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Pot Growers Bemoan Legalization March 23, 2010

Posted by tkcollier in Business, Lifestyle.

A Shelter Cove, Ca. resident, Anna Hamilton said she is “intimately involved” with the marijuana industry and has seen the market get worse over time due to changing marijuana laws. ”I’ve lived here 20 years and every time there’s been a discussion, an open discussion, about marijuana, it has emboldened people to grow more pot with less fear,” she said. “As it’s become more widely grown, the prices dropped. The effect on our local economy is harsh.”

Hamilton believes it will be “devastating” to the North Coast region — or, what is referred to as the Emerald Triangle — and would displace thousands of people who grow, process and distribute marijuana. ”We have to embrace marijuana tourism, marijuana products and services — and marijuana has to become a part of the Humboldt County brand.

In addition to ballot measures aiming to legalize marijuana for recreational use, a bill for legalization is also being promoted as a way to save the state’s ailing economy.

A 2009 analysis from the State Board of Equalization cites a 2006 report that estimates that California produced $13.6 billion in marijuana in 2006.

via ‘What’s after pot?’ Local businesses, community leaders, marijuana industry reps to meet about a post-pot economy – Times-Standard Online.


1. shromp - March 23, 2010

NPR Marketplace stole this story tonight to discuss shade-grown, free market, organic, highly resinous, sensimilla, coming from the Left Coast area, Shelter Cove the hub. What Napa Sonoma Mendecino, Monterey
are to wine, Shelter Cove is to ‘Bob Marley’.
When Crosby Stills Nash recorded Teach Your Children, Jerry Garcia had been playing pedal steel about six months; he were’nt Sneaky Pete, but he ‘roasted the coffee”

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