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Easter Island Heads Have Bodies! May 30, 2012

Posted by tkcollier in Art, Science & Technology.
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Our EISP excavations recently exposed the torsos of two 7 m tall statues (Figure 4). Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of visitors to the island have been astonished to see that, indeed, Easter Island statues have bodies! More important, however, we discovered a great deal about the Rapa Nui techniques of ancient engineering:

  • the dirt and detritus partially burying the statues was washed down from above and not deliberately placed there to bury, protect, or support the statues
  • the statues were erected in place and stand on stone pavements.
  • post holes were cut into bedrock to support upright tree trunks
  • rope guides were cut into bedrock around the post holes
  • posts, ropes, stones, and different types of stone tools were all used to carve and raise the statues upright Thanx to Neil Rooney  Read More


1. scott - June 27, 2012

that is frickin sweet….. sometimes i sit and wonder about those statues and to see one unearthed it just adds to the astonishment that i feel over giant feats that were performed way before modern tools were even thought of

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