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5 Myths on Our Sick Health Care System November 20, 2008

Posted by tkcollier in Economy & Business, Lifestyle.

At 17 percent of gross domestic product, health care is the biggest single sector of the economy, and it's consuming a larger and larger proportion every year. According to CBO projections, health care will account for 25 percent of GDP by 2025 and 49 percent by 2082. That's simply unsustainable. Any plan that reforms health care has to do more than simply cover the uninsured. The nation's health and wealth depend on it.

via 5 Myths on Our Sick Health Care System – washingtonpost.com


1. drtombibey - September 16, 2009

I’m only a country doctor, but I hope will read my post on this subject today and leave a comment.


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