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Obama Bashed For Telling It Like It Is April 14, 2008

Posted by tkcollier in Politics.

Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog
As soon as I think Obama’s pandering too much on economics, he says something this blunt and wise. Of course people get nasty and scared and cling to old shibboleths when they’re feeling vulnerable on economics! That’s the entire history of our country. Read Benjamin Friedman’s brilliant Moral Consequences of Economic Growth.

How either McCain or Clinton try to pass this off as “elitism” is just goofy. Obama’s problem is that he’s a lot more honest than either of them. He sees the world more accurately, and when he speaks truth in that direction, he gets chastised by the Boomers with their quintessential ideological view of things.

Yes, we need to connect to middle class ideology again, just like around 1880-1910. But this time it’s a global middle class ideology, so trade protectionism isn’t the answer, unless you’re looking to resurrect fascism again, which I’m sure would seem familiar enough to McCain, given his age, but for the Millennials, that stuff is ancient history. We’ve got to connect to this rising global middle class. That’s where the ideological struggle of the future lies.


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