Most malware comes from legit sites

Most malware comes from legit sites, says researcher
According to data compiled by Websense Inc., 51% of the sites it classified as malicious in the second half of 2007 had been compromised and then seeded with attack code that infected unpatched machines visiting the URLs. The remaining 49% were “intentionally built for malicious intent,” the Websense report said. Keep you patches, virus and anti spyware up-to-date – “Shields Up”

One thought on “Most malware comes from legit sites”

  1. I wonder why it is with so many evils out there like racist and murders fun clubs, politicians, religious leaders and such why is it that hackers seem to only attack the innocent public rather then those sites that are ruining the internet and the world, is there no hackers out there that are a morals, no one that see that it is useless attacking the public or the site of companies where any problems that they cause really only effect and cost the innocent public.
    So to all you hackers out there look at your Mom your Dad who ever it is that is important to you and see the ones that you are effecting, now leave us alone.
    If you want to put your skills to work start shutting down site that promote hate, and promote murder and rape, that promote fundamentalism, just leave those who are just on the net to learn a little laugh a little and meet some new people from around the world.
    The truth is that as along as you are just hurting the general public, you are just a useless member of the world and really what have you accomplished crashing some poor old lady’s computer, just making life harder for those who don’t need it.
    Use the brains you have and start trying to make a difference on the net by saying that if you are going to use the net to promote hate you are going to deal with a million hackers planting viruses on yours and your customers computers.
    Make a positive difference.

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