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The Post-PC Era April 30, 2010

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The PC revolution is almost coming to an end, and everyone’s trying to work out a strategy for surviving the aftermath.

This is why there’s a stench of panic hanging over silicon valley. this is why Apple have turned into paranoid security Nazis, why HP have just ditched Microsoft from a forthcoming major platform and splurged a billion-plus on buying up a near-failure; it’s why everyone is terrified of Google:

via The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash – Charlie’s Diary.

iPad -HiTech or KoTech? January 29, 2010

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“Are there any women on Apple’s marketing team?” Answer: Apparently not. (Period.)

via That Time Of The Month: The Best Period-Related iPad Jokes – Ipad jokes – Jezebel.

Even Hitler is ranting about this latest Apple roll-out

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