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What The World Wants September 7, 2009

Posted by tkcollier in Geopolitics.

America has spent the last seven decades expending blood and treasure to birth and then enlarge an international liberal trade order, now known as globalization.

The result?

The most pacific and prosperous age known to humankind, which nonetheless tripled its numbers on this planet in the meantime. Now, as we face only a 50 percent increase in world population over the next four decades (hat tip, India and China) before we top off in our growth as a species, humanity nonetheless face an era that will challenge our capacity for innovation — both technological and social — like none before.

Why? Because America was too damn successful in its revolution-from-below, empowering and enriching individuals on a global scale never before seen. Pundits like to decry the “have/have not” gap in this world, but it’s the emergence of a global middle class that is the dominant, system-shaping trend of our age. Nothing else even comes close

via WPR Article | The New Rules: The Growing Global Middle Class and Its Demands.


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