China wants their Russian seized land back again

This is the map that Chinese children are taught should be the borders that rightfully belong to China are in purple and the current borders are in red.

Russia is the last colonial power. Just before Putin’s recent invasion of Ukraine, some of his retired generals warned him that Ukraine wasn’t their enemy. It was China.

Every #Chinese schoolchild and adult citizen knows how Tsarist Russia exploited Chinese weakness and seized Chinese territory in the 1858 Treaty of Aigun and the 1860 Treaty of Peking, two “Unequal Treaties” that Tsarist Russia imposed on the decrepit Qing Dynasty.

China will now wait for NATO to bleed Russia so that they end up a vassal state of China. Previous Chinese Dynasties have not invaded their neighbors , but forced them to become vassal states that paid tribute to the emperor. Xi is trying this with his Belt and Road initiative. China prints 4 to 5 times the amount of money in relation to the the US Fed. That pays for the initiative and ghost cities. Is it sustainable?

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