From ATMs February 12, 2009

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How did the hackers steal $9 million in one 30-minute time period using only 100 ATM cards you ask? That shouldn’t be possible given the daily limits (usually about $500/day) placed on all ATM cards. Well it turns out that the hackers applied military like precision to old ATM Scam techniques and added a touch of devious ingenuity to pull this one off. Here is a look at how the theft was perpetrated.

via Largest Coordinated ATM Rip-off Ever Nets $9+ Million in 30 Minutes | NetworkWorld.com Community. (more…)

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