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Feeding Frenzy January 15, 2008

Posted by tkcollier in Cool photos, Enviroment, Sports.

As the Dorado (Mah-Mahi) & Swordfish feed, you can also see the Shearwaters diving in to grab a bite, in this amazing underwater photo that captures a feeding frenzy. Thanks to Darryl Edwards



1. michael - October 31, 2008

that is sweet i wish i was there

2. Rich Zubaty - January 21, 2009

This is beautiful

I want to amke an oil painting of it, even though I always apint people. Can I get a bigger photo???

I’ll give you ten percent if it ever sells. I don’tknow how to sell sea art.

3. Jesse Miller - May 21, 2009

That is an unbelievable photo. Like something you only see in a Guy Harvey painting. Congratulations.

4. Sam Beck - November 5, 2009

that is sick

i so wish i was in the boat right above that

it would be so awesome

you’d hook up with everything down there

id be at total peace

5. Clayton Meyer - April 2, 2010

In cre di ble.

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