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Post-Caucasian world hardly post-American world October 19, 2008

Posted by tkcollier in Geopolitics.

As our financial crisis unfolds, Americans suffer a serious bout of existential ennui. Unsure of whom we are or our global role anymore, our self-doubt scares the world in near-equal measure. Predictably, both skeptics at home and challengers abroad tell us that we must get used to this post-American world. My advice is to resist these sirens’ song.

From the perspective of grand strategy, such pessimism is unwarranted: just as our international liberal trade order — known now as globalization — encompasses the near-totality of the planet, vastly outreaching all previous attempts to establish a global order and doing so in a manner that both enriches and empowers individuals, too many Americans feel alienated from this world so clearly of our creation.

via Post-Caucasian world hardly post-American world | ScrippsNews


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