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Overloaded Internet April 6, 2008

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Video boom threatens to gridlock the internet | Technology | The Observer
Information meltdown

· Electricity reached one quarter of Americans 46 years after its introduction. Telephones took 35 years and televisions 26 years. In just six years, broadband reached 25 per cent penetration.

· It took two centuries to fill the shelves of the Library of Congress with more than 57 million manuscripts, 29 million books and periodicals, 12 million photographs, and more. Now, the world generates an equivalent amount of digital information nearly 100 times each day.
Internet Innovation Alliance

· In 2007 the digital universe equalled 281bn gigabytes of data, or about 45gb for every person on Earth. It is the first time that the overall size of digital content went beyond the total storage capacity. By 2011 only one half of the digital world will be stored, with the rest in transit.
International Data Corporation

· Downloading a single half-hour TV show on the web consumes more bandwidth than does receiving 200 emails a day for a full year. A single high-definition movie consumes more bandwidth than does the downloading of 35,000 web pages; it’s the equivalent of downloading 2,300 songs over Apple’s iTunes web site. Today’s networks simply aren’t scaled for that.
Craig Moffett of Bernstein Research, testimony to Congress

· An ‘exabyte’ is 1.074 billion gigabytes. Two exabytes equal the total volume of information generated in 1999. The internet currently handles one exabyte of data every hour.
Internet Innovation Alliance


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