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Share Your ITunes February 19, 2008

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doubleTwist | FAQ
Free DoubleTwist desktop makes it easy to invite your friends to join doubleTwist through Outlook and Facebook. Once your friends are using doubleTwist, sharing with them is as easy as dragging & dropping the files you’d like to share.

Your friends will receive a notification that you’ve sent them files. They’ll have two weeks to download files you’ve sent them before they expire.

heck out our sharing demo to see sharing in action.

10) How do I view media files I’ve received?
doubleTwist’s “home” tab has a notification area that shows when you receive new files from friends. doubleTwist desktop automatically downloads files to your computer. You can then play or view files within the application.Check out our home demo to see file downloading & playback in action.
11) How does sync work and what can I sync?
doubleTwist lets you sync iTunes playlists with several mobile phones, MP3 players and game consoles. Our application also supports syncing music you’ve purchased from the iTunes store.doubleTwist will be adding sync support for pictures and video soon.

Check out our sync demo to see syncing in action. (more…)

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