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Hackers Are Winning The CyberWar – So Far February 10, 2013

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Virus writers are having a field day. A new industry has blossomed called Exploit Kits. Talented programmers sell their exploit kits for $3000 a pop to help their brethren malware writers deliver their payloads more effectively.

Late 2012, the NY Times published a controversial piece questioning the effectiveness of modern antivirus software. The shocking conclusion was that after an exhaustive analysis of over 40 antivirus products, there was only a 5% chance of detecting and defeating a new threat. That is, if a computer had 40+ antivirus products running simultaneously, there is a scant 5% chance that the computer would be safe from new threats.

Computer BugsThe US Department of Homeland Security advised last week that users disable Java. This is unprecedented. The government felt this is a computing problem so severe that it must intervene. Java is a real and present threat to not only our national security but our computers, privacy and wallets. The DHS has no motivation to sow misinformation or fear, and they should be heeded. (more…)

What We Believe – Poll August 31, 2010

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The latest 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, which surveyed 847 adults by telephone nationwide earlier this month, tracks Americans thoughts on a variety of topics from Afghanistan and illegal drugs to Mel Gibson and sexual harassment at work.

Some highlights:

— 33% of people think ghosts are likely to actually exist; while another 30% voted for the existence of U.F.O.’s. A smaller percentage of folks think vampires, the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot could exist. Sadly, King Kong and Godzilla did not make the list.

— Nearly 90% of Americans would not try LSD, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth or crack one time — even if  there was no possibility of harmful physical consequences, criminal charges or addiction.

The October 2010 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll | The Magazine | Vanity Fair.

Learn About SpyWare March 9, 2008

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Spyware Warrior: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites

This is one of the best sources for protecting yourself on the Net. It’s not Viruses so much nowadays, but these more insidious forms of Malware. Some of it comes disguised as protection! Here is a list of bogus ones and further down the page a list of good ones. Many are free. There is also a list of removal tools, if it is already too late.

It is a good idea to run 2 of these catch the ones that get missed, as this is a constantly changing battlefield. Choose your weapons carefully. I use Spybot. The new version updates automatically and tries to defend you. But, I also run Super Anti Spyware. While you have to manually Update it, it finds more hidden bad guys and does a better job of removing them.

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