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Bear Chasing Bison Photos October 31, 2010

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“I thought I was having a hallucination or something,” said Wypyszinski. “I couldn’t believe what that buffalo looked like.”

It was a bison, badly burned from an encounter with one of the numerous hot spots in Yellowstone National Park.

A grizzly was chasing the buffalo (which was practically cooked already) and gaining quickly.

Wypyszinski stopped his car on the desolate highway and took out his camera. “I stood along the car as long as I thought it was safe.” The two beasts passed the man by without paying any notice.

We pick our tale up where the photos end.

Wypiszinski says once in the safety of the woods the bison out maneuvered the grizzly, escaping to live exactly one more day. Park rangers had to put the bison down due to the injuries it sustained. The result: these 14 hair-raising pictures at the link below thanks to Chris Mergenthaler

via The bison got away | KTVQ.com | Q2 | Billings, Montana.


1. gary - October 31, 2010

how crazy is that?!?

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